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Amazon mobile app
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Amazon Mobile App. By: Cher Xiong. Simple and plain, looks just like a simple app. Access the web version of Amazon and shows selections of products for on the go moments. Amazon App . PC version. Mobile version. Comparing the differences and similarities!!.

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Amazon Mobile App

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Amazon mobile app

Amazon Mobile App

By: Cher Xiong

Amazon app

  • Simple and plain, looks just like a simple app.

  • Access the web version of Amazon and shows selections of products for on the go moments.

Amazon App

Comparing the differences and similarities

PC version

Mobile version

Comparing the differences and similarities!!

Pc version of amazon

On the pc version of Amazon, there are far more options to decide from. But there are not any left out options that are on the website and compared to the mobile version. On the pc amazon, you get more “recommendations” tabs which scrolls through various products you’ve bought. On the mobile version, you get less because it reduces down to where you can fit all into your phone screen.

PC version of Amazon

Amazon mobile app1

Amazon Mobile App

  • Just like the website itself, it can be used via your mobile smart phone.

  • If you don’t have the time to use it on the computer and you need to order something on the go, open the Amazon app and select your order!

Not much difference

From what you see here on the pc version, and on the mobile version, there aren’t many differences, the sign in are the same! Maybe the only difference is the “show password” which is just to show the mobile user if he/she has input the wrong password because they’re typing on a smaller keyboard rather than on a full keyboard.

Not much difference!!

Amazon mobile app

  • On both versions of Amazon, they both require the user to do the exact same thing as if they were to order products.

  • The difference? On the go and sit at home ordering.

Amazon mobile app

  • Amazon is a very popular website that allows:

    • Users to purchase products.

    • Users sell their products.

    • Rather than EBay, allows faster shipment.

    • Also allows all products to be bought as soon as desired rather than wait a certain amount of time before purchase.

Amazon recommendations


The great thing about Amazon is the recommendations! It usually has given me ideas of what else to purchase when I purchase a specific product. And the recommendations give me another idea of what else I can buy to benefit my phone, car, or home.

Frequently bought together

Frequently Bought Together

The thing I noticed about the website version and mobile version is this option right here! Usually the frequently bought items are usually a good bundle to get, I mean it doesn’t really get a discount or anything, but it helps give an idea of what else is useful with what you purchased for your item. The mobile version has the option of “customers who bought this… also bought” section, which in the mobile version, you have to click to view it. In the PC version, you can just scroll, which making it easier.

Drop list

Drop List

Product specifications can really save you time, as you can see the drop list shows additional searches that other users have used, or what Amazon thinks can help you out. But in my case, it just showed the “HTC Amaze 4g” in sections of various options. But you can also see how it gave me the option of the HTC Amaze 4g battery, even though I didn’t type in the battery. These drop lists can help you with some specification when you run short of certain specification on the product.

Qr code scan

  • Something new to the mobile Amazon that I’ve recently seen is this.

  • A QR scan for items that are similar!

  • It can help when you’re at a store for a certain item and !BAM! it’s too expensive at the store so you decide to find a lower price.

  • You can scan it and see if there’s any sellers selling that item at a cheaper price!

QR code scan!!!

Thanks to the amazon app

  • All and all, the mobile version and the pc version aren’t that different in any way.

  • They both provide ways, like I’ve said earlier in the PowerPoint, to purchase items for yourself or gifts to others.

  • The mobile app has saved me times when I totally forget to order something when I had ordered on my laptop.

  • Having the app on my phone gives me the option of buying more products when I forget! It helps to have apps like these!

Thanks to the Amazon app!

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