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Bellwork 8/28/13. Just write this in your Wed. bellringer. Finish Missing Colony Ad (7 minutes) EQ: Was Jamestown a success or failure? TSWBAT summarize Jamestown and Plymouth as early British settlements.

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Bellwork 8/28/13

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Bellwork 8/28/13

Just write this in your Wed. bellringer

Finish Missing Colony Ad (7 minutes)

EQ: Was Jamestown a success or failure?

TSWBAT summarize Jamestown and Plymouth as early British settlements

  • Students will be able to summarize Jamestown as an early British settlement in North America as evidenced by completed notes and summary with 80% accuracy.

  • What goal from our Unit LGS are we concentrating on today from the objective above

  • Yes, goal C

  • How do you reach mastery for goal C?

  • Update TOC to include page #11: Jamestown Cornell Notes, title and number page 11, set it up Cornell Style.

Objective and Scales

Follow the Leader: Follow King James, where you see his picture…write those into your Cornell notes!

  • King James I of England authorized the expedition by granting a charter a document issued by a government that grants rights to a company.

  • In 1606, funding was granted for the expedition and settlement from the Virginia Company

  • The charter gave the company authority over a large portion of N. American coastline

Who funded Jamestown?

  • In 1607, 144 explorers left England seeking gold and wealth.

  • They sailed into Chesapeake Bay in May of 1607, 104 people survived the voyage

  • They built a triangular fort and named it Jamestown after their King

  • Jamestown was England’s first permanent settlement in North America

What was the first year like?

  • The settlers built their fort literally in the middle of a swamp…what problems can you foresee?

  • Yes…warm weather = insects. Many colonists died the first summer from malaria

How did they fail?

  • Men on the expedition were related to lords and wealth (English gentlemen) and therefore were not used to doing what?

  • Yes…many of the colonists had no intention of doing the hard farming or construction work required to build the settlement

  • The colonists relied on the generosity of Chief Powhatan (Pochontas’ Father) from the local Algonquian tribe to survive

  • By the next year (spring of 1608) only 38 of the original colonists were still alive

How did they fail?

  • Conditions in Jamestown were bad. Why?

  • No leadership

  • In the Fall of 1608, John Smith was sent from London to lead the colony

  • He drew up rules and most importantly said, “Those who do not work, do not eat.”

  • Under Smith the colonists cut timber, created buildings, and grew crops

How did they succeed?

  • Meanwhile 500 more English gentlemen and women arrive

  • To get more food Smith raided the Native American villages. What did this do to the relationship with Chief Powhatan?

  • In the fall of 1609, Smith gets a gun powder burn and returns to England

  • What can you predict happens next without his leadership?

Who took charge?

  • Relations with the natives worsen

  • The Chief refused to give any more supplies or food

  • The winter of 1609-1610 is called the “starving time”

  • Colonists cannibalized dead bodies to survive the winters

  • Only 60 colonists survived by the Spring of 1610

  • In 1611, marshal law was created called the “Laws Divine Moral and Martial.” These laws created authority and order in a time of chaos.

What was the “Starving Time?”

  • Even through the hard times, the Virginia Company continued to send new colonists

  • Eventually they learned to sustain the colony by finding a source of income…?

  • Tobacco became the colonies source of revenue

  • By the early 1620s, Virginia farmers were selling all the tobacco they could grow

  • By 1625, Virginia was harvesting 250,000 pounds of tobacco

Creating order and prosperity

  • In 1619, Virginia created an assembly called the “The House of Burgesses”

  • This lawmaking body was a representative government: voters elect people to make laws for them

  • They made laws and set taxes underneath the leadership of the governor.

  • The House of Burgesses marked the start to a representative government in North America

  • Who else arrived in the colonies in the summer of 1619?

Creating order and prosperity

  • Summary: Argue if Jamestown was a success or a failure, explain using evidence

  • Explain in what ways Disney lied to you.(Sorry) What about Disney’s version of Jamestown, Pocahontas, and John Smith are historically inaccurate?

  • EQ: Why was Plymouth founded?

  • TSWBAT summarize the early British settlements of Jamestown and Plymouth


Bell-work 8/29/13


  • The student will be able to summarize the early British settlement of Plymouth and understand their desire to colonize the new world

  • What goal from our Unit LGS are we concentrating on today from the objective above

  • Yes, goal C

  • Open back up to page 11, we will pick up were we left off with the EPIC failures of early Jamestown

Objective and Scales

  • Read: Plymouth Colony pg. 68-71


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