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SCOTLAND. Scotland is a part of Great is in the north of great britain . The capital is Edinburgh, but the largest city is Glasgow. People who live in scotland are called “ scottish ”. The scottish flag is blue with a white cross.

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Scotland is a part of Great Britain.itis in the northofgreatbritain. The capital is Edinburgh, but the largest city is Glasgow.People who live in scotland are called “scottish”.

The scottishflagisbluewith a white cross

Scotland’s landscapeisveryattractivewithvalleys, mountains and “lochs” (lakes)

Edinburgh is the capital ofscotland, you can see a famouscastlehere.

Edinburgh isveryfamousalsoforitsinternational festival in august

Glasgow is the industrial city ofscotland

Music and dance are veryimportant in Scotland. The bagpipeis the nationalinstrument. A man whoplays the bagpipeiscalleda piper.

The kilt is the national costume ofscotland. Itlookslike a skirt. Itismadeof “Tartan”, a specialwoollenclothwithsquarepatterns. A clan is a family or a groupoffamilies. Each clan hasgot a tartan withdifferentcolors.

Men wear kilts in specialoccasionsasfestivals, weddings and specialcelebrations. Theyalso wear “sporran” (a smallpurse) on their kilt.


Scotland hasmany high mountains and “lochs” (lakes)the mostfamousis the LochNess. People saythat a very long monsterlives in thislake and theycallit“Nessie”.

There are manycastles in Scotland. Some castleshavegotghosts. Glamiscastlehasgotnineghosts.DunveganCastleDunvegan Castle holds the Fairy Flag of the MacLeod's which was given to the Clan who helped a Fairy Queen. It is said to help the Clan in times of need if waved but can only be used three times. So far it has been used twice. It can only be used if a year and one day has been passed between uses. The Clan used it first at a battle at Glendale in 1490 and again in battle at Trumpan in 1580. Both times the Clan MacLeod won their battles.

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