Social determinants of health project group
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Social Determinants of Health project group PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Determinants of Health project group. Example of Right to Food/ Nutrition in Bangladesh as a Case Study of Campaign action Group members Shelley, Narendra, Lydia, Nasrin, Anil, Ahad, Kaaren, Masud, Irfan. Food and friends in Bangladesh. Case Study overview.

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Social Determinants of Health project group

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Social Determinants of Health project group

Example of Right to Food/ Nutrition in Bangladesh as a Case Study of Campaign action

Group members Shelley, Narendra, Lydia, Nasrin, Anil, Ahad, Kaaren, Masud, Irfan

Food and friends in Bangladesh

Case Study overview

  • Goals – to reduce malnutrition in Bangladesh by addressing proximal and distal determinants of nutrition

  • Strategies and action - see below

Mal-distribution of food

Lack of nutrition Education and awareness e.g. complementary feeding practises

Inadequacies in existing govt programmes

Flooding leading to loss of agricultural land, food insecurity and food quality

What factors contribute to malnutrition in B’desh? 1

What factors contribute to malnutrition in B’desh? 2

  • Diseases increasing malnutrition – diarrhea, hookworm etc

  • Low wages

  • Poverty

  • Cultural practices gender

Campaign Key Strategies

  • Increasing Community Health Education/ Awareness

  • Increasing food security

  • Increasing equitable distribution of food

Community Health Education/ Awareness – policy advice

  • Nutrition education (formal and informal) included in primary education syllabus

  • Change food/ eating behaviours through mass media, community awareness and social marketing

  • Women’s education on Nutrition and health at Sub-District Health Complex

  • To provide field level education through court yard discussion

Equal distribution of food - 2

  • Increase community awareness on food, water& sanitation, nutrition (NGO)

  • Build community organisation at village level for long term solutions for all members of communities to the poorest of the poor –

Food distribution policy advice

  • All mothers and their children aged 0-5 years will get dry rations for one meal a day from Union Council.

  • Mid meal for school students from class 1 to class 5 (2007 – 2017)

  • Women with 0-5 y children given bank loan and opportunity for cottage industry

Food Security

  • Advocate for legislation for rural workers 200 days employment guarantee scheme

  • Advocate for legislation for a Minimum Daily Wage (linked to inflation)

  • Use this action for legislation change as platform for NGO coaltion formation / mass action and strengthen PHM Bangladesh

Long term policy advice

  • Advocate for legislation for Khas land reform for landless.. These lands for 99 year lease will be in name of head of house who must be female. The land is to be used as farming, gardening, etc.

  • Male and female offspring have equal right to land and property inheritance irrespective of religion

How to make government listen to this great policy advice we have?

Invite foreign experts to policy meeting at Min. of Health, Dhaka

Picket outside parliament - Dhaka

JUST Joking!!!

Actions to make these policies happen

  • Media – case studies NGO publications / radio / TV– circulate widely

  • NGO collaborations to align views and advocacy programmes

  • Use right to health – then legal cases of neglected right to health, People’s tribunal for food rights

More actions to make these policies happen

5. Consider activists/ PHM members contesting election at any level

6. Guarantee block votes to good policy contestants - NGO’s /friends

7. Advocate and lobby to policy makers to local MPs, ministers, mayors

8. Set up political platforms – for people’s health issues at election time

9. Each policy maker must have a Gender Equality position/ desk

Also can use social marketing song and dance

Famous visiting African health dramatists

International activists prepare a dance

Song I translated – Child of mother earth

You are a child of mother earth

Still then being a child of mother earth why are you not able to get food?

Those who you think of as caretakers, government ministers and bureaucrats

Have they been able to fill your stomach?

And if you are protesting about this, why are you whispering so quietly?

Your voice is not strong

Don’t you know how to rebel?

Song II – Song from mother to her son about climate change

Hey lame man

I , your mother will become febrile, shivering and crying

Her feet will be soaked in sweat

But then don’t say that it was because of the sea tides or storm waters

Those who you believe are the healers and saviours, they say it is due to global warming

The Right wing US

The Left wing China

And their followers who believe that industry can feed you

And you lame man, believe those who do what they want

I am your mother and you don’t trust me

Dhonnobad – thank you

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