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in comparison with Cases Study. HISTORY. Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, he began his distinguished retail career when he was only 21. After expanding the business and taking on his two sons, he built his own mills to produce his

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  • Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, he began his distinguished
  • retail career when he was only 21. After expanding the business
  • and taking on his two sons, he built his own mills to produce his
  • specialized piece goods and clothing. After developing a sturdy,
  • waterproof fabric called gabardine in 1879, he created the first
  • Burberry raincoat at the turn of the century. It became regulation
  • style in 1914, during the First World War, due to its functional D-
  • rings, epaulettes and straps, and was therefore named The Trench
  • Coat. The famous Burberry signature check pattern, done in camel,
  • black, and red, was first introduced in 1924 as a lining for
  • rainwear.
  • - A brand is a symbol that distinguishes a product made by one
  • firm from the others. A label, a logo is the distinguishing trade
  • mark of a brand.
  • - Quality, safety, design, status symbol, fashion is normally
  • associated with brands in people’s minds.
  • - A classic brand is a brand that belongs to the past, to tradition, a
  • brand with a history.
  • - A luxury brand is an expensive brand, an elite brand.
burberry s brand
  • From a simple raincoat to a global brand, Burberry has become
  • one of the world\'s most successful luxury brands today for men,
  • women, and children, encompassing not only outerwear, but
  • clothing, fragrances, accessories and items for the home. Today
  • Burberry has become an icon. It is a brand with a distinctive
  • British sensibility, strong international recognition and
  • differentiating brand values that resonate across a multi-generational and dual-gender audience.
  • Limited company is the useful form of business for the most important company.
  • Limited company is a form of business where the capital is divided into shares. The shareholders of the company have a limited liability to the company’s actions.
burberry s organization
  • The board consists of a Chairman, a Chief Executive plus two other executive directors and four non-executive directors. The Board supports the principles of corporate governance advocated by the Revised Combined Code published in July 2003. Burberry is a Limited Company. The Company recognizes the importance of communicating with its Shareholders and does its through its Annual and Interim Reports, quarterly trading updates and at the Annual General Meeting.
The Company communicates with its investors frequently and regularly. The Board is kept abreast of the views of major shareholders by briefings. The Company’s non-executive directors are available to meet with any of the Company’s major Shareholders to discuss iusses of importance to them should a meeting be requested.
case study dirty business bright ideas
CASE STUDYDirty business, bright ideas
  • SOL is a cleaning and garbage disposal company in Helsinki. In 1995 Lisa Joronen transforms the traditional company into an unique organization. SOL is a traditional company which has adopted new methods. For example:
  • - she abolished the rules of conventional corporate life;
  • - workers can choose their hours and the optimal place to work;
  • - worker training is important, etc…
  • Leaders are people who seized opportunity and take risks. Leadership then seems to be a matter of personality and character.
  • Good leaders make people feel that they’re at the heart of things, not at the periphery.
burberry s leadership
  • Burberry’s competitive strengths and attributes are as follows:
  • distinctive luxury brand with international recognition and broad appeal;
  • unique history and positioning as the authentic British lifestyle brand;
  • highly successful merchandising and marketing strategy across both apparel and accessories;
  • diversified distribution channels and geographic profile;
  • proven international management team; and
  • strong business momentum with multiple growth opportunities.
case study ikea
  • Ikea is a family store that offers many shopping opportunities and personalizes the store with a photo of the store manager and a woman to ask questions to. The secret of the success of this company is that it makes well designed furniture at reasonable prices.
  • Mr. Kamprand is the owner and the founder. He has a very informal approach which also shows in the way he dresses. He likes to talk to people at all levels of the company. He values the choice of the right people to run his business.
  • Quality can be defined in many ways:
  • - reliability
  • - value for money: - cheap ( very low price and poor quality)
  • - expensive ( high price and good quality)
  • - a bargain ( fairly low price and good quality)
  • - durability
  • - authenticity
  • - function and design
  • - hand made versus mass produced
burberry s quality
  • Burberry has been synonymous with quality, as defined by the endurance, classicism and functionality that characterized its history as the outfitter of choice for the explorers and adventurers who pioneered aviation and arctic exploration.
  • Burberry’s development of the trench coat at the turn of the last century rewrote the history of outerwear, when an article of clothing that was designed as practical military gear became an enduring icon of fashion and earned Burberry two Royal Warrants as weatherproofers to both Her Majesty the Queen and the Prince of Wales.
case study miele
  • Miele is a German manufacturer of high quality domestic appliances, commercial equipment and fitted kitchens.
