What s next cold fusion super low cost power generators vying for mainstream spot light
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Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", "Over-unity"... PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Quietly Started New Paradigm Shift by Ultra efficient Cleantech with Disruptive Scientific & Economical impact

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Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy...

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What s next cold fusion super low cost power generators vying for mainstream spot light


What's Next "Cold Fusion”?.. Super Low Cost Power Generators Vying for Mainstream Spot Light

  • Torsion field, scalar wave, tesla… fundamental Paradigm Shift by Ultra efficient Cleantech with

  • Disruptive Scientific & Economical impact

  • Ben Rusuisiak

  • New nature paradigm TECH analysis

  • VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, Updated Sep25, 2016 www.linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm

Cold fusion tesla scalar wave torsion field free energy over unity really all pseudo science the coming par 7446609

ABSTRACT: LENR-Cold Fusion effect itself has been virtually accepted by mainstream science, & currently it is in gradual spread to industrial, “fringe”, & non-western media: Energy produced with basically free “fuel” + equipment & operation cost. Although unadmitted by creative interpretations, thermodynamic over-unity or "excess" Persistent Current is observed & discussed for quantum level nano device as well as in relation to beyond Shockley-Queisser limit efficiency solar cell, and non-linear optic/laser/spintronics technology. As of Sep 2016, no mainstream endorsed LENR device exists, but 1MW industrial electricity generator "Ecat" has been sold under pre-conditions. 、 Low cost resonance based major emission reducerswith 10%+ extra efficiency, solid state thermo Electric/thermo PhotoVoltaics heat-to-energy systems, & highly efficient Waste-To-Fuel/Energy systems with Catalytic, SuperCritical water, Cold or Steam Plasma mechanics are starting to make into mainstream quietly in last few yrs.These types of changes indicate coming first full science review of ridiculed yet recurring inventors' hyper energy efficiency claims & commercialized small installations: e.g. 1-Extracting ambient-radiant energy as electricity, 2-Harvesting reverse voltage power without using force to cancel it(Back EMF), 3-Resonance catalyzed HHO/Oxy-hydrogen gas, also as mileage booster, 4-Electromagnetic or cold plasma pulse/vortex creation in confined water/inert gas, 5-Compressed air & COP>1 heat exchanger converted to mechanical power, 6-Catalyzed emulsion fuel with far beyond 50% H2O, 7-Hydrocarbon increased by std photocatalyzed O2 Nanobubble based fuel+water emulsion, when infused with CO2 in room temp/pressure. +variations, 8-Combining underwater air floating force & gravity, 9-Propellantless drive,10-Hydrodynamic cavitation heater, 11-Betz limit excess hydro/wind turbine, 12-Pyromagnetic self running heat producing trash decomposer, etc. They often seem to run on mechanics & accompanied by side effects current official physics cannot explain(explained by Russian Torsion physics or pre-Heaviside Maxwell equations), low cost, & are convertible to superior new techs that can replace majority of propulsion, weather, medical, nuclear remediation, time dilation, psychology, & some key mining-industrial-farming processes -IF fully peer reviewed in science.、 At this paradigm changing stage, it might become also relevant to reference increasing documents/testimonies on above alternative physics based covert “open-end pseudo science” R&Ds by groups across Gov’t/Aerospace/Military/Intel agencies & private contractors, protected under national security, but to which above organizations’ executives often have no access i.e "unacknowledged" black project. This is totally isolated from “dead-end public consumption science” which is monitored & restricted by “science law”: e.g. At an advanced nation, even official data indicates, 1000+ inventions in Enviro-Energy-Propulsion-Medical field, many patented, are classified by secrecy law, & applied to allies. Despite all this, there are subtle but collectively clear signs that a majority of establishment is attempting to release unlimited “Open System” new paradigm technologies. Although both gas-oil-coal based industrial process & conventional alternative energy can remain by innovation, Mainstream commercialization of "0 emission type unlimited energy production" system's is inevitable & it risks social disruption, hence public participation is beneficial to discuss if, or at what rate & how all related tech/info to be officially released & endorsed.

  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


p06 Looked over science legal high efficiency energy generators

p26 Solar & Wind power efficiency beyond official science law.

p43 Utilized but sometimes forgotten Biomass/Waste-to-Energy

P68 Biomass II, Largely ignored clean natural gas

p78 Ten categories of “over-unity” claims

p99 Commercialization attempts

p116 Law of Thermodynamics, “Dissident” scientists

p119 Scalar “wave”, Standing wave resonance, Torsion field..

p145 Terahertz & Far Infrared waves, “No light” Photo Catalysis, ORMUS..

p168 LENR/Cold Fusion update, Losers & Gainers by its success

p181 Reduced suppressions, smoothparadigm transition models

p191 Ramifications if inventor tech becomes mainstream

p223 Already in use? - Zeropoint Energy related "outrageous" claims

p265Summary & Macro level recommendations

  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Qualification of information

Qualification of information

This presentation primarily focuses on less known but latest science consensus forming technologies, while some of highest efficiency low cost techs contradict predominant view, especially of Wikipedia & Western media/NGOs. Hence attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess the data from own independent perspective

Regarding Controversial But Future Critical Technologies Discussed: ■ Term “Free energy” or “Over-unity” in this presentation is defined as seeming as if: -1 Drawing of more energy than exerted to generate -2 Continuous motion without energy input -3 Using free material generally not considered as fuel、 ■ Inventors-scientists-witnesses: their claims might involve higher likelihood of: -4 Fabrication, reliability exaggeration, or statistical error chance of observed effect -5 Significant quality gap between inventions, yet - -6 At least far above collective majority seem to repeatedly produces claimed effects

Currently more detailed reference list is being produced & will be published separately: The research is updated based on reviewing academic papers & journals, books, speeches, presentations, patents, lab/commercialized product testimonies/complaints, publications & public records of NGOs/media/research institutes/think tanks/military/space & gov't agencies/industry associations. Most effects quoted have accumulative-consistent evidence from unrelated era & source, but mechanics listed are hypothetical. Commercialized company/products are shown in Boldface Navy

THIS FILE IS PART 4 of 5SERIES: ENTIRE 5SERIES CAN BE VIEWED IN ONE FILE AThttp://www.slideshare.net/BenRusuisiak/free-energy-pseudo-science-new-nature-paradigm-on-energy-technology-34087356

What are more harmonious free energy intro scenarios

what are more harmonious

free energy intro scenarios?

1- Gradual cost reduction(eg: Coal->Thorium—> “Free energy”Fusion) 2- Gradual INFRA cost reduction & tech exclusivity WITHIN Free Energy Expensive & exclusive(eg:Fusion)->Less(LENR)->Even less(inventor tech) 3- ”Free energy” or “destructive tech” devices already sold at sub-mainstream web sites(eg Alibaba,+), & in future to allow trading at Amazon 4-“Co-existence tech modelα”: Both low cost & old tech thrive with full endorsement by trusted authorities(eg; Free Skype vs Charged phone call)

Recent “free energy” treatment by mainstream is a repeat of “Co-existence tech modelβ”:obfuscating alternative disruptive tech by complete cover-up is usually no longer plausible:i.e “Give a small pie” to disruptive tech while securing no further expansion by at least US data authority orchestration; ”As long as western mainstream inter-references as real, majority believes anything” or obliged to act as if, "over anyone":Ignore/discredit “free tech” while allowing commercialization avoids “conversion rush” of mainstream crowd, assisting adoption ceiling or gradual transition: Promote debate on theoreticallevel with an agreement “no investment should take place until theoretical or designated institutional approval comes because it will waste money” - i.e. no development; —>>cont


