My life and pop culture
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My Life and Pop Culture PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Life and Pop Culture. Jorge M. Gutierrez. BabyYears.

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My Life and Pop Culture

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My life and pop culture

My Life and Pop Culture

Jorge M. Gutierrez



  • As a baby I did not have much o an option on what type of popular culture symbols were going to be around me but my mother made sure that there was always a clown around for my birthday, which is something that I will probably o for my own kids if I ever have them.

Going into kinder garden

Going into Kinder Garden

  • While in Kinder Garden I realized that I did not have to like every cartoon or superhero, and it was the Power Rangers that became the first of my distastes. The reason is that every kid at my garden would play to be Power Rangers every single day and playing that was not something I enjoyed so instead I would spend many recesses alone.

Grade school

Grade School

  • Starting grade school I will start to develop my first and most lasting passion, this passion is soccer. Instead of spending recess alone, I would be spending every minute of it playing soccer with my classmates playing against other grades. It was on my school’s dirt fields where I had my first non-human love, soccer.

My life and pop culture


  • Other activities that distracted me as a boy involved playing with my friends from the block. These activities included playing with spin tops, slammers, and even monopoly.

My life and pop culture


  • The one thing I was not ever going to miss on TV was Dragon Ball Z!



  • I did not start to develop a taste for music until the beginnings of my teenage years. This was the time that my brother would blast Mexican music in the house and by hearing it so much and so often I began to like it as well. I this picture you can see me practicing some songs with a friend before serenating his mother for her birth day.

High school

High School

  • The one thing that would distract me from school and girls would be playing sports. Basketball and Baseball would become my favorite part of the day, and competing against other schools my mindset.

The dark knight

The Dark Knight

  • I have never been a “movie watcher”, but after watching “The Dark Knight” I fell in love with a movie for the first time. I do not know what it is about this trilogy, but something about it drew my attention and I am willing to watch these movies again-and-again.



  • After becoming friends with some of the foreign exchange students in high school, I would trade soccer jerseys with them by the time they went back home. Since then, I have collected soccer jerseys from many parts of the world. On this photo I am wearing a jersey given to me by my friend Leo from Germany.

Present undergrad

Present (Undergrad)

  • As an undergraduate I spend a lot of my free time playing video games, mainly FIFA 13. When I am not in school I like to travel, in the picture to the right you can see me in Mexico City!

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