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总部经济与总部统计探讨 A Tentative Exploration into the Headquarters Economy and Headquarter Statistics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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总部经济与总部统计探讨 A Tentative Exploration into the Headquarters Economy and Headquarter Statistics 北京市人民政府专家顾问团顾问 Adviser of People's Government of Beijing 北京市社会科学院中国总部经济研究中心主任 Director of China Center for Headquarters Economy Research, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences

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总部经济与总部统计探讨 A Tentative Exploration into the Headquarters Economy and Headquarter Statistics

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A Tentative Exploration into the Headquarters Economy and Headquarter Statistics

Adviser of People's Government of Beijing

Director of China Center for Headquarters Economy Research, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences

Professor Zhao Hong


Main Contents

  • Developing headquarters economy has important strategic value

  • Beijing is in the head of headquarters economy in China

  • Beijing should try to establish the statistics system of headquarters economy

.Developing headquarters economy has important strategic value

  • Headquarters economy can be defined as an economic modality with coordinated regional cooperation and optimized resource collocation which is created by some certain specific advantageous regional resources that attract a whole congregation of enterprise headquarter business, forming up what is called headquarter convergence effect, which, with its headquarter- manufacturing base functional chain radiating further ahead and thus driving up the regional development.

  • The theory of headquarters economy not only applies to the manufacturing sector, but also to other industries, such as the service industry.

  • a mode of Resource Allocation

  • an economic form of Central Cities

  • a pattern of Enterprise Development

Industry development

To promote employment

Tax increase

To improve infrastructure

Revenue contribution

Industry multiplier

Consumer driven

Employment multiplier

Social capital

The development

of the cities where



The development

of production base

where headquarters



Enterprise development

  • Obtaining strategy resources with low cost

  • Enhancing technological innovation capability

  • Obtaining convenient productive services

  • Enhancing brand value

  • Realizing innovation of concept and culture

2.Headquarters economy achieveswin-win-win

  • 1996520053003001060

  • 3254157140

The headquarter of BlueStar Co.

removed from Lanzhou to Beijing in 1996 . The asset and sale of the company arrived at 30 billion RMB in 2005, expanding 60 times in ten years.

Developing headquarters economy has important strategic value at the current stagein China1. Headquarters economy upgrades Chinas due dominance in the global industrial system

  • In recent years, chinas economic strength continue to strengthen, and global competitiveness continue to upgrade.

  • 210

  • 2007World Economic Forum20072008200654200734

  • On the whole ,still in the low-end of global value chain and the industrial chain.

    • 86%90%

    • 80 percent of the R&D invest and more than 90 percent of the patents for invention belong to developed countries.

    • OEM

  • 100012830010

  • Nike has more than 1000 factories in the world, and 128 of them are in China. The selling price of a pair of Nike shoes is 300 dollars, but its manufacturer's price is only 10 dollars.

  • Extensive mode of economic growth (cheap labor, consuming a large amount of energy, at the expense of the environment) has come to an end, China wont take the leading position in the world economic system and achieve sustainable development until it changes in the way of economic development

  • Headquarters economy is an economy producing the ascendantof global industry

2. Headquarters economy drives the economic transformation of the central cities

Many Chinese cities, particularly the central cities, are presently faced with enormous pressure arising from their economc transformations.

Firstly: The pressure on resources and environmental constraints the urban sustainable development

The ratio between China's per capita resources and the world average

Secondly: Manufacturing hollowing points out a new challenge to the sustainable development of urban economy.

  • The rising of land price rapidly, the rising of labor cost, the increasing of Environmental pressure in big cities, force manufacturing links move to small and medium-sized cities, under developed areas from big cities. hollowing out of big citys Manufacturing is serious.

  • With the rapid expanding of Urban scale, The original layout of the industry doesnt suit for the development in the central urban area, the industry need upgrade from the secondary industry to Tertiary industry.

Lastly: the city suffer from space constraints seriously. How to improve the space units Economic output is an important subject of Economic development.

Through developing the value chains high-end segments, such as Corporate headquarters, research and development, marketing, to promote the development of modern service industry, achieve urban Industrial upgrading and functional promotion.

3. headquarters economy promotes regional economics coordinated development

  • For the past 30 odd years since the reform and opening up to the outside world, and along with an overall economic development, China has also seen an ever-increasing phenomenon of uneven development among different regions.

  • GDP2007GDPGDP6.21

  • GDP: In 2007, the GDP of East China is 6.21 trillion yuan RMB more than West China and Middle China.





The GDP comparative between the east and west of Chinatril.

  • GDP 200729703/5144

  • GDP per capita: In 2007, the GDP per capita of East China is 29703 yuan RMB. The GDP per capita of Middle China is about 51% of that of East China ,and the GDP per capita of West China is about 44% of that of East China.

