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Discover the powerful new features in microsoft office 2007
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Discover The Powerful New Features In Microsoft Office 2007. By Your name Your company name. Microsoft Office 2007. A New And Intuitive Look Create Professional-looking Documents Manage And Protect Information Recover From Computer Problems More Useful Tools New file format.

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Discover The Powerful New Features In Microsoft Office 2007

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Discover the powerful new features in microsoft office 2007

Discover The Powerful New Features In Microsoft Office 2007


Your name

Your company name

Microsoft office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007

  • A New And Intuitive Look

  • Create Professional-looking Documents

  • Manage And Protect Information

  • Recover From Computer Problems

  • More Useful Tools

  • New file format

A new and intuitive look cont

A New And Intuitive Look (cont…)

  • The Microsoft Office button

  • The Ribbons

  • Access Keys

  • Quick Access Toolbar

  • Mini toolbar

  • Drop-down galleries

  • Live preview

  • Dialog Box Launcher

A new and intuitive look

A New And Intuitive Look

The microsoft office button

The Microsoft Office button

  • Located at the upper-left corner of the message window.

  • Replaces the ‘File’ menu and provides access to functionality like New, Open, Save and Print, etc.

The ribbons cont

The Ribbons (cont…)

  • Replace the toolbar in earlier versions.

  • Helps you run commands much more quickly.

  • Find features and commands in intuitively categorized tabs and related groups.

The ribbons

The Ribbons

  • Standard tabs - the standard set of tabs .

  • Contextual tab – appears only when they are useful in task you are performing.

Access keys

Access Keys

  • If you prefer to access the Ribbon using the keyboard or your mouse is having a problem, you can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform tasks without reaching for the mouse.

Quick access toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar

  • The Quick Access Toolbar is located by default at the top of the window and provides quick access to tools that you use frequently.

Mini toolbar

Mini Toolbar

  • Mini toolbar pops up near the selected text whenever some text is selected. It provides quick access to some common formatting toolbar buttons, such as font, font size, bold, italic, font color, increase font size and decrease font size.

Drop down galleries

Drop-down Galleries

  • Many dialog boxes are replaced with drop-down galleries that display the available options, and descriptive tooltips or sample previews are provided to help you choose the right option.

Live preview

Live Preview

  • A new feature to let you view the effects before choosing the option.

Dialog box launcher

Dialog Box Launcher

  • You can quickly open a dialog box using the Dialog Box Launcher.

Create professional looking documents

Create Professional-looking Documents

  • Quick Styles

  • Document Themes

  • Designer-quality SmartArt Graphics

  • New Look For Charts

Quick styles

Quick Styles

  • Collections of formatting options that make formatting your documents and objects easier.

  • Present all of the effects and formatting options that you can apply to objects such as tables and charts.

Document themes

Document Themes

  • You can quickly change the appearance of text, tables, and graphics throughout your document to match your preferred style or color scheme.

Designer quality smartart graphics cont

Designer-quality SmartArt Graphics (cont…)

  • You can create editable professional illustrations in an Office 2007 applications.

Designer quality smartart graphics

Designer-quality SmartArt Graphics

  • Add stunning visual effects such as shadow, reflection, glow, soft edges, warp, bevel, and 3-D effects to your SmartArt graphics, shapes, WordArt, and charts.

New look for charts cont

New Look For Charts (cont…)

  • Visual chart element pickers - quickly change every element of the chart such as the titles, legends, data labels, and other chart elements.

  • Drawn with OfficeArt that creates professional-looking charts with special effects such as a soft shadow, bevel effect, transparency and realistic 3-D effects.

New look for charts cont1

New Look For Charts (cont…)

  • Clear lines appear less jagged, and ClearType fonts improve readability.

  • More colors - 16 million.

  • Saving a chart template is much easier in the new user interface.

  • The powerful charting features of Excel is now shared between Word and PowerPoint.

  • .

New look for charts

New Look For Charts

Manage and protect information

Manage And Protect Information

  • Document Information Panel

  • Inspect A Document

  • Mark As Final

  • Add Digital Signatures And Signature Lines

Document information panel

Document Information Panel

  • The Document Information Panel makes it easy to view and edit document properties while you work on your documents.

Inspect a document

Inspect A Document

  • Help you to review and remove the hidden data or personal information that might be stored in the document itself or in the document properties such as the author's name, comments, and etc.

  • Avoid revealing confidential information before sharing the document with clients or colleagues.

Mark as final

Mark As Final

  • Make the document read-only before sharing it so that viewers cannot inadvertently change the document.

  • The Mark as Final command is not a security feature. Anyone can edit that document by removing Mark as Final status from the document.

