St marcianus mercurius
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St. MARCIANUS & MERCURIUS. Disciples of St. Paul the Martyr, Pope of Constantinople. Emperor Constantine II believed in Arius (wrong teaching about Jesus Christ). St. Paul opposed Arius - exiled to Armenia & martyred. Sts. Marcianus and Mercurius also opposed Arius.

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St marcianus mercurius

  • Disciples of St. Paul the Martyr, Pope of Constantinople.

  • Emperor Constantine II believed in Arius (wrong teaching about Jesus Christ).

  • St. Paul opposed Arius - exiled to Armenia & martyred.

  • Sts. Marcianusand Mercurius also opposed Arius.

  • Constantine II ordered the 2 saints to be martyred.

  • St. John Chrysostom brought their bodies and built a church for them.



AnbaAbraam – Bishop of Fayoum

  • Brought up as a good Christian

  • Was ordained a deacon

  • Became a monk at 19 yrs old at El-Muharrak monastery

  • Lived a humble & pure life, with deep prayers

  • Ordained a priest & Abbott (head monk) of monastery

  • Improved the monastery spiritually & physically

AnbaAbraam – Bishop of Fayoum

  • AnbaAbraamgave abundantly to: poor, orphans, widows, all in need

  • Some monks were upset; they thought it was wasteful

  • AnbaAbraam was removed

  • Left El-Muharrak monastery, went to El-Baramous monastery

  • Ordained Bishop of El-Fayyoumand El-Giza

  • Performed many miracles while alive & after departure

AnbaAbraam – Bishop of Fayoum


  • Hung Coat on Sun’s ray

    • Giving away more money to poor

    • Complaints made to the Pope

    • Poor eyesight, mistook sun’s ray as rope, threw his robe to hang on ray

  • Almsgiving by Police Commander

  • Used to give money to the poor to AnbaAbraam

  • After saint’s departure, police came to give money

  • Found saint standing there to receive donation!

AnbaAbraam – Bishop of Fayoum



    • Called “father of the poor & the destitute”

    • Gavemoney, clothing andfood to all in need

    • He turned residence into a home for the poor

    • Made sure his food was never better than food offered to the poor

AnbaAbraam – Bishop of Fayoum


    • Had great knowledge of the Bibleand other holy books

    • Through prayersmany miracleswere performed

    • People from all over the world, came to receive blessing& were healed

AnbaAbraam – Bishop of Fayoum

  • “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver”

  • 2 Corinthians 9:7

AnbaAbraam – Bishop of Fayoum


  • What I have is from God, NOT my own

  • To share God’s blessings with others

  • To help those in need

  • To obey God’s commandment: tolove one another. We are all created in the image of God & are all “brothers”& “sisters”

  • The more I give, the more

  • I receive because the more

  • God will bless me

AnbaAbraam – Bishop of Fayoum


  • Money

  • Time

  • Love

  • Effort

  • Anything

AnbaAbraam – Bishop of Fayoum


    • I give with allI have

    • I give with allmy heart

    • I give with allmy love

    • Without WORRIES … like the widow with the 2 mites

    • WHY?

    • Because I trustin God … that He will take careof me and providefor me

    • That’s what makes AnbaAbraam a great SAINT!

AnbaAbraam – Bishop of Fayoum

  • This week …

  • Make sure to pass on God’s blessings by giving and sharing with others … give with

  • all your hearts!

  • Memorizing

  • We proclaim the Holy Trinity in One Godhead, we worship Him, we glorify Him, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord bless us, Amen.

We pray because prayer gives us victory
We PRAY because ...Prayergives us Victory!

FIGHTand DO NOT GIVE IN to the devil’s tricks …

Set a TIME- morning, before meals, before bed

Pray while you have ENERGY- don’t leave prayer to the very end

CONCENTRATE- quiet place & close eyes

ROUTINEmay be “hard” at first, but keep

trying, it gets easier.

Prayer is your WEAPON, keep using it,

you’ll get better at it!