  • Components made locally increase prices but at the same time ensure quality and durability.
  • This policy results in customer loyalty.
case study caferoma
  • Caferoma is a famous brand producing coffee. The main offices are in Turin.
  • It is top quality but its main problem is price. In fact it is more expensive than other brands in the supermarket.
  • Advertising is very important for the companies. Generally companies have four main kind of ad that are television, new papers, advertising poster and internet.
  • “Now there is the enthusiasm for ‘digital signage’. It show a constantly rotating series of advertisements, mixed with news and entertainment. The screens are placed in busy parts of shops, and the advertisements they show can be updated at will via satellite or internet links.” (The Economist, March 2006)
burberry s advertising
  • The main kind of Burberry’s advertising is on line and it is contextual-based advertising which is when an ad is placed on a Web page, in real time, based on the specific content of that individual Web page.
  • Contextual-based advertising is expected to grow rapidly as more publishers and advertisers adopt this performance based advertising option over traditional banners. Those in the industry advocate cost per click because the price is low and conversions are high.
  • Performance based advertising;
  • Text and image ads supported;
  • Placement is automated and more relevant to users than run-of-site wide placement;
  • Ads are placed on a wide range of sites not just search engines;
  • Cost effective for international banner and text ad campaigns.
  • Disadvantages:
  • Ads are only displayed if relevant and popular, limiting branding opportunities;
  • Still in its early days, some inventory is limited.
case study nike
  • The three factors which have led to the great growth of Nike since the early 1980s are: endorsement, product design and advertising. In fact Nike produced advertising with athletics featuring, like Carl Lewis on the track, Ronaldo and the Brazilian national football team, etc.
  • Mr. Knight became successful because he is original, daring and consistent in his advertising campaigns. Original because he invented a new approach to advertising, daring because he use different methods and athletes, and consistent because he stick to his idea.
  • There is also the long relationship with the agency Wieden and Kennedy which is one of the world’s best ad agencies.
  • Competition is the act of competing, as for profit or a prize. It is the rivalry between two or more businesses striving for the same customer or market. It is also a test of skill or ability.
  • The managed competition is a theory of health care delivery services that holds that the quality and efficiency of such services would improve if, in a market controlled by the federal government, independent groups had to compete for health care consumers.
burberry s competition
  • In competition with Burberry there are a lot of companies like Coach or Gucci.
  • But in the three years since Burberry’s floatation on the London Stock Exchange in 2002, the Company has enjoyed exceptional growth, with revenues growing over 40% and operating profits increasing in excess of 80%. Looking to the future, Burberry is committed to build upon this momentum in order to continue to generate shareholder value over the long term.
case study made in europe
CASE STUDYMade in Europe
  • In Asia many consumers prefer to buy European made goods although they are more expensive, because they think they are better.
  • On the other hand many European companies move their production to Asia because it is cheaper.
  • Customers are very attentive to the origin of products. Luxury brand in particular must be very careful to preserve their image.
case study competition between nokia and samsung
CASE STUDYCompetition between Nokia and Samsung
  • Nokia today has a large share of the mobile phone market, but it is being threatened by its competitor Samsung.
  • The comparison between Nokia and Samsung concerns substance as well as design.
  • Nokia has concentrated its efforts on design, forgetting that function is more important.
  • Design includes size. Samsung has exploited technology and produced increasingly small handsets.
  • Recently the problem has become more serious and BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) is facing an increasing demand for assistant from top multinationals. Even companies that had not been touched by scandal are becoming the object of attention, and non financial reports are focusing on social and ethical issues as well as on the environment. The role of governments is crucial.
burberry s ethics
  • The Company has established a Secure Shopping Guarantee for every transaction that the customer makes.
  • It does not share with others any personal information except with customer’s consent.
  • Burberry will cover the liability of purchases made through its web site only if the unauthorized use of credit card resulted through no fault.
  • It does not sell or ship any items ordered through the Web Site directly to anyone who we know to be under the age of 18.
case study no hiding place for the irresponsible business
CASE STUDYNo hiding place for the irresponsible business
  • The issue is now moving towards social conditions, working conditions in companies producing equipment for computers.
  • In the financial world loans have been given to projects which were not environmentally and socially sound. In Companies have to observe a code otherwise they are subject to inquest. However some sectors like hotels and leisure, software and computer services are very difficult to control. Many cases company unethical behaviour is punished by consumers.
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