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Object oriented design
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Object Oriented Design. Goals. Feedback on The Sims How to make an object Working on Final Project. CS Dept. Announcement.

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Object Oriented Design

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Object oriented design

Object Oriented Design



  • Feedback on The Sims

  • How to make an object

  • Working on Final Project

Cs dept announcement

CS Dept. Announcement

  • The newly-formed Computer Science Undergraduate Advisory Committee is holding an organizational meeting on Thursday, Nov 14, at 730 pm in ECCS 128 (The L3D Lab/ Fishbowl). All undergrads are invited... the Committee will represent undergrads and their interests to help the department make wise decisions about improvements in facilities, advising and programs. Undergrads from all classes (fresh-senior-fifth year) are needed to participate!

Feedback for the sims

Feedback for The Sims

  • Great Simulations

  • Some problems with documentation

    • Graded liberally

    • Sequence diagrams

      • Need to capture goals, and intensions

      • Describe interaction

        • Fred is hungry: gets to refrigerator

        • Takes out some food (less food now)

        • Fred is happy again

Example state chart

Example state chart

  • Flower goals



Hunger satisfied

Getting hungry

Getting tired





Sleep satisfied

No longer bored

Getting bored



How to make sprites and backgrounds

How to make sprites and backgrounds

  • Sprite game with pseudo 3D objects

    • Use Bryce to make real 3D objects

    • Export as image

    • Import image in Photoshop and export as .png with transparency

  • Example: Asteroid Field

  • Sprites can be use as Billboards in 3D games to reduce rendering time

    • A billboard is a 2D object that will always face camera

How to make low polygon count objects

How to make low polygon count objects

  • Draw picture or get scans of object

  • Polygonize object manually

    • Generate list of coordinates (triangle fan)

    • Generate textures and compute texture coordinates

    • Create lists of

      glTexCoord2f ( 0.0f, 0.0f); glVertex3f(-1.0f, -1.0f, 1.0f);

    • Example: Car

Project group work

Project group work

  • Determine the set of objects used for your game (foreground and background)

  • Assign one object to each group member

  • Start to sketch object

    • I am happy to prototype some image/texture using Photoshop or Bryce

Starting point for homework

Starting point for homework

  • Use “Solid Objects” example (lesson 5) from NeHe tutorials to fill in object display methods: http://agentsheets.com/courses/csci4448/projects/gl4java/SolidObjects.zip

Preview of nov 19

Preview of Nov. 19

  • Guest lecture by Tammy Sumner

    • Work on scenarios

    • Game storyboards

  • You need to complete work described in work package in preparation

Homework revised

Homework (revised)


    • Make one object

      • Use Game Engine: http://schenkc.freeshell.org/classes/csci4448/contra/files/

      • Each team member could make different object part of final project

      • Apply Textures

    • TEST applet (local and over network)

    • Email URL to Alex & Andri

    • Due: November 19


    • Sumner workpackage

    • OpenGL Red book chapter 9: Texture Mapping

      • http://fly.cc.fer.hr/~unreal/theredbook/

      • Due: November 19

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