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

What are more harmonious free energy intro scenarios 2

what are more harmonious

free energy intro scenarios? -2

4- Disruptive Tech Co-existence Model βSimplified LENR marketing scenario can be simulated as followingA to L (based on case studies of other disruptive techs, and this obfuscation model is steps forward & differs from largely no longer possible Pure Suppression Model):、 A-■i-Western scientists, NGO, Mythbusters, Skeptics society, Popular Mechanics, Consumer Reports/group+, tests LENR machine & majority claims it doesn’t work with all details given, while ignoring/discounting successes & Russian/ 3rd world positive report as “lacking credibility & ethics”. Other media options:

■ii-Completely ignore the tech, ■iii-Infiltrate or "buy in" insiders (researcher/media) who embraces tech effect, then keep calling tech leaders or actual commercialization “controversial” or “invalid”. Never report the product is actually available for purchase or leave out benefited user testimonials,

B- Mainstream media news documentary pattern ■i- Positively bring sensational news for first 1/4, ■ii- Bring only debunking “testimony from experts with evidence”, ■iii-Highlight rather rare shady claim cases as if that is typical case of the tech, ■iv-Conclude it is fraud, yet they are still allowed to practice criminal activities, & appeal to mass this needs to be prosecuted


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

What are more harmonious free energy intro scenarios 3

what are more harmonious

free energy intro scenarios? -3

—>cont 4-If tech coexistence model β is used for LENR,it would be like...

C- Mainstream Blog/Media/Celebrity/Utility/NGO/TED/Wikipedia/Reader’s Digest/Forum/Gov’tquote failure results & declare: “■Warning: LENR fraud, ■There is no valid scientific basis, ■Pathological science, ■If it really worked, it’s already been used” 、D- Internet: Ridicule info packed “Cold Fusion junk science” web sites show up early on search engine. Following simulation of western medical industry’s std practise is still remotely possible:

manufacturer prohibited not only from quoting scientific validation/ testimonials or link from other web sites, but also simply to state that the device use is for energy production,or in extreme case open source free info on web prohibited(J Holman & P Dorneanu+),& device purchased is confiscated for “their safety”!. Those operations don't comply would be legally raided & shut down. As a result some makers offer as unclear purpose of “Research only intended device”, Others have no web/ads —>>cont


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

What are more harmonious free energy intro scenarios 4

what are more harmonious

free energy intro scenarios? -4

—>cont 4-If tech coexistence model β is used for LENR,it would be like...、E-Public convinced by absurd failure testsince real mechanics is unknown to them:

i-Test it for unintended purpose(simulated eg: tow car by mopet), ii-Misconfigure device(eg drive 100km/h at reversed gear, use diesel instead of gas, plug air intake), iii-Repeat the process till it doesn’t work,

iv-If test details are found out, “scientist” says “Results would be the same with requested set up anyway, it’s scientifically proven so” 、F- Regulators, “Consumer Group”, “Independent” Advertising Watch, BBB receives “LENR complaint”, & science panel hearing concludes false advertisement/fabrication, New law mandates LENR machine to label “No scientific base that this works”、G- When LENR is confirmed effective, use of last attempt "wild card" of mainstream favorite health hazard fear: have top medical doctors vouch for exaggerated "deadly radiation" effect in order to legislate official ban except specially authorized/licensed large power company: ie power price stays the same for consumers at least in West、H- Those insist on LENR validity at mainstream media stageis called “unqualified as scientist” or “insane” & expelled from group/jobin ways colleagues notice why、I - Private forums split opinions with science types vocally denying effectiveness/validity,


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

What are more harmonious free energy intro scenarios 5

what are more harmonious

free energy intro scenarios? -5

—>cont 4-If tech coexistence model β is used for LENR,it would be like...J- When finally several mainstream institutions start accepting tech validity, others in mainstream would insist it is a tech with “controversial claims”, and widely labeled such(as adjective) by main media 、K- End result: majority stays with conventional energy for extra 10+yrs, Large corporate would install by not executive but floor level. L- Then gradually shift western social engineering mode from model βto α(i.e. co-thriving mode transition stage; eg Industrial use Power Factor Correction[industrial use is now science approved but residential saving remains pseudoscience]+),

But this model might fail;Europe rebels(eg AIIB+), Russia “getting worse”(BRICS Bank, GMO ban, UGRG, Western whistleblowing, Space+), Too many mainstream scientist witnesses. Energy, unlike medical is too instantly obvious not to notice+

5- Free energy use at remote mines/marine/military/space(eg Boeing: Mi Gamble), 6-Media should endorse 3-15% power save on Car/Residential Power Factor Correction (MP-R fuel, Keseco+), also water emulsion/HHO additive, then later as fuel,

7-Sell disruptive proprietary tech as “slightly efficient”(Bloom, Enstroj, Keppe+), 8-Commercialize mainstream approved 24hr Solar Infrared Harvesting


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

What are more harmonious free energy intro scenarios 6

what are more harmonious

free energy intro scenarios? -6

9-Hide overunity as “side effect” of main products only for those who know?(Flow Boiler, Xogen+),

10- Admit 1-10% fuel save, 30%+ emission cut by additive, torsion wave, FIR radiation, Magnet(several patents by car makers e.g. GM, large cos use it while publicly denounce it), On strict pure science this has long been established, 11- Media to endorse mainstream science perpetual quantum engine approval in quantum thermodynamics & imply it’s possible in real life(Paternostro, Levy+), 12- Introduce dumbed down Tesla Scalar wireless power transfer deviceas far improved version (Guiler, Soljacic+)(Rezence - WiTricity+, Qi - Evatran Plugless Power+) orCold Electricityas battery fix; both later as unlimited energy

13-“Rossi model”: keep installing many covert pilot projects till becomes norm,14- Train/test public by free energy/flying saucer major Front Page News(Ors Wells), 15- Stop debunking military plane electrogravitics / overunity electrical-charging (Oechsler, Gunston+), or spaceship propellantless drive; Info is already released

16- Allow increase of currently irrelevant capacity of science legal tech(p6,8-11) *Western energy groups are slowly letting go each’s territory, but still too slow?


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Disruptive tech co existance e g some mainstream approved

disruptive tech co-existance, e.g. some mainstream approved

Disruptive tech co-existence tech model α&β: commercial product/company eg;■Energy Related:Marginal saving magnetized fuel(Algae-X, Arionic+) - Torsion/FIR(BE Fuel Saver, Ökodrive PowerPlus, Superzoil+) & Air flow control(Plasma Stream), High saving Power Factor Correction(Gesper Systems, Schlautech Ecosmart, Pacs Energy+)、■”0 light Photocatalyst”: Fuji Kihan Titan,Titanystar,Selfeel,Hitachi platinum fridge+

■NonCloud Seeding Weather Modification:i-Hail Cannon(Eggers,Inopower+), ii-Pulsed Infrared-EM wave, & ionizing(Meteo Systems, Toyer Rainmaker+), added use of Satellite(Aquiess),iii-Orgone/Scalar types can be extremely powerful(p225 -1A-1),(eg Etheric Rain Engineering+), ■Water:Magnetic(Polarint no, Mediagon+), Electric Pulse(Planet Horizons+), Torsion(AquaKat+), Catalytic metal alloy(Agra Tron,Aquabion +), with Resonating spiral(νG7 - NewG7+), Vortex (Watreco, Grander Water+), Mineral bioceramic(Dileka,Saiseiko+), Laundry(pureWash,Xeros Wash+), Hot water herbicide (Cardley Wave,Weedingtech+), Aeration(Oloid.ch+), Sub/Supercritical water toxin disposal(General Atomics,SCFI+), Desalination (SonCav,Vorsana+), Ozone (EOI SB100+), UV(steriPEN+), Rankine Vortex fast cooling(SpinChill, V-Tex Enviro-cool)、

