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Pass SCP-401 - Sugar Developer Specialist exam injust



SCP-401 - Sugar DeveloperSpecialist

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Question No:1

You need a custom field to display maps of addresses. The addresses need to be formatted before being rendered on some customHTML.

Which two file types are needed to create a custom field called "map" that satisfies the requirements? (Choose two.)

Twig templatemap.twg

JavaScript view controllermap.js

JavaScript field controllermap.js

Handlebars templatemap.hbs

Answer: C,D

Question No:2

While troubleshooting a customization, you initiate a debugger session and examine the Sidecarmetadata.

Which two components would you expect it to contain? (Choosetwo.)





Answer: A,C

Question No:3

According to the Sugar Developer Guide, which class should be used to store and retrieve system settings stored at the databaselevel?

Sugar AutoLoader





Question No:4

A customization requires that the Accounts SIC field has all letters capitalized and all spacesremoved.

Which logic hook would be used to process this field prior to being saved in the database?






Question No:5

You need to add a panel to the Administration area of the application. In which directory would you add a file to accomplish thistask?






Question No:6

You made modifications to the Account~./custom/modules/Accounts/clients/base/views/record.php~. In the views controller, you need to further filter the definitions and manipulatethem.

Which Sidecar function call would return the metadata for this view?



~app.view.getMetadata('view', 'Accounts',"record');~


Question No:7

You attempted to install a module loadable package Into a Sugar instance withpackage scanner enabled and received an error indicating your package "does not conform to the

policies...'' of the packagescanner.

Which three validation points does the package scanner verify? (Choosethree.)

The package contains a file that is toobig.

The code contains an illegalfunction.

The code contains a blacklistedclass.

The code contains a PHP syntaxerror.

The package contains a forbidden fileextension.

Answer: B, C,E

Question No :8

You are attempting to load a large custom package using Module Loader andit is failing. Which three configuration values should you verify? (Choosethree.)

PHP upload_max_filesizesetting

Sugar import_max_records_total_limitsetting

Sugar upload_maxsizesetting

PHP memory_limitsetting

PHP post_max_sizesetting

Answer: A, D,E

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