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Redistricting MD-20. Ensuring A Strong Future. Rev 09-07-10. Rationale . Membership in MD-20 going down and down 5 of 12 districts are below 1250 members MD-20 income dropping Expenses limited to 2% annualized increase but MD-20 will still be bankrupt in 5 years.

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Redistricting MD-20

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Redistricting MD-20

Ensuring A Strong Future

Rev 09-07-10


  • Membership in MD-20 going down and down

  • 5 of 12 districts are below 1250 members

  • MD-20 income dropping

  • Expenses limited to 2% annualized increase but MD-20 will still be bankrupt in 5 years

Committee Composition

  • The LRP Committee of 2008

  • Successive CC’s

  • State Secretary Treasurer

  • The International Family

Our deliberations have been comprehensive, detailed and careful

3 consecutive Councils have been aware of our deliberations

and worked to reverse the membership losses utilizing the GMT and

MERLO Teams to return all 12 districts to full district status

We are well aware of the difficulties redistricting presents

We are well aware of the uncertainty and anxiety it produces





US Household Income

Assume $100,000 as an example

In 2010 inflation has reduced it to $80,380

What Can a Household Do?

  • More Income

  • Less Expense

  • Both

  • Downsize

MD-20 Membership By District

MD-20 Membership 2003-2009

MD-20 Dues Income

Dues Increase

Dues Increase

What Can MD-20 Do?

  • Add Members - We have not been successful

  • Raise Dues - Anger membership/lose members

  • Reduce Expenses - We have; see next slide

  • Downsize - Redistricting is downsizing

MD-20 Expenses

  • 1995 expenses were $ 418,000

  • 2010 expenses are projected to be $ 434,915

  • This is a total increase of only 4.04%

  • Annual rate of increase is only 0.25%

  • This is much lower than inflation over the same period of time

Redistricting is the only viable, effective, long term solution to the situation MD-20 is in.

Benefits of Redistricting

  • Financial - Each DG costs MD-20 about $7,000

  • Each district will be strong with significant membership

  • Every Lion who otherwise qualifies can run for international office

  • Districts will have a larger leadership pool to draw from

MD-20 Expenses for a District

Parameters Used In Developing The Plan

  • Start with a clean map - eliminate all current district boundaries and start fresh

  • Minimum district size of at least 1600 Lions

  • County lines used as district boundaries

  • Be as fair as possible to every Lion

  • Be even-handed across MD-20

  • Create a solution that will be successful and sustainable for decades

Start With A Clean Slate

Clean Slate


The Beginning of a New TraditionNew District Names

  • We recognize that with a new district distribution some traditional associations and identities will change

  • We want to avoid any appearance of one district “assimilating” another

  • We feel the most important part of districts is their effectiveness not their names

The New MD-20

The New MD-20# Clubs In Districts

Total Members - 16,935

The New MD-20 Map

Concerns About District Size

  • It is strongly suggested that both VDGs be fully utilized

  • The DG does not have to visit every club

  • Over 3 years the DG will have visited each club if the visitation distribution is designed correctly

How Do We Redistrict?

  • Each current sub district over 1250 members votes to approve the changes

  • All sub districts over 1250 must approve by a simple majority

  • After approval at the sub district level a vote at the MD-20 Convention will occur

  • A simple majority will approve the change

  • The ratified proposal is sent to the International Board for approval

  • After Board approval the change will take place at the start of the next Lions’ year - 2012-2013

Sub District Vote

  • Each sub district over 1250 at the beginning of the month of their convention is required to vote

  • Normal convention voting announcements and delegate qualifications must take place

  • There may have to be a “special” convention to complete on time

  • We are asking your cooperation to complete this process early in the year

  • The committee will visit each district to explain the proposal

MD-20 Vote

  • All certified delegates vote from all 12 districts regardless of size

  • A simple majority needed to pass

  • We will ask for seminar time to fully explain the proposal

Concerns We Have Considered

  • Create a STRONG VITAL MD-20

  • Be fair to all Lions

  • Recognize district size and travel

    • all districts will have major highways to facilitate travel throughout the districts

  • Use county lines for district boundaries

  • We are aware of 2nd VDG concerns and vulnerability - see next slide

VDG Concerns

  • The current 1st VDG will serve as DG in 2011-2012

  • We are acutely aware that in some of the new districts there may be two 2010-11 2nd VDGs ready to become DG in 2012

  • This will not affect all 2nd VDGs

  • We have a plan to amicably resolve the situation - see next slide

Resolving the 2nd VDG Situation

  • The two 2nd VDGs should begin NOW discussing in a cordial, ethical and Lions like fashion who will be elected DG first and who will wait a year - They have 18 months to decide

  • They will do this on their own without an election within the new district

  • The new district leadership, PDGs and International Family will enforce the decision of the Lions involved

The 2011 2nd VDG Election

  • Anyone considering running for 2nd VDG for the 2011-2012 Lions’ year should know that this same process will be applied for their moving up to 1st VDG

  • The current candidates may begin their discussions now or wait until after the 2011 MD-20 Convention.

  • We suggest starting early

The 2012-2013 Cabinet

  • The executive officers of the new sub districts should begin discussing appointments to the new cabinet early enough to create a smooth transition

  • It is suggested that in the case of a large merger an equal number of Lions from each of the old districts be appointed to keep things amicable

Merging of Finances

  • Each of the new districts will create a new bank account and the funds of districts merged will be distributed to them based on the number of members merged

  • Sub district dues will be transferred to the resulting new district from the old based on membership - less any accounts receivable from the individual clubs


  • This is a very difficult process with a lot of emotion - WE NEED TO BE OBJECTIVE

  • We all need to be STATESMEN AND

    HAVE REAL VISION for the future

  • This is not a time for parochialism

  • We need to be most concerned with the people and communities we serve rather than district boundaries, names, or internal administration

As difficult and emotionally charged as this process is we are confident that the Lions of MD-20 have the courage, leadership and vision to recognize the necessity of making this change


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