■Agri:Biowash(Hesser+), Sonic Bloom,EM(Higa),Mebiol,TreeTPee,Groasis,Tal-Ya■Oil-Gas Industrial Process:Electric(MPK-VNP Techprom+), Magnetic(RFG Petro, Scale-X MFC+), Torsion(Enercat, Wellan2000+), Plasma Resonance(EcoTech EOR+),

■Others:Alloplant,AmosilQ, Grancrete,Nevoton,IncreWeld, Graphenano, Consumer useable compact Near Infrared Spectrometer(SCiO, ASD+), Hypnosis etc


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

If lenr is accepted first 1 inventor tech status

if lenr is accepted first -1

inventor tech status

Very small # but steadily growing users of inventor tech (p78-98), esp. for “part free energy” on-board HHO, emulsified water, FIR/Magnet fuel treating devices(Far exceed 0.01% market share in some nations eg China, Bulgaria+), Ion & Cavitation heater, yet other “full free energy” techs are mostly in low practicality as raw tech phase prototype:、■No standardizedreview, association, No full Western mainstream endorsed open commercialization, inventors isolated, tend to believe to be “first” in world when numerous similar claims in past, mostly small power < 30KWh: Foster ground for deception, ■ Often Sole inventor is a sales rep & tech server, might have “out of box” communication manner, business style, beliefs(S Allan) ■ No local support due to non-“public consumer physics” nature ■ Some of confirmed working techs are still not replicatable by 3rd party ■ Cases of stock traded co/public institution prosecuted by use of “pseudo science”

■ But experienced buyer concern of “science contested energy” is now similar to already commercialized “free energy techs”(p78-96), indicated in Baldface Navy), 、➢ Previous focus was to differentiate 1-Fraud,2-Works occasionally,vs3-Works Normally➢ Now to tellgap in Performance, Price & Reliability between inventions:i.e. heat & vibration durability, reliable service, operation instruction & warranty works, ➢ Companies conduct low-cost unofficial pilot projects on $ back guarantee basis


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

If lenr is accepted first 2 inventor tech open source

if lenr is accepted first -2

inventor tech open source

Would it lead to inventor techacademic review?: Inventors had long been isolated & self taught in development, but are finally starting to turn to information exchange, open sourcing, mechanics disclosure & tips

1-Ambient power inducer(eg: Kapanadze, Lindemann, Aa Murakami +) 2-Magnetic motor back EMF(Keppe, Hamel, Ainslie, Bedini, Stovbunenko+ 3-Rapid HHO-Brown-H2 gas production(H-Cat, GEET, Ară Gabriel-Neculai+) 4-LENR(RWGresearch+), 5-Hydrodynamic Cavitation(PP Fominskiy+), 6-Pyramid(Trawoeger+) ■ Web(free-energy-info, Rexresearch, Panacea-Bocaf, Peswiki+) ■ LENR cold fusion related updates(lenr-coldfusion, cold fusion times +)■ Often fragmented, unprofessional looking/style presentations

✔ Someinventor tech seem to be backed by mid-sized corporate/3rd world gov’t, installed at pilot projects, military tests+;(e.g. Hidro?, Rosch+) ✔ LENR acceptance can causeitto surface as official production of multiple “free energy” mechanics & it can suddenly become “norm”?


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

If lenr is accepted first 3 inventor zpe type has more impact

if lenr is accepted first -3 / Inventor -ZPE type has More impact

Mainstream tech:Cavitation progress(Nanospire +)& LENR link, ICFusion experimental success 2013(more energy produced than consumed to initiate), new low cost Magnetized Target Fusion

Inventor tech(p78-98): Top 3(Ambient, Back EMF, HHO) most un-regulatable & disruptive, portable, lowest cost; butHHO, Aneutronic Fusion, & Plasma in noble gas can be looked first with closer link to LENR, 50%+ Water emulsification for obvious ease, Would Russian-Ukranian type commercialized over-unity cavitation device continue to be ignored?

Would this relax the aversion of funding mainstream science approved solid state device into full high profile national level media endorsed research? : ThermoPhotoVoltaic/ThermoElectric/ThermIonic/PyroElectric/TriboElectric, Metamaterial based or Cantilever oscillation ambient electricity harvester, Water random ionic movement harvester, All EM & acoustic wave converting Rectenna, & other nanogenerators (p9-26)

Would this promote zeropoint energy extraction? - Energy flux in vacuum atZeropoint(0K, -273°C, 0 electrical charge) is science consensus, Buttapping energy is still minority theory despite numerous repeated demonstrations even by mainstream(p192), (Piestrup, Turtur,Capasso, Haisch, Rueda, Clarke, Yilmaz, Puthoff, Pinto, Moddel, Da Cole+), -->>cont


Inventor zpe type tech has more impact why 1

Inventor -ZPE type tech

has More impact - why? 1

Inventor tech(p78-98) seems to be more linked to ZPEextraction, & as “Dissent idea”■:■ Gravity, inertia, mass isEM like vibration effect of Self Organizable(spin) wave energy in vacuum field; where basis of matter, information exist(C Swanson, Schempp, Jahn, Bohm, Baud, Lazlo, Wheeler, G Rein+), physical reality is based on information(A Zeilinger+), ■Looksoverunity, only if ignorevacuum-ambient-static energy, Can be tapped:EMenergy-dipole is asymmetrical between pos-neg; it isNot Always Random, Flow in a Direction (Haken, Lee&Yang, Pregogine, D Solomon+),(various inertia drives p89) ■Torsion/Scalarconnection to vacuum; shown by repeated effects(p119-148) ■Terahertz wave produced by same Ultrashort pulse like “ambient free energy”(p78-79) ■Russian academics extract plasma discharge from vacuum but ignored (Chernetzki, Frolov+) —cont—>>


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Inventor zpe type tech has more impact why 2

Inventor -ZPE type tech

has More impact - why? 2

ZPE linked inventor tech(p78-98): now ■“Dissent idea” is joined by Increasing number of mainstream groups: ■

■Western Science approved Photon observation in vacuum(Nori+), Its extraction success from vacuum(Delsing, Lähteenmäki+), It was sampled by EM field vacuum fluctuations(Riek+), also similar effects at p9,p10. ■ Antigravity effect by Repulsive Casimir Force(vacuum/ZPE energy) at nano level:(Intravaia+), At least MEMS(Microelectromechanical systems) should be able to run by Casimir force?(Bordag, Mohideen, R Forward, A Gusso+), ■ Resonance frequency EM pulse can cause superluminal travel(LJ Wang, R Gauthier+), ■ COP>2 Thermoelectrically pumped Light-Emitting Diode(Par Santhanam+)

Inventor tech often links toScalar/Spin-Torsion wave/resonance effects atits energy trigger, or take far less energy to do matter’s state changing/new creation/stabilizing, compared to conventional methods(Shironosov, Blekhman, Filatov, Poincare+) —cont—>>


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Inventor zpe type tech has more impact why 3

Inventor -ZPE type tech

has More impact - why? 3

✔ Hence inventor tech official approval is more disruptive than LENR for academics, but practical physical effects arefar more so for Western business/economy & large corporate infra: Inventors can “adjust frequency“ to other beneficial effectsin personal/micro use:

Wil Reich: Weather & Psychology, Searl/Tomion: Gravity, Kanzius: Medical, Gariaev: DNA, Schauberger: Water, Pa Flanagan: Geometry, P Callahan: Farming, Ebner: Gene expression change, Boyce: Radiation +

✔ Inventor tech acceptance could cause their related low-cost effects to be also officially investigated on tenured level academics widely, and..

