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Відео “Літак ”. We have landed to another country. Having seen this flag you have guessed  it is …. . Відеоролик “Німеччина”.

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Відео “Літак ”

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  • Відео “Літак”

We have landed to another country. Having seen this flag you have guessed  it is ….

  • Відеоролик “Німеччина”

Hans has the task for you.  His new friend from Canada wrote a letter for him. He also wants you to have friends.  He gives us their addresses from Australia. You have to write letters to these  friends, using this example Hans has given  us.

14 Main Street



10 December

Dear Hans

My name is Ted. I’m from Canada.

I’m ten years old.

My home is in Toronto. I live with my parents.

I like to play football.

Best wishes Ted.

Learn This1.When you write a letter, always put your address (but not your name) in the top right-hand corner.2.Put the date below the address.3.Always start with Dear…4.End the letter with Best wishes, -or with Love, if you know the person very well.

  • Відеоролик “Літак”

We are going on traveling around Europe.  Now where we are? In... Who lives there? They speak ...

Here is World Children’s  Entertainment  Park Disney Land. We will visit some attractions. It will be your Warm-up.

  • Відеоролик “Діснейленд”

  • Відеоролик “Літак”

Hello! I’m Emily. I’m British.

I live in London.


Big Ben


My mum is businesswoman.

My language is English.

I study French.

My favorite sport is swimming.

I love my Britain very much.

 Emily wants to check how we know his language. He proposes us to listen to the text about his friend Steve.

Відеоролик “Літак”

  • Відеоролик “Україна”

On the next lesson Mr. Bob  will be online and he'll ask you about the countries you have visited. He will be pleased to see your photo projects. So your task now is to glue the photos according to the instructions.


  • For the next time you have to prepare stories about the countries you have visited. It’s your home work.

Ifyou have a possibility to visit these countries what country would you choose?

Thanks for your attention!

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