What s next cold fusion super low cost power generators vying for mainstream spot light
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Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", "Over-unity"... PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Quietly Started New Paradigm Shift by Ultra efficient Cleantech with Disruptive Scientific & Economical impact

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Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy...

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What s next cold fusion super low cost power generators vying for mainstream spot light


What's Next "Cold Fusion”?.. Super Low Cost Power Generators Vying for Mainstream Spot Light

  • Torsion field, scalar wave, tesla… fundamental Paradigm Shift by Ultra efficient Cleantech with

  • Disruptive Scientific & Economical impact

  • Ben Rusuisiak

  • New nature paradigm TECH analysis

  • VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, Updated Sep25, 2016 www.linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm

Cold fusion tesla scalar wave torsion field free energy over unity really all pseudo science the coming par 7446611

ABSTRACT: LENR-Cold Fusion effect itself has been virtually accepted by mainstream science, & currently it is in gradual spread to industrial, “fringe”, & non-western media: Energy produced with basically free “fuel” + equipment & operation cost. Although unadmitted by creative interpretations, thermodynamic over-unity or "excess" Persistent Current is observed & discussed for quantum level nano device as well as in relation to beyond Shockley-Queisser limit efficiency solar cell, and non-linear optic/laser/spintronics technology. As of Sep 2016, no mainstream endorsed LENR device exists, but 1MW industrial electricity generator "Ecat" has been sold under pre-conditions. 、 Low cost resonance based major emission reducerswith 10%+ extra efficiency, solid state thermo Electric/thermo PhotoVoltaics heat-to-energy systems, & highly efficient Waste-To-Fuel/Energy systems with Catalytic, SuperCritical water, Cold or Steam Plasma mechanics are starting to make into mainstream quietly in last few yrs.These types of changes indicate coming first full science review of ridiculed yet recurring inventors' hyper energy efficiency claims & commercialized small installations: e.g. 1-Extracting ambient-radiant energy as electricity, 2-Harvesting reverse voltage power without using force to cancel it(Back EMF), 3-Resonance catalyzed HHO/Oxy-hydrogen gas, also as mileage booster, 4-Electromagnetic or cold plasma pulse/vortex creation in confined water/inert gas, 5-Compressed air & COP>1 heat exchanger converted to mechanical power, 6-Catalyzed emulsion fuel with far beyond 50% H2O, 7-Hydrocarbon increased by std photocatalyzed O2 Nanobubble based fuel+water emulsion, when infused with CO2 in room temp/pressure. +variations, 8-Combining underwater air floating force & gravity, 9-Propellantless drive,10-Hydrodynamic cavitation heater, 11-Betz limit excess hydro/wind turbine, 12-Pyromagnetic self running heat producing trash decomposer, etc. They often seem to run on mechanics & accompanied by side effects current official physics cannot explain(explained by Russian Torsion physics or pre-Heaviside Maxwell equations), low cost, & are convertible to superior new techs that can replace majority of propulsion, weather, medical, nuclear remediation, time dilation, psychology, & some key mining-industrial-farming processes -IF fully peer reviewed in science.、 At this paradigm changing stage, it might become also relevant to reference increasing documents/testimonies on above alternative physics based covert “open-end pseudo science” R&Ds by groups across Gov’t/Aerospace/Military/Intel agencies & private contractors, protected under national security, but to which above organizations’ executives often have no access i.e "unacknowledged" black project. This is totally isolated from “dead-end public consumption science” which is monitored & restricted by “science law”: e.g. At an advanced nation, even official data indicates, 1000+ inventions in Enviro-Energy-Propulsion-Medical field, many patented, are classified by secrecy law, & applied to allies. Despite all this, there are subtle but collectively clear signs that a majority of establishment is attempting to release unlimited “Open System” new paradigm technologies. Although both gas-oil-coal based industrial process & conventional alternative energy can remain by innovation, Mainstream commercialization of "0 emission type unlimited energy production" system's is inevitable & it risks social disruption, hence public participation is beneficial to discuss if, or at what rate & how all related tech/info to be officially released & endorsed.

  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


p06 Looked over science legal high efficiency energy generators

p26 Solar & Wind power efficiency beyond official science law.

p43 Utilized but sometimes forgotten Biomass/Waste-to-Energy

P68 Biomass II, Largely ignored clean natural gas

p78 Ten categories of “over-unity” claims

p99 Commercialization attempts

p116 Law of Thermodynamics, “Dissident” scientists

p119 Scalar “wave”, Standing wave resonance, Torsion field..

p145 Terahertz & Far Infrared waves, “No light” Photo Catalysis, ORMUS..

p168 LENR/Cold Fusion update, Losers & Gainers by its success

p181 Reduced suppressions, energy paradigm smooth transition models

p191 Ramifications if inventor tech becomes mainstream

p223 Already in use? - ZPEnergy related "outrageous" claims

p265Summary & Macro level recommendations

  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Qualification of information

Qualification of information

This presentation primarily focuses on less known but latest science consensus forming technologies, while some of highest efficiency low cost techs contradict predominant view, especially of Wikipedia & Western media/NGOs. Hence attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess the data from own independent perspective

Regarding Controversial But Future Critical Technologies Discussed: ■ Term “Free energy” or “Over-unity” in this presentation is defined as seeming as if: -1 Drawing of more energy than exerted to generate -2 Continuous motion without energy input -3 Using free material generally not considered as fuel、 ■ Inventors-scientists-witnesses: their claims might involve higher likelihood of: -4 Fabrication, reliability exaggeration, or statistical error chance of observed effect -5 Significant quality gap between inventions, yet - -6 At least far above collective majority seem to repeatedly produces claimed effects

Currently more detailed reference list is being produced & will be published separately: The research is updated based on reviewing academic papers & journals, books, speeches, presentations, patents, lab/commercialized product testimonies/complaints, publications & public records of NGOs/media/research institutes/think tanks/military/space & gov't agencies/industry associations. Most effects quoted have accumulative-consistent evidence from unrelated era & source, but mechanics listed are hypothetical. Commercialized company/products are shown in Boldface Navy

THIS FILE IS PART 5 of 5SERIES: ENTIRE 5SERIES CAN BE VIEWED IN ONE FILE AThttp://www.slideshare.net/BenRusuisiak/free-energy-pseudo-science-new-nature-paradigm-on-energy-technology-34087356

Suspected zeropoint energy related outrageous claims

suspected zeropoint Energy related“outrageous claims”

Claims listed in p223-262, even though selected by inter-validation, has higher mis-info mix likelihood: Higher % of verbal statement & circumstantial only evidence; Some are commercialized at fringe level for easy inspection with inventors, while frequent gov't/military/intel/space use claims with lack of documentation & physical demomtration; evidence of heavy compartmentalization & documents blacked out classified info, often entire project is delegated to private companies. Also witness of some projects accompany use of mind related tech & attempted mind influence.

Various gradient info release & info spin desire, Counter-intelligence (creation of "stories within stories" as false trails & diversions: JJ Angleton+) can significantly distort overall judgement &exaggerate stories). Yet when review repeated claim details, these totally unbelievable stories using common sense, would appear to hold some consistency as in following pages till p262:

Unconventional effect tech observations, related to ZPE, Resonance, some seem to be part of privately controlled Gov’t black budget program in many parts of world by military-intel-govn't-aerospace-corporate contractors & their "sponcer group" cooperation(D Priest, Rob Steele, B Sweetman, W Engdahl, C McClelland, Ne Keenan,“Tyler Durden”, Ka Hudes, P Craig Roberts, R Garman, S Dayo, K Cassidy, El Freeland, Mi Salla), Classified budgets, Illegal fund raising, Tied to Geopolitical activities, Officially missing yet ignored $10+ trillions in US/EC applied? —>> cont


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zeropoint type electrical scalar 1

“outrageous claims”: zeropoint-

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 1

■1 Space related activity, Propulsion, Geo-engineering, Surveillance, Material science, Cross over with mind tech. Controversy treatment of this tech is partly because some seem to be black projects(classified) related: often piggy backing of multiple objectives + simultaneous fake/actual projects & drills. Difficult to tell overall tech purpose, & generally impossible to tell who is in charge(other than the fact, some top govn't/military/intel executives are not involved at all, according to official testimonies: e.g. p104)

ZPE related theoretical/physical unconventional tech claims are made by engineers/scientists with some lab/in-situ replications(Czsyz, Puthoff, Hamilton, W Tiller, J Kasher, Haramein, Rusek, JL Naudin, K Wolfe+):

Following pages' claims are Mostly Western media debunked, but some uses are often confirmed in public records related to intel/military/prv groups, and those techs include mainstream science both approved & unapproved processes. Even "science illegal" ones are mostly "pseudoscientized" lab validated, or mainstream scientists whistleblown.