✔This might ultimately lead to Western mainstream acceptance of paradigm shifting resonance effect(Create nonlinear physical & biological systems, Can confine matter in nonuniform EM field with no external feedback: Laverov+, p226 -1A-5). Or●Scalar/●Torsion wave idea;unlimited Energy Inducer & Info Carrier/Holder without physicality at quantum level: Energy might be “appearing” as matter = oscillation, haze, potential, or blinking in & out of existence)


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Inventor zpe type tech has more impact why 4

Inventor -ZPE type tech

has More impact - why? 4

●Scalar; Its phase conjugation is “0energy”, like vacuum & sets up for “every point” to reflect a whole just like in optics; i.e. hologram, Vacuum energy extraction, Gravity, DNA link, Negative Index Metamaterial uses resonance frequency for negative resistance/permittivity/left handed wave+,

●Torsion; Matter can carry information OF other matters; Chemistry effect without matter, “Homeopathy of all things” idea, Effect by spin resonance of matter in its absence- eg:, Empower organism, Cloaking effect, Transmute mass, Practical magnetic monopole +


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Zpe resonance type tech has more impact examples

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - examples

Following 1-7Low cost/effective/unexclusiveresonance related technologies & situations, tend togreatly compromise existing business structure1-Resonance/Amplitude modulated freq. Medical(Gurvich, Gordon, Tesla, W Pawluk, Lassek, R Ziesenis,Matsuura, SR Michael, Kavouras, Morton, Burr, A Abrams, Keymer, G Lakhovsky, Fr Morell, Kaali & Lyman+),Use can be related to acupuncture points,

Confusion of mainstream exclusively believing mass & debunking activities both are seemingly caused/lobbied mainly by AMA type mainstream medical group & their investors but there are two fundamental key factors in resonance based medical:

A: Resonance to vitalize/rebuild living person’s coherence of healthy body cells & human assisting bacteria/virus, which share similar natural frequencies: wave does not need to be strong, B: Resonance to destroy incoherent unhealthy cells(eg cancer) & harmful bacteria/virus to living person: strength might range weak to strong, Depends on carrier wave effectiveness to hidden sections? Also "beneficial" or "harmful" is depended on each person, not necessarily by virus/bacteria.、


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Zpe resonance type tech has more impact medical

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - medical

—>>continued 1-Resonance Medical Rife tech: ■eg: Mainstream Top US medical institutions’ doctors & some delegates attended a banquet dedicated to "End of all diseases” by R Raymond Rife in 1931, after experimental highly scrutinized mainstream test on 16 human subjects 100% cure success in 3months of terminal stage Cancer/Tuberculosis, preceded by many empirical events(mainstream reported: LA Times, Popular Science, Science Magazine, Journal of Franklin Institute +), & numerous rat tests success prior and device used in various clinic showed about 90% cancer cure rate(RT Hamer, Ja Couche+),

This research was well funded & participated by part of mainstream group(Mil Johnson, Ar Kendall, P Macomber, RW Moss, EC Rosenow, Wil Coolidge, H Timken, Al Foord, AC Bridges+) —>> cont


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Zpe resonance type tech has more impact medical 2

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - medical 2

—>>continued 1-Resonance Medical Rife tech: After positive mainstream news, extremely well funded AMA(American Med Association: backed by large investors & industrial groups, commercial bankers seemed to have taken control during 1920-40s) first tried to purchase patent or take over the company but failed, then followed up with threats/bribes(Mor Fishbein[Ben Cullen, Be Comparet+]+)and media led debunking, also Rife’s colleagues clearly started to sabotage operation & product quality(P Hoyland+ linked to AMA),

In 10yrs mysteriously most prominent med researchers & doctors denied they ever knew Rife(this was a AMA std strategy for all allopathic competitors: particularly against more effective and lower cost techs: (J Heinerman, Ausubel, Gar Null+), Basically same trend emerges in rest of West after WWII, This pattern quite resembles in advanced successful lower cost energy company situation .- ->> cont


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Zpe resonance type tech has more impact medical 3

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - medical 3

—>>continued 1-Resonance Medical:■RR Rife tech (Rife, R Rockwell, J Crane+) involved extensive virus identification (by high capability “Virus Microscope” equal to most advanced unclassified modern equivalent: published in Smithsonian etc) in disease & eliminate. By comparing to other likely technology debunking incidents, it is possible to speculate plemorphism(also links to profit threatening epigenetics)of virus & artificial cancer causing virus(both confirmed by many “pseudoscientists”: OC Gruner+) are classified info under medical industry related NATO/US national security?: Massive medicine/vaccine profit for needing different types for each virus etc at stake even before considering to bioweapon issue)

It works two function waves(effect causing LF wave & HF carrier wave), HF generator & plasma type amplifier converts it into scalar type waves forms?: plasma can change transverse wave to longitudinal(Da Yurth+), - similar phenomena to electrohydraulic effect(p82: it causes various EM waves in ELF range, UV-FIR and Thz range, & ultrasonic waves), also often emitted wave output exceeds input, i.e. overunity(stochastic resonance) effect: Plasmasonics(Jam Bare)+, - ->> cont


  • linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm- Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Zpe resonance type tech has more impact medical 4

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - medical 4

—>>continued 1-Resonance Medical: Rife tech: Operation method: A- Set Low Frequencies wave to kill specific cell/virus, then amplify & B- Transmit them inter-resonatingly ontissue penetrating Acoustic or High Radio Frequency Carrier Wave

Effect eg1: If amplitude/frequency mode matches, transmitted square wave& receiver virus oscillate together in locked in phase(entrainment) to de-vitalize/destroy it, due to their much weaker outer wall compared to body cells’(acoustic effect in addition to electroporation) eg2: Shared group resonance frequency of bioenhancing virus/bacteria & animal cells -vs- freq of unwanted virus significantly differs hence only harming virus die at similar oscillation

eg3: All virus related disease, including at least majority of cancer shows effect by solely this method(eg: RR Rife produced & removed cancer freely in mice by using virus, Also witness on US military/intel possess cancer virus as bioweaspon since 1960s[JM Baker, Ed Haslam+]), eg4: Certain square/sine/sawtooth wave oscillation resonance seems to create bioenhancing effect more than same frequency of other wave forms. Is it done by augmenting membrane potential-charge or opening ion channels in cells for them to “breathe better”(Mic Davis+), or cell membrane permeability increase?,

eg5: EM oscillation charges up transmembrane potential voltage(high cellular pH), or increases ion permeability(PT Pappas+) as key element in heath promotion: electroporation stimulates body, while killing virus by breaking cell walls

Above effects themselves seem consistent, but actual mechanism or resonance amplitude requirement explained by many seem to apply only in certain situations and sometimes contradictory—->> cont


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact medical 5

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - medical 5

—>>continued 1-Resonance Medical: Often in West, purpose intended Resonance medical product advertising is prohibited(stating intended device use, displaying user manual, testimonial quoting, effect validation lab test result, being publicly endorsed by others, particularly for mainstream profitable disease remedy, even verbally mentioned word “cure” sometimes was recorded and targeted for raid/seizure)

