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4. lazy daisy daisy

5. an anxious snake

6. hyper viper

8. flattery battery

9. a disturbance during a church service

10. devotion commotion

12. brief grief

14. What is: Cambodia Laos Vietnam

16. What is “Vietnamization” ?

17. The American armed forces in Vietnam were composed largely of THIS type of persons

18. What is the least privileged young Americans

19. THIS Amendment lowered the voting age to 18

20. What is the twenty-sixth Amendment

21. This was the name of the study of the United States role in Vietnam after World War II that was leaked to the press in 1971. It exposed the deception that had led the United States into the Vietnam War

22. What is The Pentagon Papers ?

23. As part of the cease-fire agreement in Vietnam in 1973, the United States was to do THIS

24. What is withdraw all its troops from Vietnam

25. THIS was a federal law passed in 1973 that limited the President’s war making powers AND requires the President to inform Congress within 48 hours of sending forces into hostile areas AND requires the President to bring back forces within 90 days unless Congress authorizes longer action or declares war

26. What is The 1973 War Powers Act

30. These are THREE results of the invasion of Cambodia

31. What are: 1. protests against it resulted in the killing of four college students by national Guardsmen at Kent State University 2. the Senate repealed the Gulf of Tonkin resolution 3. Two student protesters of the invasion were killed at Jackson State College in Mississippi

32. Nixon’s approach to U.S. policy in Vietnam finally resulted in a negotiated settlement (the Paris accords), which provided for US withdrawal in exchange for THIS

33. What is the release of several hundred American prisoners of war ?

34. During the two years following the American pullout of troops from South Vietnam, the North Vietnamese did THIS

35. What is occupied the South and established a united Vietnam under the control of Hanoi

37. What is Saigon And 17 years old ?


39. What is Japan ?

40. The Results of THIS ordered by President Nixon in 1970 included - the killing of FOUR student demonstrators at Kent State University on OHIO - the repeal of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution by the Senate - a deepening of the division between prowar “hawks” and antiwar “doves”

41. What is the Cambodian incursion

42. In 1970 Nixon expanded the Vietnam War by doing THIS

43. What is ordering an invasion of Cambodia

44. The violence outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago resulted from THIS

45. What is demonstrations against the Vietnam War

46. THIS is the name of a participation dance that became popular in the US in the 1950s and 1960s at Children’s Birthday parties Involving Putting some part of your body in and out and shaking it all about

47. What is the Hokey Pokey ?And when is that genealogy project due ???

50. What is continue the war in pursuit of an “honorable peace.”

51. Richard M. Nixon’s running mate and Vice President was THIS man who will later resign for a scandal regarding income tax evasion


54. What is the silent majority ?

55. THESE are the THREE war strategies The United States tried in Vietnam

56. What is 1. attrition 2. pacification 3. relocation

57. The most intense antiwar activity and the repeal of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution occurred as a result of THIS

58. What is the Cambodian invasion of 1970

59. The U.S. invasion of Cambodia unleashed a brutal civil war in which this communist group came to power and killed at least 1 million Cambodians

60. What is the Khmer Rouge ?

61. THIS is the leader of the Cambodian communists who seized power in 1975 & engaged in the reign of terror that most consider to be a genocide

62. Who was Pol Pot ?


64. What is 11 years old? AND What is A-Day = B-Day = ?



67. THIS is the famous newscaster whose pessimistic analysis of the war in 1968 caused President Johnson to lament that if he has lost the support of this man, “It’s over. I’ve lost Mr. Average Citizen.”?

68. Who is Walter Cronkite ?

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