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 2 geo eng

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 2 GEO Eng'

■1A INDUSTRIAL & MANUFACTURING,1-”New” Geo Engineering, α-Non tectonic non nuclear bomb big quake trigger: by Scalar, MHD, ELF resonance (Agnew+), Ionosphere-Atmosphere-Lithosphere coupling (use of below iii)(Ma Hayakawa+),、β-Weather control; i-Micro size by “subtle” power scalar/"orgone" device (Hellmann, Abdellaziz, McCullough+), to trigger something similar to ElectroScavenging(ES) type effects? ii-Mid size by EM charging ion from ground (Pokhmelnykh, Fuhrer, Protopopov, Chizhevsky, Wi Haight+), or Satellite relay(D Miles), More conventional ES use.

iii-High powered Infrared, plasma, microwave freq/laser EM wave, can trigger storm effect, with ion stimulation & standing wave plasma, ionosphere’s electric field management: exaggerated ES. Might combine conductive aerosol spray that turns into heating plasma(M Mill, Slo Tepic, Milikh, J Kasparian, M Janitch, Da Walker+), iv-Up to global size by Van Allen belt(double toroid plasma around earth)/ionosphere adjusting: stronger effect by tech used in above iii? Also high power Scalar wave(Dav Wells,Tesla+), US Gov’t dpt concerned over weather terrorism, but not necessarily by tech sophisticated group: low tech confirmation?(Wil Cohen: Defence secretary)+, 、For details on rain causing weather modification see report [Four levels of..] & look up "Precipitation related Weather Modification"


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 3 hutchison

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 3 Hutchison

—>>cont: ■1A INDUSTRIAL & MANUFACTURING:2-Hutchison Effect: EM/scalar wave coupling for metal/non-metal melting-burning-fusing-pulverizing-rusting, transmuting, bending-lifting, “transparent & disappearing effect”, water freeze-boil, minor "conjuring effect", Wave bombardment is at much higher frequency than matter's lowest Natural Frequency range: all at room temperature(Hutchison, Hathaway, K Shoulders, Sargoytchev, Hull+), "Hutchison File"(P Calante & And Michrowski), also see p228

3-Wireless energy/sound transfer through ground(Tesla, Dollard, El Byrd+), frog leg muscle twitch wirelessly by static generator well before 1900(Galvani+)

4-“Physics illegal” anomalous ceramic, magnetic monopole(Shi Seike+)+, Self Seebeck Effect generating ceramic production by torsion/scalar field use(Krasnobryzheva, Bobyr, Bearden, Avramenko, Tarakhtiy, Kanchzhen, Shakhparonov+), 5-Creation of metal slurry, white powder(Ormus?), or floating ball lightning from distilled water by plasma torch with resonance/mobius-figure8 strip(Vachaev, Egorov, Pavlova+), Similar powder by AC electrolyser(Hid Hayakawa): see p154-166 for ORMUS. 5th dimension partial manifestation in physical world(“spirit”)?,(Krenev, Stepanov, B Smirnov+)


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 4 time warp

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 4 Time warp

■1BPROPULSION1a-Warp Drive/Gravity/Time dilation effect/Faster than light speed travelling - many elements here are completely science legal by use of Special Relativity/General Relativity but some of interpretations are disputed, while media pseudoscientizes/underexaggerates others

●Theory only without enough experimental data presented: Warp Drive(Van Den Broeck, Tolchyn, Alcubierre, Har White+), Electro-gravitational force generated wormhole use time travel?(Kip Thorne, Ste Hawking+), similar idea(Ser Krasnikov, Ser Sushkov+)

●Partial to full physical effect success claims: For Time Dilation, many of next pages ●1-5 are much larger effect than "conventional method" A-(Doppler effect use: Ives & Stilwell+, or more accurate Li⁺ Ion used fast optical atomic clock: G Gwinner et al+), B-(expensive flight involved Hafele–Keating experiment), Some others are focused on mainstream unapproved low energy large effects, i.e. can be called teleportation/time reactor/time machine? There seems to be many way to cause time warp effects: ●1-5 -->cont:


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 5 warp drive

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 5 warp drive

-->> cont: ■1B PROPULSION,1a-Warp Drive/Gravity/Time dilation/Superluminal: ●physical effect claims: ●1-5:、 ●1-Warp Drive skips space- ie also time, it seems to occur by various ways to cause "waves", specific rate of resonance like state, or differentials-coupling of certain specifically timed differing electric fields. House electricity power is sufficient to demonstrate weak effects(Dav Pares: Space Warp Dynamics LLC),、

This particular method seems fundamentally same mechanics as house power used but robust Hutchison effect(p226: 1A-2): Concerted ridiculing & pseudoscientization here by western mainstream: No technical details of step by step debunking provided, but rather just repeating "only super high powered expensive system can demonstrate such effects", while mainstream academics specifically avoid(or classify) researching this relatively basic mechanics. Similar taboo as closely linked antigravity tech since 1959.

Also this mechanics indicate & explain certain natural existence of weak field distortion type to strong "portal" type temporal or even fixed physical location(all debunked by usual info selectivity: eg Oregon Vortex[weak fixed field]?, Bermuda Triangle incidents[temporal strong portal] etc). -->>cont:


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 6 warp drive 2

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 6 warp drive 2

-->> cont: ■1B - 1a-Warp Drive/Time dilation etc: ●physical effect claims: ●1-Warp Drive: Natural vortex locations on earth:、

And how would Western military-intel-private security-banking-occult elite etc alliance respond IF they find huge permanent portal or weak "vortex" conducive to massive augmentation by relatively low EM field in some nation? - similar to Bagdad museum looting military whistleblown events?(J Farrell, Wal Bosley, P Levenda+)

●2-Quantum Tunnelling use of Quantum effect: specific resonance wave coupling & tunnelling barriers: eg cesium vapor and pulsed light(Lijun Wang+),

●3a-Warped field use of General Relativity(GR) effect(Stronger gravity field flows time slower to cause warp between faster time flowing weak gravity field in spacetime; hence local antigravity/gravity tech can cause time travel effect science-legally): coupling of two rotating spacetime regions to create time controllable field or, -->>cont:、


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 7 time warp 4

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 7 time warp 4

-->> cont: ■1B PROPULSION,1a-Warp Drive/Gravity/Time dilation/Superluminal: ●physical effect claims: ●3-General Relativity(GR) effect:、 ●3b-Tipler Cylinder use: Rotating cylinder to create subtle but significant geodetic/rotational frame-dragging GR effect(object itself distorts spacetime - more for larger mass, additionally rotation creates twist in it: measured by Gravity Probe B, LAGEOS, LARES+)(in a way similar to torsion field) where no “spacetime exists" to enable “moving around spacetime”: 、 This dragging also is claimed to generate "free energy" at expense of barely measurable rotation speed difference if applied to earth/planet scale(D Lewis Anderson+), Solar & Drag Sail(Ro Kezerashvili+, various tests: JAXA IKARO+). *Note there are military-space type informal claims this effect is much bigger than mainstream publicly discussed. Also certain rotating frequency should trigger resonance state in cylinder medium itself for amplified effect.

●4-Circulating lights/photon use of Special Relativity(SR) effect: Twisting/vortex of light i.e. twisting of space(hence time also), hence moving within this "time striped space" means "time travelling”(R Mallet+). Should this involve opportunities for significant amount of ZPE extraction? Related to ET Whittaker's longitudinal light-photon anomalies? Also close to light speed travel generates strong time dilation by SR effect. This mechanics link to high efficiency solar cell or circulating frequency resonance triggering overunity type effect(p29 vi-h)、


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 8 time warp 5

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 8 time warp 5

—>>cont: ■1B PROPULSION,1a-Warp Drive/Gravity/Time dilation/Superlumina: ●physical effects claims:

●5-Superluminal Speed links to backward time travel(RJ Nemiroff, RW Boyd+), while superluminal propagation itself by fine-tuned pulsed light frequency EM wave is demonstrated regularly from pre yr2000 at core mainstream groups(Ray Chao, Ste Chu, MS Bigelow, C Yelleswarapu, Kai Qian (钱楷), Qiguang Yang+): eg pulse passing through a resonant/coherent oscillation system can be slower or faster than light - i.e. speed is controllable.