■First timer web site visitor without strong knowledge reads unclear evasive explanation with statement “research & experiment purpose only[of what?]” and often convinced irrelevant for medical cure purpose ■Some effective devices don’t have any advertisement/web and sell only privately/through naturalpaths(eg not necessarily related to Rife tech, but according to mainstream ignored published data, naturalpaths often achieve highest cancer cure rate with top performers commonly exceeding 90%[Col Huber+]).■ While in West doctors are often prohibited from using(instantly lose license) Rife type device hence some use it secretly like “Soviet era banned private printing machine”- or just use for family members & friends at home. But many Rife, Radionics(p129-131), Electromedicine based “purpose unclear advertised products“ exist. A few are lab tested or well referenced for wide range of injury & disease/pain alleviation/virus stifling including antibiotic immune germs(Ant Holland+), domestic pet flea removal(but main labs usually only release failure of cancer cure & refuses to release success data): some effects are mainstream approved as”minor effect”(for non chronic disease) -cont—>>


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact medical 6

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - medical 6

—>>cont 1-Resonance Medical:■1 Basic type device - eg:ParaZapper(Hu Clarke+), Sota Bob Beck microelectro device(Beck & Torlage), Lab experiment tests on Rats to successfully “regrow limbs”(Beck), ■2Some companies also make much more extensive non-contact & some whole body treatment type Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field(PEMF)/Pulsed Plasma or light device to create Far Field upto 9meter diameter (Rife’s Ray Tube device was Near Field only) - notable medical cure effect difference on terminal stage patients given up by mainstream therapy: eg:Photon Genius (Skilling), Pulsedtech(J Holman), ResonantLight(Don Tunney+), BioCharger(J Girard), BCX Ulra, GB4000(J Garff) + Mopa, Non local radionics combo use device: Spooky2(J White) etc., ■3Non Rife type EM devices: Equally practically 100% cure animal test terminal cancer by Priori: French Govn’t backed in 70s(time reversal phase conjugate wave use - Scalar), also TV screen Scalar, EM wave: EHF(Extremely High Frequency), FIR, Terahertz in various wave forms etc

But almost all lack lab type strict protocol experimental results, & many on market seem ineffective outside of limited applications(Nen Sylver, Bar Lynes+), Generally unorganized protocol-system as a whole due to mainstream debunking/ban(N Sheely+), Large effectiveness difference for similar products(Dav Bourke+): eg for Rife type device: poor carrier wave, limited wave form-range choice or frequency accuracy etc, Many make “ only effective device” type of claims, Yet overall best performing devices seem to produce less results than Original Rife device of 70yrs+ ago(New cancer type with unknown frequencies emerged?) ■4Strong medical catalyst derived from Rife idea: eg: BX Protocol(Dew Smith)

Incomplete less developed PEMF versions’ effectiveness discussed in modern medical journals in rare occasion? (Ca Blackman, CF Costa, Ne Filipovic, JW Zimmerman+),


Zpe resonance type tech has more impact remediation

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - remediation

2-Low temperature/low energy nuclear radiation remediation/elimination(ie excluding science legal but unfeasibility-labeled accelerator-driven Subcritical Reactor): unreleased virtual mainstream tech(Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Purdue & Birmingham univ., CERN+ /Frolov, Rus Roy, Kervran, Keller, Resnick, P Brown, Sta Adamenko, H Renner, Barker, Hawkings, Y Brown, Minzhang Lin+/ large # of world wide patent & methods listed - not just resonance:

●Plasma, Bacteria, Ozone,HHO, Nanobubble,Alkalized water, Magnetization, SuperCritical Water, Cold electricity, Torsion field, Laser, Wide range of microbes, Gamma ray/photon bombardment+; ●Local Fukushima gov/evacuee endorsed radiation decontamination pilot success is barred by national & international media-academia-government when technology is directly applicable to nuclear waste elimination/transmutation(Higa, Takashima, Tazaki, Fukai, C Sano, Haneda, Ueda, PP Fominskiy, Ry Ohmasa, Sugihara,Iwata, H Iijima+/“violate law” of short-term almost indestructible radioactivity by low energy process or in low temp. —>> continue


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact knowledge

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - knowledge

3-ZPE related tech effects raise very serious risk of blow against Western mainstream's on-going re-affirmation effort of “dead end” closed system & limitation based “public consumption physics”(Jo Farrell), "fairy tale garbage science for public"(Jam McCanney) over newly introduced tech innovations.、 Without limitations, fundamental business paradigm & supporting political/economic control will face major overhaul: Collapse of most important public ideas: Peak oil, Shortage of water/food/peace, Abundance of chronic disease, epidemic, dangerous toxin, exclusively human based CO2 climate crisisetc ■ Mainstream’s “closed two-polar” pattern;one sideexaggerates harm &otherdenies, whilebothblock fundamental solution data,This pattern is suspected found in many areas: eg1 to 7: of Shortage & Crisis Idea Promotion:

eg1 “Radioactive material has only harmful effects & impossible to remediate”:Radioactive waste reuse is denied while exaggerating harm(Gal Windsor, Ber Cohen, Gus Lebon+). Providing Nobel prize in 1940s to fabricate a new reality?(Calabrese+) ignoring: Practically undeniable Radiation Hormesis was mainstream effect(still so in Russia etc) till this "reality change" occurred like antigravity(p213): low dose benefit based on numerous & consistent experiments data(Hattori, W Allison,K Otsuka, K Sakai, Corrice,de Toledo, Hamasu, T Onishi, Pollycove, Je Cuttler+), Almost all living organism benefit(Muckerheide, Stoklasa+), —>> cont

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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact knowledge 2

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - knowledge 2

—>> coninued3, Shortage & Crisis Idea Promotion- eg1:Lack of ionizing radiation causes animals to get weak or die(Ruda & Kuzin, Tho Luckey, Conter+), coincides with lack of negatively charged ion. Irradiated food lasts longer(Ber Cohen+), Immune activation (Ina & Sakai+), Cancer cure with no side effects(Kiy Sakamoto, Bogoljubov, Deetjen+) - same for accidentally/temporary over exposured nuclear plant workers world wide(Ber Cohen+), Plants become robust & cattles “overlive"(J Gutierez+), Distorted/blocked data on benefited population on Chernobyl radiation exposure- in West(VG Petin, Pronkevitch+)

Non-radiation Hormesis experiments, though with far less sample, show positive results for almost all toxins since 1800s(Schultz & Arndt+). Consistency with modern data(LA Baldwin+): Lead, Cadmium, Sodium Arsenate, Methanol, Methyl Mercury etc despite frequent censorship on science journals(Mar Mattson+), Business backing? - Very little experimental evidence that supports mainstream debunking/vast under-estimation of significant effects(Calabrese, Ral Cook+), Low dose toxic metal promotes growth(AR Stebbing+), Low dose “poisonous” medicine(El Szabadi+). Effects are significant in some, negligible in others(Dong-Soon Bae, Cedergreen+). Life extension effects(SIS Ratan, Ja Cypser+), Epigenetic relation?(A Vaiserman, R Jirtle+) —>> cont

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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact knowledge 3

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - knowledge 3

—>> coninued3 Shortage & Crisis Idea Promotion:eg2■“Only Man made CO2 causes global warming”ignores: a-Often classified Ionosphere-Troposphere coupling geo-engineering: Space weather shielding, earth experiments/diagnosis by heating ionosphere+(D Papadopoulos, Getmantsev, Gerken, Brändström, El Kendall+), Use of Scalar? & Schumann wave, b-Millions of km power line might ionize-heat atmosphere(Helliwell+), Scalar link,、

c-Worldwide observed aerosol spray(Vermeeren+), actually covers much more than Project Cloverleaf?-many of which still show signs of highly classified black project(Adm Raborn, Pet Kirby+)mainstream sponsored intense debunking on airborn chemical analysis, Morgellons etc(AC Griffith+): chemical might widely vary depends on flight or region, Public unnoticed ionospheric chemical spray(eg Boeing patent #5104069 +, Ro Bertell+) & explosions, some officially quietly admitted(Ti Lenton+), they might contribute to warming(Carnicom+),、 d-Mainstream environmental type groups promoted creation of global warming with various techs till 1950s(eg J Huxley: WWF/UNESCO), e-Last 18yrs same temp, f-Long term historical temperature trend cycle, g-Warming-cooling cycle might involve entire solar system, —>> cont

