Is your child a poor reader maybe he or she just needs a memory upgrade
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Is your child a poor reader ? Maybe he or she just needs a memory upgrade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is your child a poor reader ? Maybe he or she just needs a memory upgrade. Martin Beaudoin, Ph.D . University of Alberta Suzanne Sauvé, MSc-SLP, R. SLP(C). Goals of the talk. Summarize the demographics of French Schools of Alberta Dual-route model of reading

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Is your child a poor reader ? Maybe he or she just needs a memory upgrade

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Is yourchild a poorreader? Maybehe or shejustneeds a memoryupgrade

Martin Beaudoin, Ph.D.

University of Alberta

Suzanne Sauvé, MSc-SLP, R. SLP(C)

Goals of the talk

  • Summarize the demographics of French Schools of Alberta

  • Dual-route model of reading

  • Describeprereadingskills

  • Show examples of tests from the battery

  • Demonstrate a demo of the web version

  • Nextsteps…

A map of Canada…

Demographics of French schools in Alberta

  • Alberta is 1.9% French-speakers, compared to 23% for Canada as a whole; all are bilinguals

  • 35 French schoolsacross the province

  • 6 428 childrenregistered in 2012-13

  • Large proportion of recent immigrants and refugees in someschools (up to 95%)

  • Thesechildren arrive atanyage and are integrated in schools by age, not educational background

  • Imagine the language and ethnicsoup!

Reading-aloudfrom a cognitive perspective

Hillis, A.E. (2001). Cognitive NeuropsycholigicalApproaches to Rehabilitation of

LanguageDisorders: Introduction. In Chapey, R. Language Intervention Strategiesin

Aphasiaand RelatedNeurogenic Communication Disorders. pp 513-523.


  • Manyskills are involved in reading, depending on the type of reading

  • The best known are phonological and phonemicawareness

  • Lexical access and verbal memory are alsofairlywellknown

  • However, manyothers are important for some of the subtasksinvolved in reading

  • Also, dyscalculiaiscloselyrelated to mostforms of dyslexia

General characteristics of test battery

  • All responses by children are spoken (thusrecorded)

  • Onlyreading tests involvewrittenwords/nonwords

  • Time ismeasured or limited in a number of tests

  • Minimal visualdistractors on screen

  • Computer-testinglimitserrorpotential and allowschools to run the batterywithout a specialist

  • Tests are marked by trainedtechnician and reviewed by SLP withconsideration of childhistory

  • Entire test batterytakes about 30-40 minutes

Basic reading tests (not actualorder)

  • Reading-aloud speed test (# wordsin 1 minute)

  • Regular-wordsreading (lexical access)

  • Irregular-wordsreading (lexical and non-lexical access)

  • Nonwordreading (lexical and non-lexical access)

  • Syllable inversion (phonologicalawareness)

  • Initial phonemedeletion (phonemicawareness)


More specific tests

  • Morpholexicaldecision (morpho. awareness)

  • Sentence repetition (verbal memory and syntacticawareness)

  • Immediate and delayedauditoryrecall (short-term verbal memory)

  • Rapid-Access-Naming of animal (lexical access)

  • Rapid-Access-Naming of letters (graphemicaccess)

RAN (animals)

Numeracy tests

  • Rapid-Access-Naming of digits (numericalaccess and visualaccuracy)

  • Digit sequencerepetition (verbal and numericalmemory)

  • Inverted digit sequencerepetition (workingverbal and numericalmemory)

Demo of web version of battery

Passwordprotected site with registration:

Future steps…

  • Norming (maybeFall 2014)

  • Translation to English and Spanish (2014-15)

  • Automatic speech recognition (?)

  • Login