Commercial Agriculture

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Commercial Agriculture

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1. Commercial Agriculture Manica Province Mozambique

2. Tobacco Prices

3. Fertilizer Prices

4. Fuel Prices

5. Labour Wages

6. Salaries Paid Out

7. Employment

8. Hectares Cultivated

9. Hectares Cultivated 2004/2005 & 2005/2006

10. Problems Affecting Agricultural Development Problem Finance Solution Government needs to urgently channel funds to develop this sector Allow land to be a freely tradeable asset so land can be used for security

11. Problems Affecting Agricultural Development Problem Finance Solution. Banks need to have reduced access to government TBs thus forcing them to lend. Government to consider setting up a land/Agri bank.

12. Problems Affecting Agricultural Development Problem Costs of Production Solution Reduced tariffs on input costs such as diesel,electricity, IVA,Duties. Wage Increments to follow inflation & Private Sector to participate in wage negotiations.

13. Problem Markets Solution Protection of locally produced commodities. Promotion of use of locally produced commodities. Problems Affecting Agricultural Development

14. Problems Affecting Agricultural Development Problem Police Not efficient in resolving thefts. Judicial system not effective. Solution All police should be accountable (Report book and Numbers)and reports of inefficiencies made to superiors. Ensure criminals serve their sentences accordingly.

15. Problems Affecting Agricultural Development Problems Corrupt Officials and Inequalities. Fines Solutions All officials should ensure that they are equal to all businesses local and foreign. All officials should be informed to educate investors rather than penalizing.The laws need serious revision.

16. Examples of Inefficiencies Police have been shown on two recent cases where items that have been stolen are and who the perpetrators were yet no recovery of the stolen goods or arrests of the perpetrators. How can investors or locals have confidence in a system when blatant disrespect of the law is supported by the Police Force themselves.

17. Examples of Irregularities Traffic Police fine without there being very little option for recourse,as they remove documents which then render the vehicle useless.They hence Issue fines due to their lack of accountability.Fines such as workers who travel to town with the company truck to go and load goods for the farms,the driver is then fined and accused of being a Taxi.About the only country in the world where the Livret has the sizes of Tyres. The fines that are written out need to have more detail and a written description of the offence with all the officers details and the drivers details on the ticket.An objection period of 1 week where the driver is offered a fine of X amount as an admission of Guilt or from there a non payment will mean for the driver to challenge the case in court. Ridiculous laws such as tyre size and reverse light not working need review.This is now the year 2005 and technologies have moved ahead since the 1960s whereby tyre sizes will be changed according to the terrain that is expected and more emphasis needs to be placed on life threatening road infringements such as drunk driving,Helmets on motorbikes,overloading with passengers and many other issues that cause death on the roads.

18. Examples of Irregularities Local authorities support illegal settlers who cultivate crops on land that has a process and support the attempt to extort money from investors due to an assumed belief that we have money to offer everyone,they even go to the extent of requesting money from the population in order to help them extort money from the investor. These authorities should be removed from office and should be accounted for.Private Sector should be entitled to make complaints regarding these corrupt officials.

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