Wsdl business process stuff breakout
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WSDL / Business Process Stuff Breakout - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WSDL / Business Process Stuff Breakout. Outline. “Service description” WSDL next steps WSDL issues Choreographing Web services. WSDL Relation to ebXML CPP/CPA. tpaML “interface definition” Binding Security / QoS “orchestration”

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  • “Service description”

    • WSDL next steps

    • WSDL issues

  • Choreographing Web services

Wsdl relation to ebxml cpp cpa
WSDL Relation to ebXML CPP/CPA

  • tpaML

    • “interface definition”

    • Binding

    • Security / QoS

    • “orchestration”

  • tpaML is in the same space as WSDL + “WSEL” + business processs stuff + agreements

  • CPP/CPA = evolution of tpaML

  • CPP = Collaborating Protocol Profile, CPA = Coll. Protocol Agreement


  • Boundary from top-down and bottom-up w.r.t. service descriptions

    • What’s horizontal vs. vertical

    • “Atoms” vs “molecules”

  • Overlap of CPP/CPA with UDDI

  • Are service descriptions queriable?

  • How do service descriptions relate to other W3C work items?

Service description moving forward
Service Description: Moving Forward

  • Start with ebXML TP vs start with WSDL

    • ebXML TP has had a lot of work done on it

    • Bottom up approach is more likely to get adoption in the “Web” community

    • Need to identify high level approach and then look at options

    • Consensus on need for a service description WG

Service description sequencing
Service Description & Sequencing

  • Service descriptions need to include information about proper usage of the service (w.r.t. sequencing)

    • Separate service interface descriptions from service usage

Service descriptions requirements
Service Descriptions Requirements

  • What is core and what is an extension?

  • What extensions are “standard” extensions vs private extensions?

  • Description of a feature does not mean anything about how it will be supported by a specific service implementation

Service description scoping
“Service Description” Scoping

  • “Interface” definition

  • Sequencing

    • Does not indicate what happens; only possible usage of a set of operations of a service

  • Orchestration of services (both “local” and remote)

    • Defines a specific sequence or flow of activities


  • Issues:

    • How do we get this to work without locking into QoS problems

      • Need flexible business transaction models for service orchestration to work

      • How do the various business transactions activities relate to transactional properties of business processes

Orchstration scoping
Orchstration Scoping

  • Scoping:

    • Static processes to dynamic processes

    • Who’s going to deal with transaction stuff

Compositions as new services
Compositions as new services

  • What do services need to provide so that they can be composed?

  • Can behavior of compositions be described in an extensible way (not special case on failures for example)