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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact knowledge 4

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - knowledge 4

—>> continued 3, Shortage & Crisis Idea Promotion- eg2: h-Repeatedly & on-going admitted data doctoring at mainstream news in order to show heating, i-CO2 volume can be affected mostly by ocean, j-Other man/noman made element might have far more impact, etc: not even Western science consensus, only mainstream media/gov’t/NGO consensus(T Ball, Bo Carter, Easterbrook, Moncton, Lafrembois+),

eg3■“There is no effective direct remediation method for smog or chemical/metal aerosol spray”:Two fold subject - Western mainstream officially denies (Russia affirms) "chemtrail" activities, while majority of protesting groups seem to exaggerate harm/fear but block-ignore info on low cost Orgone/Electrostatic projection/Scalar wave air clearing solutions(Sha Daphna-Schloss, G Ritschl+ )

eg4■”Only Vaccine can prevent epidemics”: Why its content classified?(Tenpenny+), Overall works but also cause of some disease & increased death: negative data is usually told to discard(Wil Thompson, An Wakefield, Jud Mikovits, Ti Bolen+): i-: US gov't reports 6% of nation with swine flu after stopped counting due to practically no cases found yet mainstream reporter & editor is blocked from broad-casting by top management(Sha Attkisson), ii-: Non western Cuban etc vaccine is much safer: far less sickness occurs like autism, -->>cont:


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact knowledge 5

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - knowledge 5

—>> cont 3 Shortage & Crisis Idea Promotion- eg4■”Only Vaccine can prevent epidemics”:、 Sometimes vaccines appear to be bioweapon tests?[Web Kehr, Bollinger, D Röver, Lor Day, Pat Jordan]+), Increasing dosage already seems too strong for many, geared to irrelevant disease prevention(eg used for almost non-existent polio in Africa, instead of malaria), or unusually & consistently high rate of error to contain undesired virus mix(Jo Rappoport, NZ Miller+) 、 eg5■90%+ market share “Chrysotile asbestos is higher health risk than ALL Western approved materials”(Ja Dunnigan, Al Gibbs+); used in non West without issues, eg6■”Resource-Water-Food etc shortage”(J Marrs+): Primary Water(Pauer+)

eg7■“War on cancer”(“Cancer research is largely fraud”: Li Pauling, Ma Angell, J Ioannidis, Jam Watson+); Most new low cost paradigm tech is extensively ignored by medical industry, eg8■“War on drugs, Security crisis, Debt crisis”(W Tarpley+)+; tend to help interlocked group's profits & their control、

■Devastating impact of businesses, economic, & geopolitical structure as existing service can be replaced if ZPE related super low cost tech is openly endorsed, In many areas truly disruptive tech has been held off or existing tech expelled more than 100yrs by media, academia, enviro-healthcare NGOs, intel, Gov’t coordination &public opinion: exclusive trust in interlocked Western mainstream self-endorsed data


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact enviro process

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - enviro-process

4-Industrial & Environment process; commercially used, ■ “Structured” water: a few in here is science legal:Magnetized(Kronenberg, Kulish+),Geometry (Karim, Mols+), Nanobubble (Onari, Chiba+), Vortex, Venturi(Winter+), Electrolyzed (Shirahata, Vorobjeva+),

HHO gas infused(Gourley+),Resonance (Darragh, Tainio+),”Information” treated(Glogg, Pejot+), Ceramic activated(Jeon+):REDUCED: algae, scaling, plant watering, mortality, odour, rust, fertilizer, salt in soil, detergent, INCREASED: bio yield, cement bond, cut fluid lasting+), Electric Pulse/Magnetic Resonance Freezing: defrosted organ transplant, fresh salad(Owada, Godai+), Pulsed De-Icing:Air craft wings, Freeze-rained power lines, Fast ice making(Petrenko+), For unconventional water tech info go to this link[four levels of..]

■Resonance, non-water:Ultrasonic eg: Chemical Sonolysis, Material cutting- handling-extraction, Kill/locate/enhance/identify specific bio-organism-mineral, Nano cleaning, Light metal welding, Dewatering-desalting: commercialized mainstream approved effects, oftencan enhance existing methods(Peshkovsky, Ebara, Kernbach+), All science legal

Audible Sound eg: Agri yield increase(JC Bose, Pe Weinberger+), some with Effect often far more than 10-20% increase by likes of enhanced fertilizer: Sonic Bloom(D Carlson)(mostly science illegal). EM wave resonance eg; Some electrostatic generator, Tree battery, or Geometric configuration wiring directly used for improved plant growth (Lakhovsky+),(some legal)-->> cont


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact industrial process

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - Industrial-process

-->> cont: 4-Industrial & Environment process;■ Cold electricity (p75,76): underwater/cold temperature lighting, high cap. computing/data storage with no overheating trouble,

■ Out of light range all EM wave spectrum reactant Catalyst:

i-Self disinfecting, Static, or Condensation proof: filter-clothes-paint-glass-toilet. ii-Self Cleaning: car-solar panel-wall-floor. iii-Toxin/smog decomposing: pavement-container-tunnel+(Morito, Taoda+), (Science legal)

■ “Phase Transfer Catalyst” water, illegal, “Self EM field generation” or “Thz like wave emitting” water, Rapid chemical processor, Water/Fire proof by drying after "water coating", Cleaner concentrate, Dissolve/coagulate toxin+(Doyuk, SY Lo, K Furusaki+),■GDV/Kirlian: illegal: Bio/product quality check during process, Business team relationship or herb effectiveness of specific person - animal emotion & body condition projection reading -->> cont


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact farming process

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - farming-process

5-Farming process; ■Earth EM Field Funnelled “Fertilizer” researched & used openly till 1950s(C Allon, Theroux, GW Crile, Saxton-Burr+): Plant Magnetotropism/Electrotropism: strictly science accepted but miraculously "not applicable to" farming crops, ie no research funds given:

eg A-stabilize ground electricity flow to increase plant-animal growth while reduce pests-germs-mold; done by buried solid wood charcoal-biochar (hardwood, 800-1200°C process, non-glued), copper plough & wiring(H Yagi, T Uno, Y Tachibana+), can combine with electrostatic generator for significant results(Maruko Denshi, Electric-Field-Screen.org+), soil charge polarity balance is the key for plant growth(Back To Your Roots Soil Solutions+),

eg B-Above "eg A" effect & improved electrical efficiency, lower moisture, material(both organic & inorganic) integrity lasts longer when food storage, electric equipment or food processing operated at location where char is buried underground (Narasaki-inst)(Eij Maruko+),

eg C-Magnetic Frost Guard(DeLand) by steel bar, magnets to reduce plant freezing,


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact farming process1

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - farming-process

-->>cont: 5-Farming process; ■Earth EM Field Funnelled “Fertilizer”:eg D-Plug-in electricity for same effect(D Wechsler, Van Doorne, V Blackman+), Also pests can be selectively fend off and kill undesired mold or plant disease selectively(Hid Toyota+), eg E-Similarly some bioenhancing effect by achieving electrically neutral state with “grounding” for potted plants, domestic animals/human(C Ober, Koniver, St Sinatra, Yos Matsuda+), 、■Radionics-Homeopathic agri: non-local resonance use & DNA activation, illegal