Mode of Headquarters Economy

Function cooperation and function matching

Big cities and the small and medium-sized cities

The developed regions and the developing regions

Expanding and upgrading

Manufacturing Hollowing

Product matching is tampering in big, small and medium-sized cities

The existing industry economy

Product matching and parts matching

Between cities and between regions

Conditions for the headquarters economic development of China in the present stage are by and large ripe

  • The first condition: The network together the world as one, the rapid development and extensive application of information technology and means of communication ,it makes the headquarters and manufacturing base maintain information communication timely and openly by low cost.

  • The second condition: The first group of cities has been developed,

    particularly a lot of central cities have the ability to assume developing the headquarters economic and enhancing the global power.

    • 2007/20085950041646610910

    • According to Global Urban Competitiveness Report 2007/2008, 59 Chinese cities were selected as the world's top 500 cities, and Shanghai ranked 41st, Shenzhen ranked 64th, Beijing ranked 66th.

  • The last condition: A number of enterprises become the mainstay of headquarters economy, to promote China's headquarters economy to a higher stage of development

    • 20082550021211

    • 2008500,346

    • 2007700017312007265.1200210.6

.The Beijing Municipality possesses a front row position with its pioneering headquarters economy development in the whole country

The situation of headquarters economy development in Beijing

  • 4

  • Regional headquarters of transnational companies and other international headquarter resources are an important driving force for developing headquarters economy

    • 4220

    • There are 42 transnational companies of various types headquartered in Beijing

    • 15350%239

    • There are 153 investment companies with the transnational regional headquarter nature, making up over 50% of the total investment-natured companies in the whole country, which ranks Beijing with the top position in this respect. there are 239 foreign funded R&D centers stationed in Beijing.

  • Headquarters of domestic enterprises and groups and other headquarter resources in China are another important force in the development of headquarters economy

  • 1604120085002521

    There are 160 odd large central enterprises and groups presently stationed in Beijing, among which 41 are financial enterprises and groups.

  • 106

    Beijing also has 106 odd non-central enterprise and groups, including localized enterprises and some migrated enterprises and groups from other provinces or cities in China.

Spatial distribution of Beijing headquarters economy

CBDBeijing Central Business District

  • 2007CBD48665001308002088

  • By the end of 2006, 4866 enterprises had stationed in CBD, amongst which 130 were ranked as being among the Top Fortune 500 enterprises. There were some 800 transnational companies stationed in CBD, of which 20 have already gained recognition from the Ministry of Commerce or from the Beijing Municipality. Also stationed in CBD are 88 foreign investment companies.

  • 200710CBD3.9945.1

  • The first ten months of 2007,the 3.99 2 land of CBD, absorbed 135,000 employees, created tax revenue 4.51 billion Yuan.

Financial Street

  • 110

  • 20

  • There are some 1500 enterprises of various types already stationed in the Financial Street, of which there are 580 odd renowned enterprises and large group headquarters and 120 financial organizations.

  • 70%90%65%

  • The total financial property is evaluated to have reached 33 trillion Yuan, constituting 70% of the national total with 90% of the national credit capitals and 65% of insurance premiums under control. The daily flux of capitals has exceeded 10 billion Yuan.

  • 12007858.6,1/5

  • Financial Street occupies only 1 km22007,the tax totaled 858.6 hundred million yuan, account for 1/5 of Beijing.

Haidian Park of Zhongguancun Science Park

  • IT

  • It has formed a gathering area of high-tech corporate headquarters and R&D headquarters mainly based on IT industry.

  • 40IBM IntelMicrosoft70

  • At present, there are over 40 transnational R&D organizations such as IBMIntelMicrosoft, etc alongside some 70 odd domestic enterprise-based R&D organizations.

  • 500

  • Lenovo became the first private enterprises to enter the world's top 500, Sina, Sohu, Baidu and so on, a large number of companies enter the international capital market

.Beijing should make pioneering endeavors in establishing its headquarters economy statistic monitoring system

The development of headquarters economy puts forward new requirement to statistics

  • One is that enterprises adopting headquarters mode is not separated as an individual class in the current statistics index system.

    • Because the operating activities of these headquarter-mode enterprises are separated around various kinds of industries and not marked out clearly in the current statistics system, their contributions to the economic and social development of the corresponding regions are hard to be reflected directly.

  • Another is that the current statistics system can extract only part of the operating activities of these headquarter-mode enterprises, but cant contain the whole scope of the operating activities.

    • In the current statistics system of our country, the index of enterprise management service can reflect part of the operating activities of headquarter-mode enterprises. headquarters that have single economic activity and enterprise headquarters as R&D headquarters hold the most big portion of headquarters economy. So it is necessary to count these kinds of headquarters into the headquarters economic statistic monitoring system.

Some key points need to figure out in the exploration of headquarters economic statistics

  • The judging standard of the scope of headquarter-mode enterprise.

    • 1

  • ,

  • The judging standard of headquarter-mode enterprise should adjust to the scale of different kinds of regions.

  • We suggest that the definition of headquarter-mode enterprises should be composed of three levels according to the actual phase of our countrys headquarters economy as: headquarters of international company, headquarters of national company and headquarters of provincial company.

  • To separate the data of headquarter-mode enterprises from the overall statistics data.



China Center for Headquarters Economy Research


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