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oldku.org. Introduction to Digital Cameras. by Jerry Niebaum. for the amatuer. Photo by Judy Niebaum. Most of us simply want to point and click. and capture the image in the view screen. Step 1: Read your manual. Find out how to set your camera to automatic, and do so.

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Introduction to

Digital Cameras

by Jerry Niebaum

for the amatuer

Photo by Judy Niebaum

Most of us simply want

to point and click ...

and capture the image in the view screen.

Find out how to set

your camera to

automatic, and do so.

Before you leave

for vacation !!

So, what does automatic do?

Focus, for one thing.

How does it work?

Active auto focus systems use distance sensors

that measure the distance from the camera to the

objects in the scene. Usually the camera measures

the distance to the object or objects around the

center of the photo. By knowing that distance the

camera can then set the camera lenses to achieve

good focus.

Auto Focus

Red Eye Reduction Lamp

Self-timer Lamp

On/Off switch



Viewfinder window







Viewfinder Window

LCD Monitor

To focus: partially depress the shutter button

Complete the picture capture by fully depressing

What else is automatic?

Flash, for example.



No Flash

Flash Red Eye Reduction

Flash Choices

While you are learning,

concentrate on 3 things:




One great thing about

digital photography:

You can try

Your shots

Over and

Over and

Over …

What else ?

Rechargeable Battery

Memory Card

A replacement

battery may

be expensive.

For our camera

it is about $35.

Memory Cards

Compact Flash

Secure Digital

Memory Stick

Mini Secure Digital

Learn which memory

card(s) will work in

your digital camera.

How many pictures

can I store on my

digital camera ?

If I have this

much memory.

Memory space needed

depends on how

much resolution

each picture has.

For example a camera

with 1600 x 1200 pixels

has 1,920,000 picture

elements (pixels).

On our camera we

can store 1 picture

per 2 megabytes, or

about 1000 pictures

on a 2 gigabyte card.

How can I get my

digital pictures

into my computer ?

Connect your camera

directly and use it as

you would a disk drive.

Connect your camera

directly and use the

software that came

with your camera.

Some cameras offer

the option of printing

directly from the camera.

Alternatives for

digital prints.

How do you get to the

digital photography

Hall of Fame?