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Warm up 2
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Answer in complete sentences Describe the borders (N, S, E & W) of Europe Describe the 3 Major climate zones in Europe Formulate an argument for or against Europe being a continent When you are done, put your name on your paper, set it aside, get out your notes and DO NOT touch your laptop.

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Warm Up #2

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Warm up 2

Answer in complete sentences

  • Describe the borders (N, S, E & W) of Europe

  • Describe the 3 Major climate zones in Europe

  • Formulate an argument for or against Europe being a continent

  • When you are done, put your name on your paper, set it aside, get out your notes and DO NOT touch your laptop.

Warm Up #2

European history 476 ad to 568 ad

European History 476 AD to 568 AD

The spread of Christianity, the Plague & the onset of the Dark Ages

Major events figures

  • Odoacer

  • Clovis

  • King Arthur

  • Theodoric the Great

  • Cerdic & Cynric

  • Justinian & Theodora

  • Bubonic Plague

Major Events/Figures

476 ad

  • The last Roman emperor in the West, Romulus Augustus, was deposed by the Foederati Chieftain, Odoacer

476 AD

481 ad

  • Clovis becomes the ruler of the Salian Franks at the age of 13 after the death of his father

481 AD

480 485 ad

  • The Romano-British began to fight off the invasions of the Germanic Saxons.

  • This period spawned the tales of King Arthur, who may or may not have existed.

480-485 AD

493 ad

  • With the support of the Byzantine Empire, the Ostrogoths led by Theodoric the Great invade Italy and defeat Odoacer.

  • They establish the Ostrogothic Kingdom.

493 AD

495 ad

  • Cerdic & Cynric land somewhere on the south coast of Great Britain.

495 AD

Christmas day 496 ad

  • Clovis is baptized into the Catholic faith

  • Within a few years all of the Franks have converted to Catholicism

Christmas Day, 496 AD

507 511 ad

  • Clovis dictates the Salic Law

  • He moves the Frankish capital to Paris

  • He dies and splits his kingdom into four parts, leaving each to a son

507 – 511 AD

519 ad

  • Cerdic becomes the first King of Wessex

519 AD

523 ad

  • Justinian marries Theodora

523 AD

525 ad

  • The Angles settle in NE England in an area called Bernicia

525 AD

527 ad

  • Justinian I becomes the Byzantine Emperor

527 AD

529 ad

  • The Benedictine Order is established at Monte Cassino

529 AD

532 ad

  • Justinian I orders the construction of the Hagia Sophia

532 AD

534 535 ad

  • The Byzantine Empire defeats the Vandal Kingdom in North Africa

  • They then begin an invasion to re-take the Italian Peninsula from the Ostrogoths

534 – 535 AD

540 ad

  • The Ostrogothsconvice the Persians to break their “Eternal” peace agreement with the Byzantine Empire

  • This creates a four front war for the Byzantines

    • Italy in the West, Persia in the East, Moors in North Africa and Barbarian tribes in the Balkans

540 AD

541 ad

  • The Bubonic plague appears suddenly in Egypt and quickly spreads to Constantinople where it kills at least 230,000 people

541 AD

546 ad

  • The Lombards, a Germanic tribe in Pannonia, ally with the Byzantine Empire and attack the Gepid Kingdom in the Carpathian Mountains

546 AD

550 ad

  • Chararic, King of the Suevi converts to Catholicism

550 AD

552 ad

  • Justinian receives silkworm eggs smuggled from China by two Nestorian Monks

  • He intends to set up his own Silk production to bypass the need to trade with the far East

552 AD

553 ad

  • The Byzantine army in Italy crushes the Gothic army and her Frankish allies, ending the Ostrogothic Kingdom

553 AD

557 558 ad

  • The Avars, dispossesed nobles from Central Asia push into Pannonia from the East

  • Slavic tribesmen push down into Pannonia from the North

  • This causes the Lombards to push Southeast into Italy

557 – 558 AD

562 ad

  • The Byzantine and Persian empires sign a peace treaty

  • King Sigebert I, the Merovingian ruler of Austrasia repels an attack by the Avars

562 AD

565 ad

  • Justin II succeeds Justinian I as the Emperor of Byzantium

  • He immediately sends troops to support the Gepids against his former allies, the Lombards

565 AD

566 567 ad

  • The Lombards ally with the Avars then invade and crush the Kingdom of the Gepids

566 – 567 AD

568 ad

  • The Lombards then turn West, gang up with a bunch of Bavarians, Sarmatians, Saxons and Taifali and invade Italy

  • The Avars, Bulgars and Slavs fill the vacuum left behind in the Balkans

568 AD

Okay did i do it in 10 mins

  • Now everyone can open up their laptops and log in to their accounts. If you do not remember how to do it, raise your hand and someone will be around to help you.

  • Once you are logged in go to www.timetoast.com in your browser.

  • Click on the create an account button, write down your information somewhere that you will be able to access it at a later date.

  • If you have completed all of these steps, help someone nearby who may be having a difficult time.

Okay, Did I do it in 10 mins?

Online assignment 1

  • You are going to create a timeline that contains 6-10 facts from today’s lecture.

  • The power point presentation is located online on Mr. Morrow’s school website for you to access and use.

  • This is a test to see how many of you can find Mr. Morrow’s school website. If you are having problems ask your neighbor to help, or raise your hand.

  • When you are finished with your timeline you will name it “first name”+ space + “last name” + space + “timeline1” and then you will change its status from draft to public.

  • You have 25 minutes to work on this in class, READY? GO!!!!

Online Assignment 1

Log out of your computer and take out your agenda

  • You are receiving assignments 6.2, 6.7 & 6.9

  • 6.2 is due on Friday 1/11/2013

  • 6.7 is due on Thursday 1/24/2013

  • 6.9 is due on Friday 1/25/2013

  • Make sure you write these dates down in your agenda!

  • Now let’s go over each assignment.

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