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Bellwork 8 28 13
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Bellwork 8/28/13. Just write this in your Wed. bellringer. Finish Missing Colony Ad (7 minutes) EQ: Was Jamestown a success or failure? TSWBAT summarize Jamestown and Plymouth as early British settlements.

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Bellwork 8/28/13

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Bellwork 8 28 13

Bellwork 8/28/13

Just write this in your Wed. bellringer

Finish Missing Colony Ad (7 minutes)

EQ: Was Jamestown a success or failure?

TSWBAT summarize Jamestown and Plymouth as early British settlements

Objective and scales

  • Students will be able to summarize Jamestown as an early British settlement in North America as evidenced by completed notes and summary with 80% accuracy.

  • What goal from our Unit LGS are we concentrating on today from the objective above

  • Yes, goal C

  • How do you reach mastery for goal C?

  • Update TOC to include page #11: Jamestown Cornell Notes, title and number page 11, set it up Cornell Style.

Objective and Scales

Follow the leader follow king james where you see his picture write those into your cornell notes

Follow the Leader: Follow King James, where you see his picture…write those into your Cornell notes!

Who funded jamestown

  • King James I of England authorized the expedition by granting a charter a document issued by a government that grants rights to a company.

  • In 1606, funding was granted for the expedition and settlement from the Virginia Company

  • The charter gave the company authority over a large portion of N. American coastline

Who funded Jamestown?

What was the first year like

  • In 1607, 144 explorers left England seeking gold and wealth.

  • They sailed into Chesapeake Bay in May of 1607, 104 people survived the voyage

  • They built a triangular fort and named it Jamestown after their King

  • Jamestown was England’s first permanent settlement in North America

What was the first year like?

How did they fail

  • The settlers built their fort literally in the middle of a swamp…what problems can you foresee?

  • Yes…warm weather = insects. Many colonists died the first summer from malaria

How did they fail?

How did they fail1

  • Men on the expedition were related to lords and wealth (English gentlemen) and therefore were not used to doing what?

  • Yes…many of the colonists had no intention of doing the hard farming or construction work required to build the settlement

  • The colonists relied on the generosity of Chief Powhatan (Pochontas’ Father) from the local Algonquian tribe to survive

  • By the next year (spring of 1608) only 38 of the original colonists were still alive

How did they fail?

How did they succeed

  • Conditions in Jamestown were bad. Why?

  • No leadership

  • In the Fall of 1608, John Smith was sent from London to lead the colony

  • He drew up rules and most importantly said, “Those who do not work, do not eat.”

  • Under Smith the colonists cut timber, created buildings, and grew crops

How did they succeed?

Who took charge

  • Meanwhile 500 more English gentlemen and women arrive

  • To get more food Smith raided the Native American villages. What did this do to the relationship with Chief Powhatan?

  • In the fall of 1609, Smith gets a gun powder burn and returns to England

  • What can you predict happens next without his leadership?

Who took charge?

What was the starving time

  • Relations with the natives worsen

  • The Chief refused to give any more supplies or food

  • The winter of 1609-1610 is called the “starving time”

  • Colonists cannibalized dead bodies to survive the winters

  • Only 60 colonists survived by the Spring of 1610

  • In 1611, marshal law was created called the “Laws Divine Moral and Martial.” These laws created authority and order in a time of chaos.

What was the “Starving Time?”

Creating order and prosperity

  • Even through the hard times, the Virginia Company continued to send new colonists

  • Eventually they learned to sustain the colony by finding a source of income…?

  • Tobacco became the colonies source of revenue

  • By the early 1620s, Virginia farmers were selling all the tobacco they could grow

  • By 1625, Virginia was harvesting 250,000 pounds of tobacco

Creating order and prosperity

Creating order and prosperity1

  • In 1619, Virginia created an assembly called the “The House of Burgesses”

  • This lawmaking body was a representative government: voters elect people to make laws for them

  • They made laws and set taxes underneath the leadership of the governor.

  • The House of Burgesses marked the start to a representative government in North America

  • Who else arrived in the colonies in the summer of 1619?

Creating order and prosperity

Bellwork 8 28 13

  • Summary: Argue if Jamestown was a success or a failure, explain using evidence

Bell work 8 29 13

  • Explain in what ways Disney lied to you.(Sorry) What about Disney’s version of Jamestown, Pocahontas, and John Smith are historically inaccurate?

  • EQ: Why was Plymouth founded?

  • TSWBAT summarize the early British settlements of Jamestown and Plymouth


Bell-work 8/29/13


Objective and scales1

  • The student will be able to summarize the early British settlement of Plymouth and understand their desire to colonize the new world

  • What goal from our Unit LGS are we concentrating on today from the objective above

  • Yes, goal C

  • Open back up to page 11, we will pick up were we left off with the EPIC failures of early Jamestown

Objective and Scales


  • Read: Plymouth Colony pg. 68-71


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