Dwarf African Frog Jeopardy
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Dwarf African Frog Jeopardy PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dwarf African Frog Jeopardy. Created by Mr. Averbeck…The best 4 th grade teacher ever!. African Dwarf Frogs have the ability To change _________ to protect themselves. Color. Dwarf African Frogs Are ________-blooded. Cold. Animal with a backbone are Called ______________. Vertebrates.

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Dwarf African Frog Jeopardy

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Dwarf African Frog Jeopardy

Created by Mr. Averbeck…The best 4th grade teacher ever!

African Dwarf Frogs have the ability

To change _________ to protect themselves.


Dwarf African Frogs

Are ________-blooded.


Animal with a backbone are

Called ______________.


How many toes on the Dwarf

African Frog have claws?

Three toes

An animal’s _________ is its

Total surroundings. This includes

all living and nonliving things

around it.


The __________ is the thin layer

of air, soil, water, and space where

life lives on Earth.


Dwarf African Frogs are found in

the forests of ___________ and in the

lower Congo River area.


The area that fills an animal’s need

for food, water, shelter and space is

its __________.


Dwarf African Frogs will sometimes

_______ their skin for its nutrients.


_______ means to breathe air at the water’s surface.


The DAF will sometimes eat their

Skin for what nutrient?


DAF’s hatch as tadpoles from

moist, __________ eggs.


____________ live part of their

lives on land and part in water.


Totally aquatic frogs with eyelids

that don’t move and without

tongues are called __________.


Amphibian is a Greek word

meaning ______________.

Double Life

_____ means to shed.


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