Abandoned horses in Bucharest
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Abandoned horses in Bucharest. Summary. About GIA – Group Initiative for Animals History of the abandoned horses’ shelter At present. GIA - Group Initiative for Animals.

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Abandoned horses in Bucharest

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Abandoned horses in Bucharest


  • About GIA – Group Initiative for Animals

  • History of the abandoned horses’ shelter

  • At present

GIA - Group Initiative for Animals

A non-profit organization built in 2007, with a team of 25 members gathered together by the love and respect towards animals.

Our charity has the following goals:

  • To promote the animals’ right to a good quality of life.

  • To educate and convince people that they need to neuter their animals, in order to stop the stray overpopulation. From the beginning GIA has managed the neutering of 350 dogs and 100 cats with and without owners, from our own money and also the adoption of over 400 animals. We have also developed educative flyers to promote the benefits of neutering.

  • To develop and promote innovative therapies to demonstrate that animals really help people. In our program “Therapeutic Animals” with dogs and horses, the dogs are all adopted from the streets.

  • To help the families with financial difficulties by providing them with food for dogs and cats.

  • At the City Hall’s request the members of our organization started capturing, transporting and rehabilitate the abandoned horses from Bucharest.

History of the abandoned horses’ shelter

In December 2007, as a response to a letter signed by dr. Ilinca

Cioculescu, the Municipality agreed to put the basis of a horse

shelter by offering first the location. They were supposed to

legalize the shelter and include it in the budget.

During December 2007 and January 2009 members of GIA,

together with the Riding Club Bucharest have saved approx. 50

horses from which 30 were adopted.

We now have in our care 21 horses, some of them with big

difficulties having not many chances to be adopted in Romania

because they cannot be put to work.

All the costs were supported only by donators

(treatments, transport, food, shelter reconditioning, accessories).



February 2008


January 2009 – after being

partially reconditioned

We now have 21 horses in the shelter: 18 adults and 3 foals.


Arrival: 10.01.2008

Age: approx. 17 yo

Babi was found in a very bad state with multiple wounds and signs of harness. She had infections

on her skin and on both eyes, that is why it took her a very long time to recover.

On November 15th she underwent a surgery for eye removal.

She is one of the horses that can not be given for adoption.


Arrival: 15.01.2008

Age: approx. 10 yo

Naomi was found in one afternoon, after having fallen in a gutter. She is recovered now, though

she still has problems with her legs and cannot perform any kind of work. Naomi is a gentle horse

and very good with children.


Arrival: 01.02.2008

Age: over 20 yo

He was found in an advanced weakness state, he could almost stand. He is very old that is why he

doesn’t get fat; he needs a lot of proteins.


Arrival: 02.03.2008

Age: approx. 10 yo

Stela was left tied to a fence in the middle of the city. She has slight problems with the back legs

(she cannot perform work, running), but it is the most friendly horse and loves children.


Arrival: 05.03.2008

Age: approx. 15 yo

Rodica was abandoned near a car was, in a very bad shape, with lung problems. She is blind.


Arrival: 05.06.2008

Age: approx. 10 yo

Doinita was found after a truck accident. She had humerus fracture and terrible wounds. On top of

that she was in 10 month gestation when we found her. For her was manufactured a special

harness lift to help her with the pregnancy and the broken leg.

June 2008

January 2009


Date of birth: 8.08.2008

Age: 7 months

Speranta (Hope) was born in the shelter. Although her mother was in a difficult condition, she took

good care of the foal and you can see both of them running…

August 2008

January 2009


Arrival: 15.07.2008

Age: approx. 8 yo

She has a bad problem with one back leg, under treatment for the moment. She came from a

dog shelter where she was caring the water.


Arrival: 2.10.2008

Age: approx. 2 yo

We found Ciulin one night, watching over the body of a wounded female. We had to euthanize the

fallen horse but at least we were able to save Ciulin.


Arrival: 20.10.2008

Age: approx. 3 yo

Tied to a fence near a block of flats, Catar was taken to the shelter. He is in a good condition.


Arrival: 4.11.2008

Age: approx. 14 yo

Abandoned in a very bad condition, with infection on her front leg, wounds for being cruelly beaten.

She is now under treatment and we hope she will be recovered.


Arrival: 28.11.2008

Age: approx. 8 yo

Abandoned in a bad condition with signs of maltreatment. She is recovering.


Arrival: 28.11.2008

Age: approx. 5 yo

Abandoned in Bucharest. He has no health problems, he is just weakened but he will recover fast.


Arrival: 5.12.2008

Age: approx. 9 yo

A very gentle male, abandoned in a weakness stage. He is now recovering.


Arrival: 5.12.2008

Age: approx. 8 yoi

Female, a bit aggressive perhaps due to maltreatment.


Arrival: 20.12.2008

Age: approx. 15 yo

Male found weakened. He is a bit aggressive and likes to bite.


Arrival: 31.12.2008

Age: approx. 4 yo

Young female recovered from a park (with Vanda) in a malnutrition stage and with one eye infection. She is under treatment.


Arrival: 31.12.2008

Age: approx. 8 yo

Female, recovered together with Nora.


Arrival: 7.01.2009

Age: approx. 14 ani

Mare, found in a very bad malnutrition stage. He is recovering.


Arrival: 14.01.2009

Age: approx. 10 yo

Male recovered after being abandoned near a luxury hotel. He is in good health condition.


Arrival: 22.01.2009

Age: approx. 16 yo

Female recovered in a very bad condition. Still under medical investigations.

For the horses we will continue to

  • Develop educational programs for those having big animals regarding their care, in order to avoid abandon.

  • Recover physically and psychically the abandoned horses and promoting/placing them in loving families.

  • Horses training for riding (for those able to be ride)

  • Hypo therapy programs for children with disabilities – program currently in progress with Riding Club Bucharest support and in collaboration with the DGASSPC Sector 1 – City Hall - Bucharest

  • Shelter promoting and organizing schools visits

  • Voluntary programs

  • Fund raising

Hypo therapy

Thank you!

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