Space-Time cloak(space-time skip) by use of splitting subluminal & superluminal speed lights by magneto-electric effects(Pau Kinsler+): relevant EM field bends light and causes actual time dilation around the object.

Is this related to dematerialization-materialization effect by non light freq EM wave coupling/scalar wave?(J Hutchison[p226: 1A-2]+), or rumoured Philadelphia-Montalk project etc?. As happens customary for disruptive tech this is still often western media level pseudoscience


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 9 time warp 6

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 9 time warp 6

—>>cont: ■1B PROPULSION,1a-Warp Drive/Gravity/Time dilation/Superluminal: ●physical effects claims:

●6- Others: some examples ■Torsion field mechanics: generation of twist & curve(wormhole) in space in front of vehicle to "fall in"(Shipov: 4D Warp Engine, V Chernobrov, Kozyrev+), 、 ■ Closed Timelike Curve by wormhole apparently demonstrated with photon passing thru a wormhole and then interact with "its older self"(M Ringbauer+): but this breaks most fundamental mainstream belief of linear/singular Causality(cause and effect): But if hypothesizes existence of splitting-cloning of quantum states it solves contradiction(Mile Gu+), Possibly ok to violate the fundamental no-cloning theorem of quantum mechanics?(D Deutsch), Basically same idea as how Quantum Computers simulate & obtain info("informational overunity?") from cloned or already existing almost identical but minutely different reality(Geo Rose: D-Wave)i.e. this would be macro scale equivalent example of emergence of(or accessing to) new probability universe/reality(or "half or part reality") when one "kills own grandfather", similar idea to Shrödinger's Cat, 、 ■ Quantum Teleportation by use of Quantum Entanglement effects(laser pulse use etc)(CR Monroe+) : generally only electron/photon effect is discussed/claimed


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 10 time warp 7

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 10 time warp7

—>>cont: ■1B PROPULSION: 1a-Warp Drive/Time Dilation etc: ●Physical effect claims:、 Time experimental groups seem to apply pre-mentioned type and other mechanics: Many might be affecting only a very small field(but beyond nano, rather micro effect), while others are allegedly creating larger 2m+ area time field since 1990s(D Lewis Anderson - various unique link: UN World Genesis Foundation, Atlantykron+) +. Also various indications of seeming "semi official" similar significant experimental level success at Some Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, Russia+; ☛

☛ Easily doable facilities for alleged its manifestation(no specific testimony evidence) are: variousParticle Colliders including mega CERN scale, Fusion or non-neural plasma facilities upto Lawrence Livermore size, High voltage research centres, Electronic-photonic research labs, Military power facilities etc, 、


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 11 time warp 8

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 11 time warp8

—>>cont: ■1B PROPULSION: 1a-Warp Drive/Time Dilation etc: ●Physical effect claims: Time experimental group:

☛ Unsuitable as easily controllable effect, but different electro potential aerosol in certain bordering troposphere with targeted projection from ground of high voltage RF/Laser should be able to generate differing large scale electric field gap or twist i.e. replication of alleged Bermuda triangle effect(p228), or possible to create wormhole like vortex(Norway spiral?)(eg High power radio transmitters, Radar stations, SURA, HAARP etc), doing so at some location/time should be much easier than others

But released experimental info on this literally very disruptive/dangerous potential tech is difficult to come by & to access its validity. This magnitude or much more advanced version of tech can be developed & plausibly exist but likely completely classified.


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 12 time travel

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 12 time travel

—>>cont: ■1B PROPULSION:

1b-Some inter-referenced "Stargate or Wormhole travelling” experience claims exist(Bielek, Bashiago, WB Stillings, Ra Cramer, Co Goode, Ar Neumann, M Relfe+): involves both time and space teleportation, and all come from US about US program(Philadelphia-Montauk project etc: Pr Nichols +).

This claim(unlike previous "1a") has no official physical evidence. Its details seem to be mixture of actual physical effects, dis-info, & hologram like illusion + mind control?(classified memory implant tech can be very effective: at least certain form of EM resonance is commonly known to have this effect- eg p253: 2A). Also little technical explanation is made on how technology works by claimants.

Some of above additionally make even less collaborated claims(eg several famous public figures were in same program, predators on Mars, “chronovisor”+), or no collaboration(can regrow limbs, met past historical figure), Yet these time related phenomena themselves seem to be largely plausible from strictly technical vantage point including "psudoscientized" elements、s


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type electrical scalar 13 levitation

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type ELECTRICAL-scalar 13 levitation

—>>cont: ■1B PROPULSION:1c-Mainstream de-facto approved(or undenied), molecular teleportation applies to mental spontaneous teleportation with multiple groups of witnesses(Car Mirabelli+),

2-Symbiotic flying machine(Adair, B Rich+): Way far advanced version of "Robotic Ray"、

3a- Scalar based?- levitation with no high voltage electrogravitic/no counter rotation use(Leedskalnin, DD Home, Tesla, Lou Rota, St Joseph of Copertino, Car Mirabelli+), Inter- related Geometric-Resonance(harmonics)-Electric element(Bru Cathie+), also seance medium might display same effect(WJ Crawford, Cha Richet+): when ectoplasm comes out, the weight is lightened, but it shows a severe reaction/over sensitivity to sudden high photon(light) exposure gap - sometimes death of medium(Hel Duncan+), b-”Acoustic hologram” levitation by mechanical or hand made sound: Commercial eg: Ultrahaptics(Subramanian+),(David-Néel+)


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 1 remote view g

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 1 Remote view'g

■1C NON-INDUSTRIAL- Electromagnetic wave related mind tech: 1a-EM shield unaffected non-local-scan by mind, “Psychics” do it naturally(more common for savants than average population; Di Powell+), ”Remote Viewing” mind protocol(McMoneagle, Daz Smith, Co Brown, Targ, Major-General Thompson+),

b-This includes dowsing & mind factor heavy radionics: unofficially fairly widely used for commercial exploration(H Dieter Betz, Bil Cox, Hen Gross, Yve Rocard +): of water, mineral resources, archeological discovery, essentially any hidden objects, depended on dowser, but usually success rate is high only within dowser's expertise target & by using habitual method, Magnetic field like body response twitches hand unconsciously(ZV Harvalik, Gor MaClean+). Another way of explanation can be: Scalar “wavelengths“ broadcasted by object is picked up by "human body antenna" & hand twitches?(Bovis, Lakhovsky+),

c-Also non-time, non-local scan: Works for statistical or major event future prediction or casino/stock market earning(Targ, Pau Smith+). While million$ lottery “lab trials” all fail, thousand$ range lottery continuously won using experimental protocol(Mil Ryzl+), or successful stock market high investment returns(Targ+): usually by mind-viewing predicted numbers, or market direction of "up" or "down" as specific pictures/images pre-associated to them. But some untested super-viewer can scan exact numbers directly(Pat Price+)?, So can classified resonance entrained methods, ie only dumbed down version is declassified?(D Allgire, G Wheaton, McMoneagle+),


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 2 evp

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 2 EVP

-->>cont: ■1C NON-INDUSTRIAL:2a-Unorthodox electronic device: ”Inter-dimensional phone”(Gemilli, Marconi, Edison, Tesla+),

b-Electronically communicate with “dead”: EVP(Electric Voice Phenomena(imprinting voice in magnetic sensitive tape etc): Sa Estep, Geo Meek, Fischbach, F Juergenson, J Pedroso, So Rinaldi, Senkowski, Mar Bacci+), or Direct-voice/Xenoglossy(Thompson & Raudive, Ed Randall & Emi French, Wi James & Leo Piper, Aub Rose & Les Flint+),

but Western TV documentaries on EVP usually ignore this extensive type, Some signs of Euro mainstream backing(Vatican: Pet Bander+)(Radio Luxembourg: JG Fuller+) - latter nation’s some elites fund many “pseudoscientific” research,