6-Non cloud seeding weather control: Science illegal: Scalar wave A: Orgone Energy:(Polifka, DeMeo, J Strick, TJ Constable, G Ritschl+). Generates perpetual microcurrent by placing different electro-potential metals wedged by dielectric material(compression adds extra piezoelectric effect): often take forms of quartz or copper solenoid, & involve directional geometry or pipe. Depends on set up, this might generate anomalous long distance projection(1km+ upright) of "subtle" EM field or scalar/torsion field type anomalous "region" with disproportionately large influence: ●Electrofreezing/electroscavenging/ionizing, or ●"Cloud gathering or dispersing domino effect" on surrounding area. Also clears out smog, air born chemical & metal spray(Wil Reich, D Croft+): link to bioactivation effect(p152), Discretely commercialized(Orgonise Africa+), -->>cont:


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact geo engineering

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - geo-engineering

-->>cont: 6-Non cloud seeding weather control:

B: Ionizing/Heating:Strict science level is it valid but at "surface" level general academic & media level pseudoscience: Various scale projection antenna can be used for focused EM/Scalar type high power electric field generation triggering more conventional(compared to orgone) electroscavenging effect in high altitude(p187 ■, p205,206, p225,) against various layers of ionosphere, or likely widely sprayed metallic particles & various polymer types(debunked at western media but officials/military is starting to admit) at high altitude +: for details click here [Eco Friendly...] for other report and look up "Precipitation related Weather Modification"

7-Geosynthetics & stone-concrete capillary/porous moisture & water flow control: by electric pulse wave, without direct contact to the medium(hence unexplainable by mainstream Electro-osmosis/Electro-migration/Electro-kinetiks): “wireless electro-omosis”(Ga Pavledova+): Dinant Vochtbestrijding, Domodry, Ecodry de,Murag Aquamat+, Even no electricity, ambient Scalar wave use: Aquapol, Dry Floor Stick +,


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact propulsion

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - propulsion +

8-Electrodeposition/Electroplating metal manufacturing: Western science approved: Much higher strength & rust resistance metal plate: Modumetal(C Lomasney), Bearing: Mahle GmbH+ 、

9-Anti-gravity:Made science illegal from 1958ish: Counter-rotation, MHD, Electrogravitics (& Ion wind, differs from pure EHD-ElectroHydroDynamics), Ultrasonics, Asymmetrical pulse+: Many top aviation companies publicized research results till mid 1950s. Mainstream magazines, & even kids science books openly talked about flying cars by 21century. Free energy generation involved in some(eg1: extremely high voltage generations involved, eg2: science legal “counter rotating light beams” of Ring Laser Gyroscope-RLG can achieve refractive index overunity[K Inagaki+] etc). All censored & became pseudoscience by 1959, and main media dutifully obliged without exeption(Cha Carew, Uhouse, Dean, Podkletnov, TT Brown, De Aquino, L Bell, Tajmar, Alek, La Violette[B2: Northrop], Cox, N Cook, Roschin, Ro Cook, Moore, Modanese,Dimitriou, Anastasozki, Do Torr, B Sorensen, Goodall, CB Jones+). At least some of antigravity crafts witnessed worldwide are likely manmade with part-time such capacity: might be amongst known or thought to exist crafts: "TR-3B"? Aurora?, X-33A?, XH-75D? etc(Ed Fouche, Mic Wolf+ )


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact transmutation

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - transmutation

10-”Alchemy”, Low temperature & low energy Transmutation, Nuclear or various inorganic synthesisi.e. use of other means than Nuclear Reactor or Particle Accelerator:Practically undeniable,- more or less limited to Western media backed fringe 1980s mainstream science level pseudoscience. Complete Russian/China mainstream, Still relatively ignored in mainstream West: most researchers know validity but stay quiet to keep the job, but increasingly some in West ignore warning and do experiments(often related to LENR) and openly talk about repeated results.

■APrecious metal+at Cavitation(hot temp), HHO-LENR/Cold electricity(low), similar status to directly linked Cold Fusion(Miley, Kushi, François, Jovivitsch, Russell, LeClair, Bazhutov, L Larsen, F Wilkinson, VI Petrik, Iwamura/Mitsubishi, DARPA, Toyota+), Multiples of significantly different methods successfully experimented,:eg Mercury bet. high voltage iron electrodes creates Silver+(Nagaoka+), also Hg link to superconductivity & antigravity(Majorana+), Acoustic resonance only in water(Ry Ohmasa+), Microwave use(J Milewski), Commercialized Gold production by phonon/EM resonance or microbes(Joe Champion, commercialized & later retracted+), But now mainstream officially approved idea of Carbon can be “transmuted into” magnetic by various means(Ohldag+),、


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact transmutation 2

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - transmutation 2

->>cont: 10-”Alchemy”, Low temperature Transmutation, Nuclear or various inorganic synthesis,

■BBiological transmutation(Kervran, von Herzeele, Baranger, Komaki, Lauwes, Vysotskii, Goldfein, Kornienko, Prout, Vauquelin,Samyolenko, Zundel, Ta Mizuno,+), "No food eating human" lives by transmutation?(H Ratan Manek+) or Non food & no water takers(Prahlad Jani+), How about semi non-breathing human?(Samadhi: Ke Arakawa+),

Non magnetic material into magnetic(Gyö Egely+, used to be ridiculed but now science legal and simply ignored by same people), Gold & other precious metal produc+ (Gardea & Torresdey+),

Medical Isotope production(BT Isotopes): claims 5-10times lower costing than conventional reactor/cyclotron made types. There might be a case of usually lot less tech suppressing(compared to West) Russian state(«В/О «Изотоп», «Росатом») to be partially involved in stifling successful commercialization due to direct competition?


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact abiotic oil

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - abiotic oil

->>cont: 10-”Alchemy”, Low temp Transmutation, Nuclear or inorganic synthesis,

■CNot transmutation, but some are underground bacteria produced hydrocarbon(ie not "fossil fuel"): ●Injecting CO2 in underground Coal veins to generate new Methane faster based on bacteria's oxygen reduction effect(Golding-Rudolph-Esterle+),

●A few small oil well is confirmed to be bacteria produced and faster regeneration of natural gas/oil well by use of bacteria(Oleomonas sagaranensis) as western mainstream science. Methane production by dozen type of thermophilic archaea & CO2 in underground 50-100°C level temperature & pressure(5MPa, 50 times atmospheric), Pilot project success indication but likely being shelved, also media ignored(Inpex, Chugai Technos+): Simply inject CO2 with designated microorganism in ground(no need for coal seam) and Hydrocarbon is produced if there is no oxygen(Tad Imanaka, Mas Morikawa, Tom Sato, Kaz Fujiwara+),

This is official position of AIST Japan: there is science split between Japan(+ other regular "pseudoscientific nations" like China, Russia etc) & rest of western allies academics, media level pseudoscience. *Incidentally above researches also find hydrogen-producing thermophilic bacteria from left over oil well seem to have marginal effect in Enhanced Oil Recovery(EOR).


