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New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets Division of Food Safety & Inspection www.agmkt.state.ny.us. Poultry-Small Animal Slaughterhouse Inspections and Exempt Establishment Reviews. March 10, 2009 Albany, New York. Clarence Davis, Supervising Food Inspector

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Poultry-Small Animal Slaughterhouse Inspections and Exempt Establishment Reviews

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Poultry small animal slaughterhouse inspections and exempt establishment reviews

New York State Department of Agriculture & MarketsDivision of Food Safety & Inspectionwww.agmkt.state.ny.us

Poultry-Small Animal Slaughterhouse

Inspections and Exempt

Establishment Reviews

March 10, 2009 Albany, New York

Clarence Davis, Supervising Food Inspector




  • Retail Exemption - household consumers, hotels, restaurants and institutions.

  • Producer/Grower or Other Person (PGOP) 20,000 Limit - household consumers, restaurants, hotels and boarding houses.

  • Producer/Grower 20,000 Limit - distributor, hotel, restaurant, retail store, institution, or small enterprise.

  • Small Enterprise 20,000 Limit - dressed poultry may be purchased and distributed as carcasses and whose processing is limited to cutting up of inspected or exempted poultry products.



  • Producer/grower 1,000 Limit:

    • 250 turkeys or

    • 1,000 birds of all other species

  • Marketed at:

    • On-farm stands

    • Roadside stands

    • Farmers markets

  • No inspection or license required

Poultry small animal slaughterhouse inspections and exempt establishment reviews

Labeling Requirements for Producer/Grower Wholesales to Retail Stores

  • Safe handling instructions modified per 9 CFR 381.125(b)(2)(ii) as product is not USDA inspected.

  • Producer’s name.

  • Producer’s address.

  • The statement “Exempt P.L. 90-492.

  • Adhered to the package as a label or a wing tag.

Amendments to article 5 a

Amendments to Article 5-A

  • Subdivision 96-b - In a city with a population of one million or more, the Commissioner shall not license any person, firm, partnership or corporation to operate any place or establishment where animals and/or fowls are slaughtered or butchered for food within a 1,500 food radius of a residential dwelling.

  • Effective August 5, 2008

  • Effective until 2012.

Amendments to article 5 a1

Amendments to Article 5-A

  • Amendment to Article 5-A,Section 96-C

    Posting of inspection results required

    Effective November 4, 2008.

  • Amendment to Article 5-A, Section 96-f(2)

    5-A License shall be revoked upon establishing failure of three consecutive inspections.

    Effective January 2, 2009.

What are the issues

What are the Issues?

  • Overcrowding.

  • Inadequate number of storage cages.

  • Improper use of shipping crates.

  • Improper storage of shipping crates.

What are the issues1

What are the Issues?

  • Insanitary holding cages.

  • Improper processing equipment.

  • Equipment in good repair.

  • Unclean food contact equipment.

  • Inadequate handwashing facilities.

What are the issues2

What are the Issues?

  • Improper product


  • Vermin

  • Flies

  • Cockroaches

  • Rodents

Inspection frequency

Inspection Frequency

  • 82 live poultry markets in New York City.

    • Inspected monthly.

    • Re-inspected within 10 days.

  • 55 poultry & small animal slaughterhouses on Long Island and Upstate NY.

    • Inspected 3 times yearly.

    • Re-inspected within 10 days.

  • Seasonal operations once before and once after opening.

Usda exempt establishment


Usda exempt establishment review

USDA Exempt Establishment Review

  • A custom exempt establishment is a facility where an individual can bring his or her animal, alive or slaughtered, for further processing.

  • The processed products are to be used by the owner, members of his or her household, non-paying guests and employees.

  • Processed products cannot be sold.

Usda exempt establishment review1

USDA Exempt Establishment Review)

  • All products must be marked “Not for Sale” with food grade ink.

  • Packaged products must be labeled “Not for Sale”.

  • Carcass and processed products are exempted from USDA inspection.

Usda exempt establishment review2

USDA Exempt Establishment Review

Division of Food Safety and

Inspection conducts reviews

of custom exempt

establishments under a

Cooperative Agreement with


Usda exempt establishments

USDA Exempt Establishments

  • Exempt establishment reviews are conducted in accordance with FSIS Directive 5930.1, Revision 3.

  • Exempt Establishment Reviews are conducted on an annual basis.

  • 114 Upstate New York.

  • 44 New York City area.

Usda exempt establishment reviews

USDA Exempt Establishment Reviews

  • Reviews are scored “Acceptable” or “Unacceptable”.

  • Reports scored “Unacceptable” are jointly reviewed with USDA to determine if follow up is necessary.

  • Follow up review is conducted within 10 days if there is a likelihood of product contamination, rodent or insect infestation.

  • 30 days for recordkeeping, sewage and waste issues.

What are the issues3

What are the Issues?

  • Lack of certificates of water potability.

  • Inadequate recordkeeping.

  • Insanitary conditions and equipment.

  • Marking and labeling.

  • Product contamination.

  • Deficiencies are corrected during the review when possible.



Clarence Davis

Division of Food Safety And Inspection

NYS Dept of Agriculture and Markets



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