Add digital signatures and signature lines

Add Digital Signatures And Signature Lines

  • Add one or more signature lines to capture a visible signature along with a digital signature.

  • The 2007 Microsoft Office system introduces the ability to insert a signature line into a document.

  • Applicable only to Word documents and Excel workbooks.

Recover from computer problems

Recover From Computer Problems

  • Office Diagnostics

  • Program Recovery

Office diagnostics

Office Diagnostics

  • A series of diagnostic tests helps you to discover why your computer is crashing.

  • Solve some problems directly and may identify ways that you can solve other problems.

  • Replaces the Office 2003 features: Detect and Repair and Microsoft Office Application Recovery.

Program recovery

Program Recovery

  • Improved capabilities to help you to avoid losing work when the program closes abnormally. Whenever possible, Office 2007 programs try to recover some aspects of the state of the program after it restarts.

More useful tools

More Useful Tools

  • Pin Documents

  • New Proofing Tools

  • Compatibility Checker

  • More templates

Pin documents

Pin Documents

  • The Recent Documents list in Office 2007 allows you to pin documents to the list that you want to remain accessible regardless of recent use.

  • The Pin icon on the Recent Documents list makes it easy to pin or unpin documents as needed.

New proofing tools

New Proofing Tools

  • Spelling checker is more consistent. All Microsoft Office 2007 programs share the same custom dictionaries and can manage them by using the same dialog box.

  • An exclusion dictionary is automatically created.

  • The spelling checker can find some contextual spelling errors.

Compatibility checker

Compatibility Checker 

  • You can check the Office 2007 file to see if it contains features or formatting that are not compatible with an earlier version so that you can make necessary changes to it.

More templates

More Templates 

  • In Microsoft Office 2007, you have a variety of templates installed, or you can quickly access and download templates from the Microsoft Office Online Web site.

New file formats

New File Formats

  • New XML-based File Format

  • Saving As PDF And XPS Format

New xml based file format

New XML-based File Format

  • New default file formats for Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx) , and PowerPoint (.pptx), known as the Office Open XML formats.

  • These new file formats facilitate integration with external data sources

  • Reduced file sizes and improved data corruption recovery.

Saving as pdf and xps format

Saving As PDF And XPS Format  

  • You can now save a 2007 Microsoft Office system program file as a PDF or XPS format. (only after you install an add-in.)

Application specific improvements

Application Specific Improvements

  • Microsoft Word 2007

  • Microsoft Excel 2007

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007

Microsoft word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007

  • Microsoft Word New User Interface

  • New Word Default XML File Formats

  • Add A Cover Page

  • Insert A Quote Or A Sidebar

  • Building Blocks

  • Compare Two Versions Of A Document

Microsoft word new user interface

Microsoft Word New User Interface

New word default xml file formats

New Word Default XML File Formats

  • Document .docx

  • Macro-enabled document .docm

  • Template .dotx

  • Macro-enabled template .dotm Building Blocks

Add a cover page

Add A Cover Page

  • You are able to insert a cover page or a blank page easily.

Insert a quote or a sidebar

Insert A Quote Or A Sidebar

  • You are able to insert a quote or a sidebar easily.

Building blocks

Building Blocks

  • Help you to add preformatted content to your documents easily from a gallery of preformatted cover pages, pull quotes, and headers and footers.

  • You can also create your own building blocks.

Compare two versions of a document

Compare Two Versions Of A Document

  • Office Word 2007 makes it easy to find out what changes were made to a document. When you compare and combine documents, you can see both versions of the document — with the deleted, inserted, and moved text clearly marked in a third version of the document.

Microsoft excel 2007 cont

Microsoft Excel 2007 (cont…)

  • Microsoft Excel New User Interface

  • New Excel Default XML File Formats

  • New Page Layout View

  • More Rows And Columns

  • Other New Limits

  • Easy Formula Writing

  • Name Manager

Microsoft excel 2007 cont1

Microsoft Excel 2007 (cont…)

  • Watch Window

  • New OLAP Formulas And Cube Functions

  • Built-in Cell Style

  • Rich Conditional Formatting

  • Improved Sorting And Filtering

  • New And Improved Functionality For Tables

Microsoft excel 2007

Microsoft Excel 2007

  • Easy-to-use PivotTables

  • Easy-to-create PivotCharts

  • Quick Connections To External Data

Microsoft excel new user interface

Microsoft Excel New User Interface

New excel default xml file formats

New Excel Default XML File Formats

  • Workbook .xlsx

  • Macro-enabled workbook .xlsm

  • Template .xltx

  • Macro-enabled template .xltm

  • Non-XML binary workbook .xlsb

  • Macro-enabled add-in .xlam

New page layout view

New Page Layout View

  • Helps you to create a worksheet while keeping an eye on how it will look in printed format.