Also by seance or hypnotic regression(Ear Bozzano, Ian Stevenson+), This is different from mechanics of brain damage person suddenly improvesalready known foreign language ability effect(Ben McMahon, M Boatwright+),


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 3 psychics

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 3 "Psychics"

-->>cont: ■1C NON-INDUSTRIAL:、3a-Electronic device assisted mind focus “psychic reading”(Raphael, Persinger, Taub, Pinneo+): Recently mainstream approved through magician debunker(Ja Randi+), though this “1million$ challenge” protocol seems often fraudulent (Chr Carter, Sudduth, Sheldrake+), b- Same by Remote non-locally(Drown, M Rae, von Buengner, Tansley, Upton+)

c- By mind only: ●“Mediumship” use(Ju Beischel+), Fairly frequent elite group involvement(eg Ber Harris[Win Churchill, Ch De Gaulle+], Oli Lodge+), some done as ongoing long term research(Scole Experiment[D Fontana, Mon Keen, Ern Senkowski, Grattan-Guiness+]), Publicly denied claim of NASA involvement (Solomon), ●“Out of body[OBE] person” has same ability, Hemisync brain entrainment helps(Ro Monroe+), ●So can ”Dead person[NDE]”: (Eb Alexander, St Grof, A Hugenot, van Lommel, Ke Williams, Me Morse+), sometimes revived person acquires electromagnetic anomaly ability afterwards(B Grayson+), “dead” can see for the first time in “life”(Ke Ring+), Exact hidden# reading(Cha Tart, Nor Bowe+), 、e-”Other life's” specific memory & even physical anomaly mark shows up(Sc Tucker, Haraldsson+), But "memory can be caused" also simply by remote viewing. Then how to tell simple psychic experience from "real reincarnation" idea if there isn't matched body scar with proven "past life wounds" location?


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 4 mind reading

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 4 Mind reading

-->>cont: ■1C NON-INDUSTRIAL:4a-Mind, thought, & emotion reading-affecting tech(Akwei, R Duncan, Mic Aquino, R Stirbl+), Superheterodyne(not just ULF/VLF, wide range EM wave useable) use for undetected combo signal receiving for brain implant as SmartDust?, Mainstream approved brain decoding, Similarly, scalar wave used version of Van Eck Phreaking can read turned off computer or human mind regardless of location? - use of “each’s unique frequency” idea as in Radionics. Also range of audible/inaudible acoustic wave can be used.

4b-Some mind reading effect claims from ReverseSpeech analysis(Da Oates, Ga Husick, J Johnston+): “time reverse phase conjugation”, there are sign of US Police/Intel’s interests, But with heavy “front loading” of information it seem to be lot more to do with analyser’s “psychic ability” to interpret data, than stand alone technique usable by anyone,

4c-Science legal Silent Sound Presentation System(SSPS), inaudible subliminal message or emotion projecting(Ol Lowry+),


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 5 plant memory

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

typeMIND-EM-scalar 5 Plant memory

-->>cont: ■1C NON-INDUSTRIAL:5a-Plant interaction-communication with human thoughts, mainly by use of galvanic skin response or Kirlian Photo(Backster, “LG Lawrence”, Maslobrod, Vogel, PP Sauvin, A Mikami, Ot Rahn, El Byrd, Puthoff, B Swanson, Ke & Wa Hashimoto, Korotkov+): works well but only for certain limited % of people consistently,

5b-Plant memory of human(V Adamenko, Ra Fontes, Soloukhin+),

6a-Access to science info, or communication with “ET”, by Electronic & Bio/Scalar receptor, Telepathic, Remote Viewing etc(Zubow3, D Sherman, Da Hamel, Romanek, Ja Roberts, Ma Rodwell, Ed Cayce, Ji Penniston, A Thompson Smith+), 、

6b-Claims of some accepted or pseudoscientific new techs inventions were “channelled” non-locally, or given physically by “non-terrestrials”(Tesla, P Corso, Bennewitz, Ph Schneider, Me Riley, Ri French, Her Oberth[Op PaperClip - US rocket program relation], Wh Strieber, Wi Tompkins[Non Western media reported but debunked, Op HighJump content related]+), 、

Brain as mostly signal receptor?(eg Hydrocephalus - J Lorber: some of “10% or less regular brain left living” people function with average intelligence- but later the academic researcher seems to retract conclusion under pressure? S Gebhardt-Henrich+: numerous hamsters live normally with almost no brain)+


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 6 contactee

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 6 "contactee"

—->> cont - ■1C 6-”Communication with “Non Terrestrial” or “akhasic”: 6c-Well over 1000+ recorded physical “contactee" claims "accidentally" or use of specific mind protocol tech etc(Bru Salmaciccia, Ga De Lama, El Klarer, Bi Meier, Bri Barclay, Jo Reed, RN Hernandez+),

Western mainstream’s illusion/insane treatment is reducing along with its statistical ET advanced life confirmation, while Russian senior political figure(KN Ilyumzhinov) claims meeting ETs & president(Medvedev) informally refers to their terrestrial residence, Vatican suggests future encounter & blessing(Fr. Jo Funes, Br. G Consolmagno+),

6d-Order(s) of magnitude larger worldwide “abducted” claims to crafts/underground base etc & operated on mainly by small dummy like beings(& indication of far more people remain unclaimed), but of which 75% is based on pseudo-scientized hypnotic regression, 90% has no craft landing or intrusion evidence or no direct 2+ people inter-reference(Jo Mack, B&B Hills, D Jacobs, B Hopkins, Le Sprinkle, Ca Turner, Tra Walton, Lau McDonald+). But there are fair accounts of antigravity or something moving through wall observations,


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 7 abductee

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 7 "Abductee"

-->> cont - ■1C: 6-”ET” or “akhasic” communication: 6d-"abduction"s:、 Occasional military uniform witnessed, Some think exclusive human military operation(J Altshuler+), Often on-going regular experiences, or multi-generational(J Henderson[K Marden]+). Frequentsudden medical healing(Pr Dennett+),precision cut, or bodyimplants discovered(they move around in body[De Stoner+], often harmonic radiowave emitting[Ro Leir+]: scalar-resonance?, military test?) 、 Rare case of wearing wrong clothes or grown beard in the morning,Mix of hoax, vivid-dream, delusion, military, non-terrestrial group operation?Similar vague but definitely not sameperceptional replication made by EM pulse treatment on brain,

6e-Claims of “hybridization”, involving hairless expressionless large solid-black eyed humanoid-robot like?, “Insect/lizard” head wearing human?, Preying mantis? or regular human looking non human? & many other types. Also some terrestrial military presence(black project?) witnessed. Adding confusion by likely witness hallucination cases(externally or self induced?), Gene or special ability recruitment by military & some private groups are often whisleblown (Eriksson sisters?, Me Leslie, Bar King, D O’Finian, +), link to “6d” & mind tech(p253-258),、

6f-“Cattle mutilation” or Animal mutilation tech(C Zukowski, LM Howe, Ga Valdez, Chr O’Brien+), Far less frequent and much more difficult to investigate "human mutilation"(Ri D Hall+), Prv space agency studies prior listed “6a-6e”(Bigelow),


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 8 channeling

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 8 "Channeling"

—->> cont - ■1C 6-”ET” or “akhasic” communication: 6g-• In Russia/China etc information gained by various “psychic” methods is relatively openly used for scientific/intelligence research, while two faced Western approach takes far more covert use(Mellen-T Benedict+) hence they insist on publicly ridiculing it, • Same treatment with otherwise unsolvable criminal investigations(A Thompson-Smith+),

6h-• Some “new age” belief practisers attest statistical “indirect passive control” of preferred experiential phenomena(Ger Jackson, Nap Hills+), in relation to “vivid imagination coupled with specific mental-emotional resonance state”. Mind & emotion amplified attention focus, some use the term “law of attraction”(Den Waitley+), some empirical evidence exists but lack of lab experiments, vague data tracking, non uniform protocol used by different researches, 、 But similar concept & physical probabilities existence is explained by “Trans-dimensional Physics” idea(D Anka, Ja King, Ca Ruekart, Puharich+). Record of prominent family members-associates participated in unorthodox communication methods(Du Pont, Astor, Forbes, Buc Fuller, Ar Clarke+), Many scientifically relevant “channelled” materials are reviewed by Military-Intel/black projects(JZ Knight+). Since media insists on ridiculing, mainstream academia, politicians or business people cannot touch or discuss without risking their business/status. 、