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact abiotic oil 2

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - abiotic oil 2

->>cont: 10-Low temp Transmutation, Nuclear or inorganic synthesis, ■DHydro carbon mainly as Abiotic oil, bacteria generated or “transmutant”,: ie likely majority is Mantle derived: eg: Measured isotopic depletion/enrichment of carbon/hydrogen for C1 to C4 N-Alkanes & isotopic ratio shows abiotic very clearly(ie strictly academically speaking only[not economically], it is completely science legal)(Liuping Zhang, Krayushkin,Kutcherov, Simakov, Karpov, Gorvachev, Nefjodov, J Kenny, Porfir’yev, Chekaliuk, Dolenko, Kudryavtsev, Klochko+):

●”Can’t have both ways of no-life-hydrocarbon in Titan(far more than on earth), Jupiter, Saturn, comets, some moons +, yet all oil is biological”, ●Even in mainstream science some of Gas Hydrates in deep ocean is officially admitted to be abiotic for some yrs(but "trusted Western media" corrects "academic mistakes"),

●HIGHLY DISRUPTIVE & RARE EVENT(this could have become equivalent to Pons & Fleischmann incident of Japanese version but didn't evolve due to poor mainstream exposure): Western ally nations' high level academic publicized low cost abiotic high quality hydrocarbon(no NOx/SOx, as is useable for cars) 5minute-production-method at 1/30 level of high gasoline cost of Japan - semi "free energy".

This news was picked up by 1 of 3 major Japanese media network and article was instantly removed, also from general public availability of nations' mainstream academic publication lists -->>cont:


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact abiotic oil 3

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - abiotic oil 3

->>cont: 10-Transmutation, ■DHydro carbon mainly as Abiotic oil or “transmutant”: ●HIGHLY DISRUPTIVE EVENT、 Invention was published as: "An efficient way of producing fuel hydrocarbon from CO2 and activated water"(2015, Imanaka & Takemoto, Ritsumeikan Univ,). Debunkers insist this is simply a hoax done by some 3rd party. But actually mechanics is not particularly unique(except no heat & pressure involved, see next two page for examples), and inventor seems to be still allowed to continue lecturing/presentation on low key basis in Japanthough without using media or not even with own web site.

Entire process is done under atmospheric pressure & room temperature: 1-Nanobubble O2 injection into water, 2-Treat it with UV light standard photocatalytic reaction by TiO2 to "activate water"(unstable state): CO & H2 produced, 3- Mix this water vigorously with automobile grade hydrocarbon to create micelle/emulsion, 4- Infuse CO2 gas in this emulsion liquid, 5-Hydrocarbon identical to feedstock is recovered in additional 5-10% of original volume consistently, entire process takes 5mins. Next 2pages show eg of similar mechanics but with higher cost process -->>cont:


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact abiotic oil 4

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - abiotic oil 4

->>cont. 10Transmutation■DHydrocarbon mainly as Abiotic oil or “transmutant”: ●Less disruptive version is mainstream allowed to discuss/publicize: ■■In situ & lab creation of Methane- Hydrocarbon by iron salts, calcium-magnesium carbonate, water in high pressure heat & various frequency vibration (JY Chen, Goncharov, Kolesnikov, Ancilotto, HP Scott+), ■or from CO2 +H2O by photocatalysis of TiO2 or Bismuth vanadate BiVO4(Seng S Tan, Piumetti, / Toyota Central R&D+),

■Power storage of Electrofuel as “Fossil Fuel” Syngas produced also fromCO2 +H2O by syntrolysis/mainstream Fischer-Tropsch process/Sabatier reaction since 1925 /1902, or CO2 reduction to CO by Cu etc, is planned to be marketed in 2016(E-Diesel: Audi, Sunfire, in Germany) ■ Similar mechanics for methanol as largest commercialized "abiotic fuel" operation by use of geothermal power etc & CO2 from volcano(Volcanol - Carbon Recycling International), ■ and sort of "common knowledge" at least US Navy(NRL electrolytic cation exchange module "demo") has been using CO2 as feedstock for their submarines, Hydrocarbon plastic from CO2 & H2O via methanol(Mitsui Kagaku+): mostly low key internal use only -->cont


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Zpe resonance type tech has more impact abiotic oil 5

ZPE-Resonance TYPE tech has More impact - abiotic oil 5

->>cont. 10Transmutation & inorganic synthesis, ■DHydrocarbon mainly as Abiotic oil or “transmutant”: ● less-disruptive versions' commercialization

But vast majority of large # of commercialization plan is still on halt: In civilian US, UK, Israel and geopolitically weak US controlledJapan(eg Japan-U.S. Joint Committee, US Intel linked govn’t-court-police-religious-media group key members; H Segi, K Hatoyama, Uekusa, H Yabe, Magosaki, Onizuka, Kaz Hamada, Mi Schaller+),similar or higher efficiency tech has been kept being shelved(a few selected examples: Hitachi Zosen, JAXA, SNL-INL, Air Fuel Synth’s, NewCO2Fuels, Doty Energy, Liquid Light, Sandia CR5 Sunshine to Petrol+),

Other types, ●Cyanobacteria + sun light based(Helioculture): Joule Sunflow, ●New one step CO2+H2O conversion to hydrocarbon at 180°C(F MacDonnell+), ●Cu nanoparticle embedded high texture, N-doped carbon nanospike film catalyst used electrochemical conversion of CO2+H2O to ethanol at room temp/pressure(Ada Rondinone et al), ●Palladium electrode electrolysis of CO2 infusing water with pyridinium catalyst to produce methanol(Lin Chao): many others. But likely this will all change in a few yrs with ways cellulosic ethanol is widely produced world wide?

♛Transmutation-ORMUS-Vacuum linked?(appear<-> disappear-effect, AntiGravity- Superconductivity effect, also bioenhancing), Electron-charge-cluster?, Electron paring? Super high energy state of atom? Superatom: Acting like Monoatomic? Dimensional shift? Torsion field?(see p154-166)


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Zeropoint resonance type impact ramification of losers gainers

zeroPOINT-Resonance TYPE impact

- ramification of losers & gainers

LOSERS ■ Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Medical Equipment, Insurance, Chemical Industries, ■ Nuclear waste handling-storage, Large farming corporations, GMO, Conventional fertilizer & herb/insect/fungicide manufacturers, ■ Financial derivatives(crop & resource prices, weather etc: eg: weather & resource price as semi-manmade to become official)、 ■ Other inter-related academia & industry: Chemistry, Biotech, Manufacturing+ ■ Precious metal mining, Donation & public$ of industry NGOs, R&D

Above indirect & other direct "free energy losers" spread wide across all industries: hence “super low cost energy” tech is clearly unprofitable, risky, and damaging to most large investors or funds which also have substantial participation by regular citizen’s investments or pension funds. So from existing financial & business model, mainstream endorsement of “free energy” appears a self destructing act for most of Western influential affluent or even middle class group -->>cont


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Zeropoint resonance type impact ramification of losers gainers 2

zeroPOINT-Resonance TYPE impact

- ramification of losers & gainers 2

-->>cont: LOSERS:■Classified techdefence & aerospace co. + associates: loss of gov’t contractexclusivity& tech lead from non contractor competitors ■”Black Program” beneficiary & Gov’t-Intel-Military-Prv backers; will be more difficult to continue using some of “pseudoscientific classified" techs without being questioned/prosecuted or it would be widely used for public consumption ■ Large majority of jobs, Businesses, Program stakeholders,、 GAINERS ■ Alternative-natural medicine industry, Emergency injury surgical ■ Nuclear power generation, Manufacturing, Small scale agriculture, Consumers, ■ Independent communities, Low income regions, ■ Countries: Majors- BRICS, Iran, Argentina+/ Small- Serbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Eritrea,Burma,Haiti, Sudan, Nicaragua+

With such large risk & high probability loss of assets & influence, what needs to occur to justify such truly disruptive tech to be openly mainstream endorsed? Could man made exclusive CO2 idea one of them?


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Part 5




p223 Already in use? - Zeropoint Energy related "outrageous" claims

p258 Summary & Macro level recommendations

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