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:- Everybody Needs Electricity In Our Daily Life At Every Instant Now-a-Days We Are Using Electricity For Every Thing i.e. Personel,Domestic Industrial And Where ever We Go We Need Electricity We Are Not Reaching The Demand The Production With Usage Ratio Far Behind For Example Today Production is 10 Watts But We Need 100 Watts To Fill The Gap Every Body Adjust Their Self Not Use More Than Production For Generation Of Electricity We Are Losing Natural Resources i.e. Coal,Gas,Crude Oil,Water And Wood etc. After Few Years We Won’t Get These from Nature Than What About Our Future For This Every Body Must And Should Generate Electricity Their Self Upto Certain Extent I Got An Idea With This We Can Fill A Little Bit Gap. Between Generation And Usage.


  • Transforming shock absorbers momentum to electricity.


Electricty is required in our day to day life now-a-days.But we are not reaching the demand.For example we need 100 watts to fulfill everyones requirements to their content but we are producing only 10 watt so we are adjusting and reducing our requirements.presently we are using natural resources to generate electricity which will be extinct after few years.So we have to utilise energy to the maximum extent utilising all the energy going as waste i.e un usefullwork.This is a small attempt to reduce the gap between generation and usage of electricity.


This works on up and down movement of shock absorber(suspension of two wheeler.


  • Dynamo – It is a type of an electric generator that produces an Alternating Current and in the presence of a commutator.

  • Bridge Rectifier – It is an arrangement of fourdiodes in a bridge circuit configuration that provides the same polarity of output for either polarity of input. 

  • Capacitor – It is a passive two-terminal electrical component used to store energy in the form of electric charge.


  • One end of a free rod is connected to the suspension.

  • The other end of the rod is connected to the dynamo.

  • The free end of shaft of the dynamo is fitted with a small roller which is placed over a rubber strip.

  • The rubber strip is fixed over the surface of the fixed lower part of the suspension arrangement.


  • The wires from the dynamo are connected to the bridge rectifier via a switch.

  • A capacitor is used for the storage of electric charge.

  • Another switch is used for the purpose of charging of external devices.


  • Whenever the vehicle experiences a jerk, the suspension moves down. The free rod also moves down along with the suspension, which in turn results in the downward rolling motion of the shaft over the rubber strip.

  • As the shaft rotates, the coil inside the dynamo also rotates which results in the generation of induced electricity.

  • The electricity that is generated, passes to the bridge rectifier via the connecting wires from the dynamo.

  • The bridge rectifier converts the Alternating Current to the Direct Current.

  • This current can be used for lightening of bulbs or it can also be stored in acapacitor.


  • Since the weight of the system is very less, it does hampers with the momentum of the vehicle. Therefore, more power is produced from a comparatively lesser energy.

  • Since it is a case of rolling motion, and we know that the coefficient of rolling friction is less, hence there is no significant loss in the energy.

  • In this, the diameter of the dynamo is about 3 cm. if this diameter is further reduced, then more amount of energy can be produced due to greater number of rotations.

  • Energy is produced near the speed breakers as well as near ditches on even slightly uneven roads.

As we are utilising energy that is generally going as waste there are not many disadvantages.

Further modifications

The number of dynamos used can be increased.

The capacity of dynamo can be increased.

The diameter of dynamo can be decreased.

Gear system can be introtuced so that efficiency can be increased.


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