Opsuite v6 0 flexilog shift roster emm and intellipermit features
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OpSUITE v6.0 FlexiLOG, Shift Roster, EMM and IntelliPERMIT Features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OpSUITE v6.0 FlexiLOG, Shift Roster, EMM and IntelliPERMIT Features. Henry Boshoff Principal Consultant. Session Objectives. Describe current state of development Educate on new features. FlexiLOG. Business Rules Enhanced Data Grid. IntelliPERMIT.

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Opsuite v6 0 flexilog shift roster emm and intellipermit features

OpSUITE v6.0 FlexiLOG, Shift Roster, EMM and IntelliPERMIT Features

Henry Boshoff

Principal Consultant

Session objectives
Session Objectives Features

  • Describe current state of development

  • Educate on new features

FlexiLOG Features

  • Business Rules

  • Enhanced Data Grid

IntelliPERMIT Features

  • Copy Isolation Procedures between Units

  • Create Isolation Procedure from Permit

IntelliPERMIT Features

  • Modifications to Isolation Procedure Management Screen

  • Edit Isolations Screen

IntelliPERMIT Features

  • Enhancement to functional location unit filter

  • Permit Priority

  • Email copy of permit

IntelliPERMIT Features

  • 16 new business rules:

    • Control isolation witness signatures (#40, #42, #43, #44)

    • Suspension of multiple permits (#33)

    • Warn of expiring competencies (#38)

    • Hold points for exceptions (#32)

    • Enforce isolation procedures (#35, #36, #40, #41, #42, #44, # 51, # 52, # 53)

    • Reviewing and editing permits (# 37, # 45, # 47)

    • Master/slave permit relationships (#37, #46)

    • Rules that pair/separate signatures (#34, #39, #48)

    • Notifications (#50)

    • Integration (#54)

Shift roster
Shift Roster Features

  • Planning of shift work

    • Adequate coverage of all positions/roles by competent persons

    • Access to “Fall back” rosters eg “A Shift Off”

  • Visibility on the current shift teams

    • See which individuals are currently filling a role

  • Record keeping

    • John Doe (qualified operator), B Shift, Unit 2 Controller, 2013/04/01, Night Shift)

  • Leave planning

    • NOTE: This is NOT a leave application and authorisation system

Shift roster calender
Shift Roster FeaturesCalender

Shift roster report
Shift Roster Report Features


Number of schedule conflicts for this user

Colour-coded weekends and public holidays

Colour-coded activities

Key concepts activities
Key Concepts - Activities Features

An activity is the work assigned to a person for a specified period of time. For example, “Morning Shift” is the period from 06:00 to 14:00.

Activities are typically represented by short codes and colours.

Key concepts teams and members
Key Concepts – Teams and Members Features

A team is simply a group of persons. Teams are sometimes loosely referred to as a “Shift”, short for “Shift Team”. An individual may belong to more than one team.

Populating the shift roster
Populating the Shift Roster Features

Select role eg U1 operator etc

Colours change according to activity selected eg Morning/Afternoon/Night

Select activity from dropdown

Click to add new row for this team/shift

Drop-down only includes users who are competent in this role

Changing multiple days
Changing Multiple Days Features

Activity will only change if selected

All selected shifts will be allocated to this user

Right-click to add a comment

Validation Features

Red indicates activity pattern is not meeting rules – yellow if names are missing. Click icon to view details of rules being broken

Select alternative roster pattern eg A Shift Off; B Shift Off etc.

Adding comments
Adding Comments Features

Comment indicator

Right-click to add a comment

Benefits Features

  • Online access to shift roster information

  • Ensure that all shifts are covered by competent persons

  • Easily handle fall-back rosters

  • Maintain a history of who filled a role

  • Flexible

Changes to electronic shift roster
Changes to Electronic Shift Roster Features

  • View more than one role at the same time (multi-select from dropdown)

Changes to electronic shift roster1
Changes to Electronic Shift Roster Features

  • Adding comments to more than one row

Changes to electronic shift roster2
Changes to Electronic Shift Roster Features

  • Rules reminders when assigning users

Changes to electronic shift roster3
Changes to Electronic Shift Roster Features

  • Quick User Assignment

Electronic meeting minutes
Electronic Meeting Minutes Features

  • Function to delete scheduled meetings

Electronic meeting minutes1
Electronic Meeting Minutes Features

  • Allowing items to be captured without a target date

Electronic meeting minutes2
Electronic Meeting Minutes Features

  • Displaying the title of the item on the feedback tab

  • Order minute items by Priority

Thank you questions
Thank you! FeaturesQuestions ?

Henry Boshoff

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