  • Manage page headers, footers, and easy access to all page setup options.

More rows and columns

More Rows And Columns

  • 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns, (1,500% more rows and 6,300% more columns than Excel 2003).

  • Use unlimited types of formatting in the same workbook, and the number of cell references per cell are increased from 8 thousand to limited by available memory.

Other new limits cont

Other New Limits (cont…)

  • Unlimited number types of formatting in the same workbook (4,000 in Excel 2003).

  • The number of cell references per cell are increased to limited by available memory (8,000 in Excel 2003) .

  • Memory management increased from 1 GB to 2 GB.

Other new limits

Other New Limits

  • Supports dual-processors and multithreaded chipsets for faster calculations in large, formula-intensive worksheets.

  • Supports up to 16 million colors.

Easy formula writing

Easy Formula Writing

  • Resizable formula bar

  • Function AutoComplete

  • Structured references that refer named ranges and tables

Name manager

Name Manager

  • Helps you to access named ranges easily.

  • Organizes, updates, and manages multiple named ranges in a central location.

Watch window

Watch Window

  • Helps to inspect or confirm the formula calculations and results in large worksheets. You no longer need to repeatedly scroll to different parts of the worksheet to monitor the values when changes are made to the worksheet.

New olap formulas and cube functions

New OLAP Formulas And Cube Functions

  • You can use OLAP formulas to build complex, free form, OLAP data bound reports.

  • New cube functions are used to extract OLAP data from Analysis Services and display it in a cell.

  • OLAP formulas can be generated when you convert PivotTable formulas to cell formulas.

Built in cell style

Built-in Cell Style

  • A cell style is a defined set of formatting (including the fonts, font sizes, number formats, cell borders, and cell shading.) that you can apply to the cells.

Rich conditional formatting cont

Rich Conditional Formatting (cont…)

  • Contain up to sixty-four conditions instead of three in earlier versions.

  • The conditional formatting ranges in cell can overlap and you can also apply it to ranges that are not adjacent.

  • All conditional formatting rules remain available in the workbook, however, and are applied when the workbook is opened again in Excel 2007, unless the rules are edited in the earlier version of Excel.

Rich conditional formatting

Rich Conditional Formatting

  • Visually annotate your data to easily find exceptions and to spot important trends in your data.

  • Apply rich visual formatting in the form of gradient colors, data bars, and icon sets to data that meets those rules.

Improved sorting and filtering

Improved Sorting And Filtering

  • Sort data by color and by more than 3 (and up to 64) levels.

  • Filter data by color or by dates, display more than 1000 items in the AutoFilter drop-down list, select multiple items to filter, and filter data in PivotTables.

New and improved functionality for tables cont

New And Improved Functionality For Tables (cont…)

  • Table header rows - can be turned on or off.

  • Calculated columns  - automatically expands to include additional rows

  • Automatic AutoFiltering.

  • Structured references - allow you to use table column header names in formulas

  • Total rows - allow you to enter custom formulas and text entries.

New and improved functionality for tables

New And Improved Functionality For Tables

Easy to use pivottables cont

Easy-to-use PivotTables (cont…)

  • Use Undo in PivotTables. 

  • Plus and minus drill-down indicators to expand or collapse parts of the PivotTable.

  • Sorting and filtering are much easier .

  • Apply conditional formatting to an Office Excel 2007 Pivot Table by cell or by intersection of cells.

  • Apply a predefined or custom style to a PivotTable .

Easy to use pivottables

Easy-to-use PivotTables

Easy to create pivotcharts

Easy-to-create PivotCharts

  • All of the filtering improvements are also available for PivotCharts.

  • Specific PivotChart tools and context menus help you to analyze the data in the chart.

  • You can also change the format of the chart or its elements like a regular chart.

  • The chart formatting is preserved when you make changes to the PivotChart, an improvement over Excel 2003.

Quick connections to external data

Quick Connections To External Data

  • Use Quicklaunch to select the data sources from a list that your administrator has made available for you.

  • You no longer need to know the server or database names .

  • A connection manager allows you to view and reuse a connection or to change a connection in a workbook.