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 9 telekinesis

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 9 Telekinesis

7a-Biological magnetic field control(I Swann, Stubblebine, Ostrander, Ma Manning[B Josephson], Geller, R Marcus+), b-Bio based EM field control idea seems to relate to mainstream west described “proven fraud” psychic surgery(Teixeira de Faria+[Rus Roy], Ze Arigo [Kubitzchek: Brazilian President], T Agpapoa+[Hi Motoyama ]+), blood/X-ray test & surgery standby validation indicate only few are fully genuine, but many seem to be “both genuine & fraud”: use combo of psychic ability & mere tricks, c-Also links to mind projection of image onto film: Psychic photography (Ch Mifune[To Fukurai], Ted Serios[Ju Eisenbud], Van den Broeke+),

d-Mind triggered weather change, lightning, earthquakes(Te Owens[Puthoff & Targ, Rhine], Art Bell+), e-”Ghost or apparition”(eg El-Zeitoun+), shows water molecule ionization equivalent to strong energy-producing radiation/Ball lightning effect(Adr Klein, RN Boyd+), f-Mind based “torsion field generator”: non EM influence on others(Palvita+), Egely Wheel or similar type devices(Ro Hruby, Bu Payne+) rotates by "bio energy", g-Telekinetic chicken(D Radin+), h-Documented experimental claims of psychically affecting past events(Elm Gruber+),


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 10 poltergeist

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 10 Poltergeist

—>> cont - ■1C7-”Bio Magnetic field control related: 7i-Psychokinesis(PK) links to magnetic field influence or scalar type effect(faraday cage unhinderable), Some adults might have developed high capability from childhood electrocution(Jo Whitton+), Telekinetically bent matter is usually found with molecular level anomalies. Collective emotion seems to help: eg multiple witnessed entry level spoon bending parties show almost all people use some force when bend, but in rare cases metal clearly & visibly continues to bend or spiral after touching stops or use of light force bends 20mm+ dimeter iron bars)(Ja Houck+)

7j-Poltergeist can be mostly “average 1-12month ongoing uncontrolled intermittent PK phenomena”, and usually “dead” person is not involved(but this version also has same effect). If “person responsible” habituating the location leaves, it eventually stops in few weeks to months but not right away, Fraudulent cases are frequent and bulk of which are mixed type(mix of fraud and actual - especially with kids needing attention. Because often by the time investigation involving police begins, real phenomena starts fading)(Mic Clarkson+)& others are full trickery: Relatively easy to detect tricks if frequent occurring types(WE Cox, Wil Roll, Bry Williams+), -->> cont


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 11 conjuring

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 11 "conjuring"

—>> cont - ■1C7j-Poltergeist with physical effects: It involves: Electrical disturbance, Cold air spots, Knocking- rapping, Floating ball lightening/flashing, Electrical surge, Objects move,Sometimes objects are “thrown” in unnatural projectile(stops mid air, zigzag etc)(Han Bender, Ala Gauld, Gai Pratt, WF Barrett, L Auerbach, J Pratt, ARG Owen+), Rare cases of materialized matter thrown at people, Involved apparition(ranges from person like figure to “monster like” being). Are they “projected/conjured person” by/of causing person?, Mental release mechanism manifested?(Sco Rogo, Wil Roll+), In odd cases lost ability is reactivated by hypnosis(Lagle-Stewart+). Relation to increase in geomagnetic activity(L Gearhart, Persinger+)

7k-Other Magnetic-electrical-scalar human related phenomena: ●“Magnetic man: биогравитация” can stick metallic objects to bare skin(Liw Thow Lin+) without magnetic field projection. Actual mechanics might be combination of electrical charge- torsion field emanating body or psychokinesis with sticky skin? Some can cling any matter only when mind is focused(Mic Vasiliev, Eti Elchiyev+[Thorns]),、 ●“Materialization”/“Conjuring”: of Paramagnetic matter(Ste Braude+), Edibles(Da Thompson [Zammit], Various matter(Saibaba, W Schneider[Schrenck-Notzing]+), ”People”, Animals under daylight seance(Car Mirabell[Brazilian President & senior politicians, military, police and socially high ranking group of 100+]+), but ectoplasm based materialization seems all temporary, alsounclear whether/both “dead consciousness" projecting OR medium’s imagination creating the apparition(eg sometimes cartoon like or “monster-lizard” looking thing shows up),(Mi Tymn, Haraldsson+), -->> cont:


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 12 telekinesis 2

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 12 telekinesis 2

—>> cont - ■1C7k-Human Bio Magnetic field control: ●Metallic wire growth off body?(Noorsyaidah), ●Cryokinesis(Hel Schmidt, R Dunseath+), ●Affect or Start fire at will like EM field applied to it(Mi Raduga, Kulagina+), also some rare top martial artists demonstrates: pyrokinesis, ●Spontaneous human combustion(Ja Angel, Fr Baker, Lar Arnold+): Some of claims are unlikely to be misidentification of outside fire, Long history of claims: usually fire starts from within & contained in body, Sometime occurs in front of other people, Often indicates intense & fast fire, but proper in-depth research is difficult & rare,Incidents are spontaneous and more rare than other effects(only few hundred cases suspected worldwide, rare as Doppelgänger, though with much more evidence),, **the ash quality might resemble pyromagnetic furnace processed decomposed organic matter?(see p63), ●Light up bulb by mind only, with no plug in(J Gallenberger+),

●“Human X-ray“(N Demkina, Va Kuzmenko, Ser Lysechko+, also Bronnikov method passed multiple Russian mainstream labs & hospital tests[Na Petrovna+]), some capable in this category have other psychic abilities (healing, telekinesis, OBE, Martial art etc),

●Hypnosis related instant personality change might involve sudden illness or cure(Bru Lipton+), Or change in Physical ability & allergic response(Be Braun+), eye color(Fr Putnam+) - accompanying sudden brain electroencephalograms (EEGs) gap as if brain is connected to another person: Same gap occurs at during vs after mediumship at seance(Cha Hapgood+),


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 13 crop circle

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 13 Crop Circle

cont—>> ■1C EM-Scalar wave related mind tech:

8-Crop Circle: Geometric pattern in plant felling or snow-ice formulation often by human manual pressing, with sometimes heat/microwave type uniform height damage spot in grass stalks, or micro magnetic sphere clusters(a few mm size) are found inside circle.

For obviously non man made types: Are they caused by Microplasma, Electrostatic projection? ElectroScavenging & ElectroFreezing(snow-ice circle)? EM wave resonance/Torsion-Scalar-Mind effect?: (Haselhoff, Su Taylor, Kollerstrom, Ger Hawkins, AC Holt[NASA-JSC], Glickman, Col Andrews,JE Mason, Fussell & Dike, And Muller, Iyengar+), Atmospheric micro plasma vortex(Talbott-Burke-Levengood[BLT research]+) which can be manipulated?

