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Native americans opportunities and dilemmas
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Native Americans Opportunities and Dilemmas. Amy Gerade Lawrence International High School. Academic Expectations. Writing and Critical Thinking.

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Native Americans Opportunities and Dilemmas

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Native americans opportunities and dilemmas

Native AmericansOpportunities and Dilemmas

Amy Gerade

Lawrence International High School

Academic expectations

Academic Expectations

Writing and critical thinking

Writing and Critical Thinking

  • There are questions in red writing throughout this presentation. I will give you time to reflect and write answers in your notebooks. You must write a minimum of 3 to 4 sentences to answer the question.

  • They will be collected for credit at the end of the class period

Opportunities and dilemmas in leadership

Opportunities and Dilemmas in Leadership


In your notebooks, please answer the following questions:

  • What is a leader? Can there be good and bad leaders? Can you give me examples?

  • What is an opportunity? Provide an example!

  • What is a dilemma? Provide an example!

Native american background in new england

Native American Background in New England

Who are native americans

Who are “Native Americans”?

In your notebooks, write a definition on what you think a Native American is – it can be a description or bullet points.

Who are native americans1

Who are “Native Americans”

  • Native Americans are the indigenous people of North America.

  • There is not a consensus of one common name for Native Americans to include: Indians, Native Indians, and First Americans.

  • They usually lived, and still do, in large tribes that are political entities.

Are these Native Americans similar to those you would find in the Caribbean – like the Arawak? Why or Why not?

Dilemmas when studying native american history

Dilemmas When Studying Native American History

  • Terminology – as there is no one consistent word to describe these indigenous people it is difficult to keep track of their history

  • Lack of Sources – Native Americans used oral history and pictography to pass down information

  • Cultural Polyphony – different dialects lead to different translations

  • Continuity and Changes – issues or events that contribute or detract from Native American society

Eastern woodland indians

Eastern Woodland Indians

Many different tribes comprise the Eastern Woodland Indians groups to include:

Iroquois Confederacy







Native american and english relations

Native American and English Relations

  • Native Americans assisted white settlers in adapting to the land including the cultivation of new crops as well as the highly prized beaver pelts

  • The white settlers would trade with Native Americans in weapons and other manufactured goods as well as alcohol

  • The most important commodity is land

17 th century native american leadership

17th Century Native American Leadership

The role of the native american leader

The Role of the Native American Leader

  • Pawns

    • Used by settlers for their own good.

  • Peacekeepers

    • When it is needed – possibly for protection

  • Social/Political changes

    • War and Peace

Are there any other roles that you see a Native American leader fulfilling?

Opportunities and dilemmas for native american leaders

Opportunities and Dilemmas for Native American Leaders


Grand Sachem (leader) of the Wampanoag tribe

To Maintain Peace He Has Two Choices With English Settlers:

  • Collaborate with the English knowing that he may lose followers due to this choice

  • Do not collaborate with English and attempt to fend for themselves


Choices to be made

Choices To Be Made

  • Massasoit

  • Chooses to establish relationship with the English settlers

  • Some of the tribesmen perceive this as weak and leave the tribe, however, Massasoit remains in power

  • Why would Massasoit choose to establish this relationship?

Dilemmas in maintaining peace

Dilemmas in Maintaining Peace

  • In order to maintain the uneasy relationship between the English and Native Americans, Massasoit does the following:


    What is a tract of land?

Dilemmas with losing land

Dilemmas with losing land

What happens when the Native Americans start losing land to the English settlers?

  • Less Food is available

  • Relocation

    Is this the beginning of the movement of Native Americans towards the west? Why or Why Not?

All in the family

All in the Family

The Children of





Daughter whose name is not in the English records






In most societies who inherits the throne? Why?

Wampanoag leadership

Wampanoag Leadership

On the death of Massasoit his eldest son Wamsutta (Alexander) becomes the sachem of the tribe

  • Fur trade collapses so what is the next best commodity owned by the Native Americans?

    • Sold land to other colonies beside Massachusetts Bay Colony

  • Summoned to Plymouth Court and after being questioned he became ill and died

    Does the timeline of events seem suspicious to you? Why or Why not?

  • Wampanoag leadership under metacoment king philip

    Wampanoag Leadership under Metacoment “King Philip”



    • Initial Trade

      • Land for industrial products and beaver pelts

    • If there is a relationship, there is protection from the Iroquois

    • Unite a tribe against a common enemy when they stop trading land even though the British demand it

    • Tribe members are not happy about the selling of the land

      • Accused by followers of giving too good of a deal to the British for land

    • Being spied on by the British

    If you were King Philip what would you do to protect your people?

    King philip s war

    King Philip’s War

    • Metacomet rose up to resist English movement onto their lands.

    • Over 3 years, Wampanoag destroyed 20 towns and a 1,000 people (nearly 1/16 of the white population)

    • Mohawks join the fight on behalf of the settlers and destroyed the Wampanoags

      Did King Philip make the correct choice?

    Group activity

    Group Activity

    • We have spent a great deal of time talking about the opportunities and dilemmas presented to the Native Americans during this time period. You will get into your groups and finish the graphic organizer on the next slide on a separate piece of paper.



    Native american opportunities and dilemmas

    Native AmericanOpportunities and Dilemmas



    • Trade

      • What type of things were traded?

    • Can the Native Americans trust these new “friends”?

    Exit slip


    Knowing this small piece of Native American relations between themselves and the white settlers who would eventually become American citizens, do you think they were treated fairly or were they taken advantage of? Why or why not?

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