Bap  Behaviour Attendance Performance  What is your worst BAP story Your best

Bap Behaviour Attendance Performance What is your worst BAP story Your best PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This session. One recipe Elaine's Rules The Law Each other =Our own set of guidelines for BAP. Elaine's Recipe. Design job descriptions that reflect the jobHire the right peopleOrient them wellProvide trainingLet them do their jobsPay them wellGive good feedback, andLeave their insides alone.

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Bap Behaviour Attendance Performance What is your worst BAP story Your best

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1. Bap! Behaviour Attendance Performance What is your worst BAP story? Your best?

2. This session One recipe + Elaines Rules + The Law + Each other = Our own set of guidelines for BAP

3. Elaines Recipe Design job descriptions that reflect the job Hire the right people Orient them well Provide training Let them do their jobs Pay them well Give good feedback, and Leave their insides alone

4. Elaines Rules #1 Throughout the whole process of managing the issue(s), the manager must be professional in demeanour and strive mightily for an error-free process.

5. Elaines Rules # 2 70% of BAP! problems disappear when the manager clarifies expectations with the employee in a timely way.

6. Elaines Rules #3 Timely coaching and mentoring and just plain paying attention are the most effective means of addressing BAP.... ..

7. Sometimes it doesnt work at all. WHY NOT?

8. FIRST QUESTION Culpable or Non-Culpable? WONT OR CANT? Not so easy to tell...

9. SECOND QUESTION: Wheres the balance? Get on it vs. Cut em some slack Be consistent vs. Be flexible

10. Elaines Rules #4 Where do you always draw the line? Anything that touches the prohibited grounds Obscene language Undermines authority, esp. In public Physical demonstrations yelling, door slamming, throwing stuff. Conflict of Interest Other?

11. Consistent Application Prevents accusations of favouritism Easy to administer Stands up well at arbitration Inflexible, may not meet needs Cookie cutter approach doesnt work in the face of Human Rights challenges

12. Elaines Rules #5 So Ive started to deal with it. How long will it take? Depends on how long it has been going on. Depends on what you have done about it. My guess? One month for every year that it has been going on.

13. THIRD QUESTION Youre ready to deal with it. Time to question yourself: Have you been fair? Do you have favourites (real or perceived)? Are your expectations realistic? Have you followed the collective agreement? Have you been ignoring the problem?

14. Elaines Rules #6 You dont know what you dont know even if you think you know it. Give the employee a chance to explain. And always ask: Is there something of which I should be aware????

15. Elaines Rules #7 The only place they can do complete makeovers in one day is in the magazines. And Im pretty sure those dont last. If there are lots of issues, pick the two or three that will have the most impact.

16. Where do I start? Attitude No Behaviour, Attendance, Performance Yes

17. Elaines Rules #8 It is always hard to terminate a probationary employee with a poor BAP, But it gets REALLY hard after probation.

18. Elaines Rules #9 Once probation is past, it is almost impossible to terminate an employee for poor performance, and the longer the service the more impossible it becomes.

19. Good News? Most times performance can be improved If addressed in a timely way If addressed consistently If you can get to the root of the problem. Can terminate for poor attendance innocent or otherwise Can terminate for bad behaviour, unless...

20. Elaines Rules #10 CONFLICT Dont sweep conflict under the rug.... I dont know what goes on under that rug, but its not pretty.

21. What about the Combo? Tease it apart using the same rules.

22. Steps for poor BAP Culpable or not? for each issue Determine what is reasonable Communicate expectations Give reasonable supervision and instruction Give ee a reasonable opportunity Ensure ee has been warned of the impact of failure Dont drop the ball Accommodate ees with disabilities

23. Your Turn 10 minutes brief discussion on your best and worst. Table picks 2 Table picks which one first Table Discuss Room Discuss Well assign or create a rule or guideline Repeat as time allows.

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