Sometimes witnessed by distinct Plasma-orb-ball lightning hovering at formulation(K van Egmond, Ste Alexander+), Communication tool?(Arecibo case+), Black project- military? Weather modification microwave transmission side effects? Outdoor plasma experiment? Nonlocal radionics use or remote EM wave projection?(p129-131), Natural geophysical phenomena? Some kind of plasma drone? Possibly all of above? -->>cont:


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 14 crop circle 2

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 14 Crop circle 2

cont—>> ■1C EM-Scalar wave related mind tech:8-Crop Circle: Often done in dark night, some are completed in minutes, mainstream group caught manually making on top of already existing intricate circle or photo doctoring to show as if a person doing it(National Geographic: Hor Drew+),

Manual ones have not demonstrated on most complicated type or in large woven plant patterns, or created on rain soaked muddy soil even with clearly noticeable lighting over night, Also no manual circle claims made on thin ice,

But it is notable manual crop circle makers in England themselves often witness ball lightning, “something else is helping them”, or experience other peculiar effects when they are making one(Mat Williams, Rob Buckle+) - this part is almost completely ignored by all researchers(both non manual formation promoters and blanket debunkers),


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 15 shape shift

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 15 "shape shift"

cont—>> ■1C EM-Scalar wave related mind tech:

9-“Frequency tuning + ceremony” or by bio organism sacrifice to influence environment/people: At least small groups of Western elites are known to practise(B Taylor, Ka Griggs, S Fecht, A Blackwell, S Arrigo+), where 1000s witness “fear is key factor” & at ceremony event “some people or ‘something’ really appear to show lizard like feature”. Also non-satanic/lucifer type positive conjuring experiment success(“Phillip Ayelsford” case[Ir Owen+]+),

10-EM coupling to generate Ectoplasm like smoke, where entities exist?, dimension gate? Seance, Elite ritual, Poltergeist link?(Koontz, Hutchison, Curie, W Crooks+), Philadelphia experiment type claim link?,


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type mind em scalar 16 dna control

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type MIND-EM-scalar 16 dna control

cont—>> ■1C EM-Scalar wave related mind tech: 11-Gene-Epigenetics-control by biophoton/magnetic field+(Solodilov, Poponin, Popp, Al Gurwitsch, C Jimwoo+), Electric field “voltage without current”-scalar wave link e.g. Ciba-Geigy patented & shelved Ebner effect(H Schürch, K Felix, W Arber, G Rothe, Fr Alt+), but commercialized later(FIOS-Greenbox+), similar seed enhancing mechanics(BLT Research: Levengood & Talbott+),

12-DNA-life like Sentient Dusty Plasma creation(Morfill, Tsytovich, Fortov, Angelis+), Somatid-ORMUS link?(p154-166)- eg:●Non chemically induced amino acid synthesis by plasma discharge in supercritical water(Mit Sasaki+), ●Floating ball lightning from distilled water by plasma torch with resonance/mobius-figure8 strip(Vachaev, Egorov, Pavlova+), ●DNA by specific resonance frequency, water, & non-life matter(Aissa+),

13-There are claims of previously listed all "outrageous" phenomena prone locations or weather, including StormGlass/Kolisko Effect(SE Schnoll, K Voss, Budden+). Also at least in some limited situations, astrology has statistical significance(Su Ertel, M Gauquelin+), 14-Ancient record of previously stated "outrageous" tech utilization(C Boulter, C Dunn, M Cremo, L Boutar+),


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type ritual mind control tech

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type Ritual & MIND CONTROL tech

■ 2-“Mind technology” claims,■A-D, Often mix of Ritual +Psychical ability + EM/Scalar wave + Hypnotic elements, Basically driven by mind-emotional state,link to some key soft weapon black projects?:(Ro Dean, A McCollum, Fr Bell, Pr Nichols, P Peterson, Ar Neumann, R Patton +), EM Scalar/Torsion wave resonance, Sacrificial satanic ritual(some for “energy harvesting”), “Channelling”, Conjuring+,

■2A External Mind/mood control, Non Ritual components:(also p237-252): Some were declassified as MK ULTRA case in 70s(An Collins, Fr Olson+), Intel insiders claim program is clandestine after 1977(Vic Marchetti+). Major NGO funded & academic on contract with Military & Intel(psychiatrists-neurolgist: Ew Cameron+, semi official till 1970s), Also Prewar German gov’t & corporate research link(Project Peperclip), Various EM pulse waves tested, often ELF & Microwave range(phase conjugated form?: scalar wave), Electric shock, Advanced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Can combine with drugs or sleep deprivation or “test drinks”:

•1mm size implants as signal receptor(even mainstream tech has much smaller size), •Direct headset contact with electric equipment or wireless to cause various mental state, •Replication of drugged symptoms without its use, •Vision-sound creation in brain, •Memory insert or action command programmable state, •Statistically increase % of mass’s emotion joy-fear state etc(R Becker, Rauscher, Pa Flanagan, Dav Fraser, J Beltran, Ia Cameron, Persinger, Delgado, Li McDonald, Gottlieb+), —>>cont


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type ritual mind control tech 2

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type Ritual & MIND CONTROL tech 2

-->>cont: ■2A Mind control, Non Ritual: Some Hypnosis combined but in itself can be equally very effective(De Brown, Estabrooks+), For outright control more than mood-movitation, first needs certain state of mind or special preconditioning - needs help of controllee: helpless or fear/trauma state to be effective, Rare case of Mainstream science being called full pseudoscience by Western media, Yet unlike ritual based claims there is gov’t admittance for retroactive suffering and often out of court $ settlement.

■2B External Mind control, Ritual related element(stronger debunking target), Western intel-military intermingled with private satanic ritual exercizing groups, certain elite groups related, Can be customized to trigger multiple split personalities for specific conditional task managed by programmer/handler(covert jobs, soldier, “hospitality”, social leader, celebrity: usually special task is forgotten when completed, or self destruction+),—>>cont


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type ritual mind control tech 3

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type Ritual & MIND CONTROL tech 3

-->>cont: ■2B Mind control, Ritual related: Use of torture(decreasing), drugs, but also involves-intermixed with occult ritualistic methods(trauma, artificial inducement of NDE, "satanic evocation & conjuring of idol entities”, human sacrifice, cannibalism, sexual, sodomy),(Ma Pauly, Co Ross, C Tatum, Mi Warnke, J Harvey, Sinason, Ma Brussell, Vinokurov, Tsygankov, Tho Becker, R Noblitt+), built in popular songs or celebrities' behaviour(Da McGowan, Mar Devlin, Ros Barr, Joh Potash+). This ceremony just like Agnihotra, might have actual "conjuring" & real physics effects(or at least causes intense hallucination)and have link to geometries or gestures of occult practise used by some traditional elites(Epperson, MP Hall+):

Usually training/programming starts from childhood at multi generation private circle or cult like systems (Da Shurter,Ja Parker, Ni Bryant, T Gunderson, Rob Green, Si Parkes, K Annett+), in rare case some are invited when reach certain social-economical prominence, “Psychic” recruitment, development & use. Linked to compartmentalized transnational elite groups with hidden goals, eccentric oaths, mutual assistance & secrecy: some indication of “world order control" faith amongst senior members of practicers,(Cor Hammond, Schnoebelen, Joh Coleman, Sy Gillotte+), -->>cont


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type ritual mind control tech 4

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type Ritual & MIND CONTROL tech 4

cont—>> ■2B Ritual related: Linked to a fraction of missing people/children/babies, or “abduction phenomena”(there seems to be much more frequent types involving military)(C Sarnoff, Ka Griggs, K Morgan, Dizdar, J DeCamp, J Hill, F Springmeier, Drudgaard, Max Spiers+), also link to mainstream religion groups(L Zagami, Pazder, Hal Pepinski+), & academics

Ritual abuse whistleblower is always debunked & often sued by widely well funded mainstream groups as “therapist initiated false memory planting”(EM wave use artificial memory is mainstream effect[Su Tonegawa+])(False memory foundation+) but claim details are ignoredor media's max admittance doesn't go beyond mere elite pedophile ring(exceptions in UK+)(E Lacter, Moss-Sharman, D Carrico, Sa McNeill, J Byington, Kob Jonker+).

Police & Investigators often “told to stay away”, Their records disappear or themselves are raided(Nan Schaefer+), But prominent political/business leaders repeatedly accused for ritual abuse by victims in their books-conferences have not filed libel lawsuit(Br Taylor, Cat O’Brien, K Sullivan, Ca Rutz, R Bilger, A McKenna, D Ryder+), witnesses also state many elite participants were “trained” by ritual as growing up


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type ritual mind control tech 5

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type Ritual & MIND CONTROL tech 5

■2CSocial Engineering:Combined with science legal mind influencing by use of external EM wave broadcasting over regional habitants or demonstration gathering(p240-1C-4a), via TV screen/sound - SSPS: Silent Sound Presentation System, this is also mainstream science approved tech, Deemed classified semi-standard practise for purpose of “national security & order”?: Psy-op(psychological operation)(Evg Federov, Ste Pieczenik+),

Might not consistently be effective, but likely attempted relatively often to influence majority of people(almost never all people): Mass attention focus, “law of science”(what is possible), heroizing vs discrediting, celebrity message, false flag op, orchestrating “grassroots” social movement & coordinating on-camera demonstration with main media etc(eg Laurel Canyon, "Colored revolution”+), also cultural influence focus of certain Intelligence agencies(Pea Redmond+):

some news appears before event occurs or investigation is pre-completed & almost simultaneously announced with "unexpected incidents", key small # of personnel in media-NGO-Gov’t-Intel coordinated: media creates reality & predetermine public opinion by selective reporting & “authoritative expert commentary”?(M Bröckers+), -->> continue


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type ritual mind control tech 6

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance

type Ritual & MIND CONTROL tech 6

cont—>> ■2C Social engineering:Appeal to public fear(some use rituals-geometry-numerology-symbolism), Claims of intense emotions can directly influence physical reality & fear creation is focused by small factions within dominant groups for specific purpose(D Burisch, N Begich, P Levenda, Dammegard, Reb Roth, “Bill Wood”, A Crowley+),this story is void of direct evidence, yet similar weak effect is verifiable(eg Agnihotra - W Puchalski, Meditation crime reduction - Hagelin, Random generator - R Nelson, Psychic mind influence - “unlike in movie goat was actually killed by focusing on heartbeat nerves” - L Buchanan, Intentions - Ly McTaggart, BioActivation - W Tiller+).Also see Trivedi effect etc p132.