Microsoft powerpoint 2007

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

  • Microsoft PowerPoint New User Interface

  • New PowerPoint Default XML File Formats

  • Custom Slide Layouts

  • Presenter View

  • New Slide Transitions And Effects

  • Chart Animation

  • Slide Library

Microsoft powerpoint new user interface

Microsoft PowerPoint New User Interface

New powerpoint default xml file formats

New PowerPoint Default XML File Formats

  • Presentation .pptx

  • Macro-enabled presentation .pptm

  • Template .potx

  • Macro-enabled template .potm

  • Macro-enabled add-in .ppam

  • Show .ppsx

  • Macro-enabled show .ppsm

  • Slide .sldx

  • Macro-enabled slide .sldm

  • Office theme .thmx

Custom slide layouts

Custom Slide Layouts

  • Create your own custom layouts that can contain as many placeholders as you want.

  • Can now create multiple slide master sets with custom layouts for different slide topics.

Presenter view

Presenter View

  • Run your presentation from one monitor while the audience views it on the second monitor.

  • Use thumbnails to customize presentation.

  • Preview what your next click will add to the screen.

  • Speaker's notes are large and clear enough to be used as a script during your presentation.

  • This feature requires multiple monitors or a laptop with dual-display capabilities.

New slide transitions and effects

New Slide Transitions And Effects

  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 includes many different types of slide transitions.

Chart animation

Chart Animation

  • Animation features are easier to find and you have a lot more control in an Excel-based chart.

  • For example, - Animate the entire chart or the legend entry and axis labels. - Animate individual columns. - Make changes to individual animation steps, and use more animation effects.

Slide library

Slide Library

  • You can publish,share and reuse slide content by storing individual slide files in a centrally located Slide Library on a server running Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Microsoft outlook 2007 cont

Microsoft Outlook 2007 (cont…)

  • New To-Do Bar

  • The Navigation Pane

  • Instant Search

  • Color Categories

  • Attachment Previewing

  • Calendar Overlays

Microsoft outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007

  • Electronic Business Cards 

  • Calendar Snapshots

  • Flag Recipient For Follow-up

  • Improved Scheduling Capabilities

  • Task Integration On The Calendar 

New to do bar

New To-Do Bar

  • Giving you a consolidated view by integrating your tasks, email messages flagged for follow-up, upcoming appointments, and calendar information in one convenient place.

The navigation pane

The Navigation Pane 

  • Can now be minimized into a vertical button bar, to provide you with a larger work area while allowing quick access to Favorite Folders and other views.

Instant search

Instant Search

  • New search feature allows you to search by keyword through all of your emails and their attachments.

  • Improved visual design displays each individual search result immediately, while the search is still running.

  • Appears in the same place no matter where you are in Outlook.

Color categories

Color Categories 

  • you assign a color category to all theitems.

  • you can search and sort by Color Categories to quickly and visually identify what you are looking for.

Attachment previewing

Attachment Previewing

  • Using the new Attachment Previewer, you can view your attachments from within the message Reading Pane by making only a single click, without opening a separate program in a separate window.

Calendar overlays

Calendar Overlays 

  • Overlay mode combines multiple calendars (e.g. your personal and business calendars) into a single view.

  • To identify conflicts or to get a completepicture of your schedule easily.

Electronic business cards

Electronic Business Cards 

  • An easy way to create, customize, and share your information with customers, clients, or friends.

  • cCan be exchanged easily through e-mail messages, and can be saved to your Contacts folder.

Calendar snapshots cont

Calendar Snapshots (cont…)

  • With Calendar snapshots, Outlook 2007 creates an HTML representation of your calendar, making it easier to share this information with anyone. You can send your calendar in an e-mail message. The recipient can open the calendar either in their Web browser or in Outlook.

Calendar snapshots

Calendar Snapshots

Flag recipient for follow up

Flag Recipient For Follow-up

  • Outlook 2007 allows you to flag a message for a recipient to follow up. For example, assume you want the recipient to take action on a message you send, you can specify a reminder on the message. When the reminder time arrives, the recipient will receive an Outlook reminder regarding the item.

Improved scheduling capabilities

Improved Scheduling Capabilities

  • Improved scheduling capabilities in Office Outlook 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 help you to schedule meetings easily and in less time. When changes are made to the meeting location or agenda, attendees receive an informational update, rather than having to reaccept the meeting.

  • changes are highlighted in the meeting update, making it easier to locate the information that has been modified.

Task integration on the calendar cont

Task Integration On The Calendar(cont…)

  • Integrates tasks on the calendar into the Daily Task List beneath your daily appointments and meetings.

  • To allot time for working on a task, just drag the task onto your calendar. When you complete a task on a given day, the task sticks to that day, providing a visual record of the work that you performed.

Task integration on the calendar

Task Integration On The Calendar 

  • Tasks that you donot complete roll over to the next day, and accumulate until you mark them as complete.

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