Although heavily discounted even by alternative researches due to religious overtone, but there are some indications of world wide religious groups prayers/rituals might cause-affect physical situations(abuse ceremony, love focus etc) significantly higher than statistical ratio?(but most of this type of claim has no measurement back up)、 If this is the case, “Elite power domination” wallowing, or fear focusing alternative media is actually assisting above cause?、 ■1D Ancient technology R&D: ritual, script, sound, gridline, edifice, human lineage-gene?(Haramine, Het Lynn, Sitchin, L Pye, MP Hall, M Hayes, AE Waite, A Bessant+), ■1E Indications of “Occult” elements seriously applied in math, physics, & astronomy as black projects(Ja Parsons, Farouk El-Baz +:[Jo Farrell, An Patch, W Lyne, Ke Hunter+])


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type weapon tech 1

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance type WEAPON tech1

■3A WEAPON RELATED: Inventor techacceptance can trigger past tech suppression idea, possibly much more, But it seemseasilyconvertibleto very destructive low cost weapons;

■ Conventional tech with unlimited energy:1-“Free energy” availability to anyone, can lead to: (a)-Super energy weapon even with mainstream Electro Thermal or Plasma Gun-Cannon, Plasma arc or High voltage Directed Lightening Discharge, Magnetic, Laser, Acoustic, various EM(particularly micro wave)Wave Effects, with unlimited number of free “bullets” & its power. Some high power device can be easily made at home. 、

(b)-Large scale Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Schumann coupling amplification for destructive effect on: i- Specific Lithosphere/Troposphere spot or entire earth(weather, quakes, tsunami, volcano etc), ii- Satellite/wireless, even ground communication, land electrical transformers systems etc(HAND [high altitude nuclear detonation] like effect). iii- Biological ELF effect. Low tech "evil group" can easily hold the world at ransom?、(c)-If concentrated enough free unlimited energy is available, even mainstream science tech(western media psedoscience) allows at least various spacetime distortion/warping, tear in space time by creating adjacent two radically differing field, or possibly "banishing enemy" to other reality/time zone etc, or simply dintegrate it?(p227-235)


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type weapon tech 2

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance type WEAPON tech2

-->>cont ■3A WEAPON RELATED: Inventor tech acceptance risk:■ High powered Torsion/Scalar/Radionic weapons: Also Conjugated EM/nonEM Wave Coupling,2-“Auto-Detect” target & project voice/image+ to its brain/organ+: Advanced “unhidable” version of science legal Microwave Auditory Effect/Electrophonic hearing: affect statistical mood of area population (deaf can hear it: Ph Stocklin, W Brunker, Puharich, Rauscher, Frey, Ja Lin+). And this effect is targetable to:

i- Specific area non locally(no need to be physically present to cause effect), ii-An object no matter where in physical universe. Machine/bio hindrance vs enhancing, shielding effect (Pavlenko+):eg1 Statistically affect mass mood/interactions in a building/region etc. eg2 Affect spin/lattice structure or frequency, at molecular level of any matter: eg inducing nuclear fusion remotely without dealing coulomb force?,

Also doable?: iii-Can “phase conjugating mirror” place back anything it was emitted from(eg beam)?, iv-What can “phase conjugated interferometer do (Whittaker, Bearden)?


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Outrageous claims zpe resonance type weapon tech 3

“outrageous claims”: ZPE-resonance type WEAPON tech3

-->>cont ■3A WEAPON RELATED: Inventor tech acceptance risk:3-Enable conventionally & possibly even unconventionally undetectable communication, as well as able to detect light-wave refracted cloaked objects,

4-Scalar/Torsion/Acoustic(longitudinal) or Laser(polarized-EM Standing Wave, or Optical cavity resonator) nonlinear coupling with or even without high power potential ability:Any inequilibrium medium with even insignificant disturbance might trigger disproportionately exaggerated results?(eg Tacoma Narrows Bridge+),5-Gravity-Space-Time control weapon? Also note Remote Viewing surveillance ability is trainable to all to large extent, especially if they believe it's possible.、

6-High energy materials-effects; monopole magnet, ceramic, symbiotic matter, remote non-local killing etc: Explainable by some Russian physics(p119-144)(Ratnikov, Filimonenko; military /Devyatkov, Kaznacheyev, Lunev, Smetanin, Veinik, Shipov, Ignatiev+), others(Tesla+), witness (Mallieu, F Golden, Ro Cole+), ●Also other related tech with similar risk exists: Antigravity->Space warp?, ●LENR-acoustic weapon-ZPE link(R Richter+)->Mini pure-fusion(non fission) “cold” nuclear bomb?(Del Giudice, Sam T Cohen+), disguised as terrorism or uranium depleted bullets(Mau Torrealt+)?


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Outrageous claims zeropoint resonance type weapon tech 4

“outrageous claims”: zeropoint-

Resonance type WEAPON tech4

-->>cont ■3A WEAPON RELATED: 、 Controversy regarding claims of Gov't suppressing tech, Its black projects, or Use of mind related tech & false flag op domestically:

There are ideas of western gov'ts being directly involved in "conspiracy" of false flag operation, black projects or covert tech suppressions etc, but this is unlikely to be accurate: Those operations usually don't officially exist. Also official's behaviours, far beyond coincidental cooperation & well timed orchestration of unrelated institutions before-during-after events suggest most of those involved are unknowingly doing so. Plus witnesses usually claim they are strongly discouraged from investigating/testifying.、

Hence more accurate to speculate those networked events are run by small compartmentalized privatized syndicates infiltrated in key positions of wide range of vital Western institutions - public & private.


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Tech disclosure has it been all unjustifiably suppressed

tech disclosure: Has it been all unjustifiably suppressed?

In addition to economic mega risk for investors, there are military weapon type danger in free energy availability to all. Hence debunking might be fully justifiable, Dialogue can start with benefactor focus for tech hold up: Some alternative researches blanket all Intel/elite family strains as “oppressing all disruptive techs”, and focus only on negative covert tech use or secrecy but ignore many alleged, untold positive, & win-win actions taken:

eg1-Certain groups seem to fund research-promotion to tame aggressiveness & stifle IQ etc of some of population[*fluoride water+], pregnancy control [*aspartame, *vaccine+], but same groups fund “free energy” or “pseudo medical” tech research, eg2-Use of phase array ULF shield or scalar/laser wave to destroy incoming meteor?, prevent pole shift? for public protection?, Classified underground accommodation worldwide for disasters? eg3-US military-intel funded major search engine & social media sites block almost no disruptive tech info(though might not show up early on search & seems to be used for surveillance), and encourage international info spreading or online translation service for free when with monopoly position they have option to block such empowering system/activity from thriving, *Approved by western science/military related data, but denied by media


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Tech disclosure has it been all unjustifiably suppressed 2

tech disclosure: Has it been all unjustifiably suppressed? -2

eg4-Some large global corporations provide super low cost water purifying system to 3rd world rather anonymously,

eg5-An “evil” western political-business family alleviates otherwise impossible water contamination by privately sponsoring effective Russian pseudoscientific water filter deployment: For various reasons “disruptive good deeds” of mainstream group seem to avoid media coverage.

Equally some alternative researches exclusively/selectively focus on exploitation of 3rd world or increasing G7 type nations’ poor people in tech suppression relation but positive tech info is often ignored

eg6-In spite of/because of/regardless of IMF/WB etc, 3rd world non-elite people massively increased life span, income & std of living, hugely decreased cost of power, transportation, child mortality. “Deprived” advanced countries’ below poverty line people mostly have power-water-phone, enough food, majority has even automobiles.


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Conclusion 1

conclusion 1

LENR can trigger limitation & exclusivity based profitable “Dead-end, Closed System of Reality” into Unlimited ”Open System of Reality” with tech & related unofficial info to be officially applied in mainstream that empowers human life. But stock traded corporation employee to seek not to maximize profit can be “crime”, and fundamental supply-demand economics is based on limitation assumption,

Yet consider the possibility 1-if a type of criteria used by Western mainstream’s to call some disruptive inventions fraud, is applied to itself, it could qualify as the largest one in existence, with currently no own recourse mechanism: “Narrative of lie has to continue” to keep geopolitical structure(Win Churchill, Ste Pieczenik+), Furthermore, 2-a phrase “anything is possible” might mean one can trick easily achievable all physical effects to appear impossible & whole society believes in the idea for more than 100yrs! Hence concurrent release or indication of new information risks destabilizing economy & social order. Plus there is probably powerful anti Open System type rogue networks exist that control classified tech with ability to repeat more ""Operation Northwoods/Operation Gladio type social engineering.


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Conclusion 2

conclusion 2

Given the situation, the direction mainstream group is taking as a whole to lead the world is perhaps a decent one, with balanced compromise amongst power players, but due to the world culture is set up in such a way, the solution might need to come out in a manner of "fight deception with deception".

So mainstream LENR downplay while allowing commercialization can be a safe transitional strategy… Butgradually need to shift to tech/info Full Disclosure. As of Sep 2016, Western stakeholders still have advantage since new info released to public(if they can agree amongst them) would be automatically believed by majority of people regardless of anything they claim, including under false flag context. But if they stall, grassroots groups might reach critical mass on their own


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Conclusion 3

conclusion 3

Possible info release initiative that leads to controlled gradual disclosure: a-Declare only some form of LENR to be valid & take its control, b-Encourage conventional green power beyond Shockley Queisser/Betz limit(p26-40)

c-Sponcer efficiency biomass R&D: eg SuperCritical water cellulosic ethanol(p58,64), d- Extend water on Mars, then further to admit more rapidly relic edifices-artifacts, & modern base to imply advanced free energy tech exists(or existed), e-Another “Phoenix Lights” type Unidentified Aerial Phenomena(UAP) incident to officially release gravity tech, or non terrestrials visitation which lead to “free energy”, f-Release classified artificial star RF signal as advanced tech user, g-Publicize “First ever encounter with advanced propulsion tech ET” of NASA pilots, h-Approve religion based ancient docs describing energy related techs, i -Accuse small “rogue military group” as fallguys for hiding free energy tech at underground base, etc

Though Western main media, NGO, Gov’t+ ignored, inter-referenceable disclosure continues by “discredited”, low-keyed, or fragment witnesses, not just in technology: Behind scene geopolitical events & historical influence structure, Monetary mechanics, Some elite groups’ anomalous faith-ritual systems(p244-249), Off-earth edifice & biology[though many mainstream photos on mars/moon are likely fakes], Consciousness, Human origin+)


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Recommendation 1 small step public confirmations

recommendation 1

small step public confirmations

■ Public viewed live video taped Full Open Debate & Experimenton all “Non-Standard Science” - Mainstream vs “Fringe” scientists, and fully participated by official group

Debate which tech to allow, or gradually introduce?: Synergy of existing Nanotech + Genome + Robotics vs new tech: Electron Charge Cluster -Cold electricity - Frequency as Information - Resonance - Schumann frequency - Scalar wave - Transmutation - Zeropoint field interaction - Implosion - ORME - Gravity - Magnetic template - Torsion Field based Spin Engineering - Biophoton - Thz Quantum Coherence - “Charge Based” Physical Reality & Link to Non Physical - Consciousness induction: General Relativity reformulation、

●Hold Olympic game type world attention attracting debate forum on international tradition: to discuss why 1000+ energy/propulsion/enviro patent are classified - even BRICS are part of it(cooperating at some level with West while being hostile on many levels: eg Chinese/Russian military seen in US, Western elites funded Soviet(A Sutton, De Goulevitch, Lou McFadden+), Nazi(Ch Higham+), Space cooperation etc、●Review Deciders, Criteria, Content (Aftergood, Valone, Tyler, Vaughan, Martens, Schulz, Lee, Marks, Howells, La Violette +)■ e.g in 1970s US: target for Secret Order Act when photovoltaics efficiency 20%, engine type 70%, also “High Energy Batteries” “Fuel Conservation” “Pollution Reduction” tech etc is listed, Recent witness on medical & vaccine tech, inventor is not allowed to say if served with an order itself.But other significant type of secrecy & disinfo is deemed to be aboutwhether certain tech already available is valid

Unconditional blanket witness amnesty/protection(eg South African change) is suggested


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Recommendation 2 unthinkable transition disclosure policy

recommendation 2 : “unthinkable”

transition & disclosure policy

■ Collaborate with loss-industries & backers:, Evoke inspiration from individual power group members one by one: Help them preserve their private power & interest while participating in true common prosperity; Energy, Military, Intel, Medical, Pharma, Chemical, Environmental, Nuclear Waste, Carbon, Finance, ■ Mandate uncompartmentalized big picture in gov’t/intel projects: “how this fits to big picture and why?” How each would design if they were in charge. 、

■ Officially confirm & ban “free energy” to protect social structure, investment & key stake holders, followed by controlled cap max % release with gradual blend in yrs, or implement “energy source affirmative action” etc, Use it to lower extraction cost of oil, coal etc(L Larsen+), generate hydrogen to feed fuel cell, “Free” energy from nuclear waste, monitor compliance by use of existing intel surveillance tech ■ i.e. limit “free energy”% share -e.g. : ››Mandate allocated % use of existing facilities & techs ››Coal-oil-gas intensive users keep old process: Blast Furnace in Steel, Kiln+ ››Limit HHO/Water Emulsion as emission reducer of coal-oil-natural gas+ ››Limit & charge extra-tax Radionics/various resonance based “free tech”: used only for medical side effects prevention, but in poor countries or advanced nations’ terminal patients exempted(Burzynski model), Extra revenue to subsidize medical industry loss, trackable by combined use of Digital Watermarking & surveillance ››Surveillance-weapon new tech disclose but prioritized for military/intel


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Recommendation 3 unthinkable transition disclosure policy

recommendation 3 : “unthinkable”

transition & disclosure policy

■Mandate to publicize legals, details and plan for all entities such as TPP, TTIP, Agenda 21, Publicly funded all private elite meetings, Private Public Partnership, Stock exchange listed Corporation status of Western nations-districts- cities(Sco Bartle+), Actual employment rates,Exchange Stabilization Fund(US)-IMF/WB-“Foreign Aid”-Derivatives-Black Projects-Commercial banks, CAFR(US), Accumulative uninvestigated lost trillions(Bil Still+) + budgets(US, EU) to accompany each public info issued、

■Extra tax on "free energy" to subsidize loss group, Permitprivate financial group to use itlike carbon derivatives or weather speculation to keep influence on gov't(Ros Peterson+) etc. Make private central banks & BIS official but even as prv company publicize all shareholder names, policy & auditing, gold re-hypothecation, IBOR meeting live details. Legalize money laundering when disclosed. Mandate highlighting on whistleblowers.、

■ Declassify all personnel & command structure data details on compartmentalization/technologies/patents/false flag/illegal trafficking/space activities, alleged bio test on soldiers/citizens under the guise on epidemic-war-geoengineering, particularly privately controlled-cooperated black projects & intel agency activities by law, on condition all projects to continue by public$ & no prosecution - despite “huge national security clearance risk”… Use existing surveillance tech to publicly monitor those who survey

■ Media PR of “old trusted tech & science”, gov’t priority contract given 、■Fundamental change needs support by majority of people & their referencing out of western mainstream information as “exclusive unquestionable fact”


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