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Kenneth L. Morckel Director, Ohio Department of Public Safety PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Federal…. State…. Local…. Kenneth L. Morckel Director, Ohio Department of Public Safety Chair, State of Ohio Security Task Force. Terrorist threats did not start on 9/11/01. National Security Environment. Nation-State adversaries Focus on COMMUNISM Threat of global nuclear war

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Kenneth L. Morckel Director, Ohio Department of Public Safety

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Kenneth L. Morckel

Director, Ohio Department of Public Safety

Chair, State of Ohio Security Task Force

Terrorist threats did not start on 9/11/01

National Security Environment

  • Nation-State adversaries

  • Focus on COMMUNISM

  • Threat of global nuclear war

  • Dangerous but relatively predictable

  • Forward defense

  • Short of global war, U.S. homeland perceived as secure from any major threat

  • Fewer Nation-State adversaries

  • No “peer competitor;” U.S. is the only remaining “superpower”

  • Trans-national extremist groups

  • Globalization

  • Development and proliferation of“dual-use technologies” … WMD

  • Increased use of tactical TERRORISM

  • Homeland is non-secure and at risk



Post -Cold War Era

War on Terrorism

Cold War Era

War on Communism


Vice President

Executive Office

Dept. of Agriculture

Dept. of Commerce

Dept. of Defense

Dept. of Education

Dept. of Energy

Health & Human Services

Housing &



Dept. of



Dept. of Justice

Dept. of


Dept. of State

Department of


Dept. of The Treasury

Veterans Affairs

Homeland Security

U.S. Government

Executive Secretary

Commandant of Coast Guard

Legislative Affairs

Inspector General

Public Affairs

General Counsel

State and Local Coordination

Civil Rights

& Liberties

Citizenship & Immigration Service


Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services

Special Assistant to the Secretary

Director of the

Secret Service

Small & Disadvantaged


Privacy Officer

National Capital Region Coordination

Chief of Staff



Shared Services

Counter Narcotics

Management - Under Secretary

Janet Hale

Science and Technology -

Under Secretary

Dr. Charles E. McQueary

Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection -

Under Secretary

Frank Libutti

Border & Transportation Security -

Under Secretary Asa Hutchinson

Emergency Preparedness and Response -

Under Secretary Michael D. Brown

Department of Homeland Security




State of Ohio Security Task Force

Mission Statement

Plan, develop and coordinate statewide resources in support of public and private entities responsible for preventing terrorism, raising awareness, reducing vulnerabilities, responding to and recovering from terrorist acts

Vision Statement

A culture of collaborative partnerships ensuring Ohio’s Homeland Security

Homeland Security Task Force

Ensure the development of capabilities to protect and defend Ohio against terrorist attacks and other catastrophic events

Assess and reduce the vulnerabilities of Ohio’s criticalinfrastructure, key assets and cyber security systems

Detect and analyze threats and intelligence information in order to anticipate, preempt and deter attacks on Ohio

Seek out and provide the resources and training necessary to ensure state and local preparedness in response to large- scale emergencies and to ensure the ability to mount a swift and effective recovery effort

Provide for interagency coordination and cooperation, taking advantage of all available resources


Buckeye State Sheriff’s Assoc.

Ohio Assoc. of Chiefs of Police

Criminal Justice Affairs

Office of Criminal Justice Services

State Fire Marshal

Ohio State Firefighters

Ohio Professional Firefighters

Ohio Fire Chief’s Association

Ohio EMA

EMA Association

Ohio EMS

American College of Emergency Physicians

Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources

Ohio Dept. of Administrative Services/MARCS

Ohio EPA


Ohio Dept. of Rehab and Corrections

Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission

Ohio Department of Health

Office of Law Enforcement Technical Commercialization

Willoughby Fire Department

Upper Arlington Police Dept.

Columbus Police Dept.

Montgomery County Sheriff

First Responders Workgroup

Chair: Colonel Paul McClellan Superintendent - Ohio State Highway Patrol

Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police

Office of Criminal Justice Services

Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association

Fraternal Order of Police

State Fire Marshal

Ohio Fire Chiefs Association

Ohio State Firefighters Association

Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters

Ohio Department of Public Safety

Ohio Department of Health

Ohio EMS

Ohio EMA

Funding Workgroup


Dale Shipley, Ohio EMA

Karen Huey, Office of Criminal Justice Services


Susan Raber, Dept. of Public Safety

Sally Wagner, State Fire Marshal’s Office

Adjutant General

Ohio EMA

Criminal Justice Services

Attorney General

Community Service Council

Dept. of Administrative Services

Dept. of Agriculture

Dept. of Education

Dept. of Health

Dept. of Insurance

Dept. of Mental Health

Dept. of Natural Resources

Dept. of Transportation

Ohio EMS

Ohio EPA

Ohio Highway Patrol


Public Information Workgroup

Chair: Kitty Burcsu

Funding Recipients

Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Directors Assoc. (RSVP)

Ohio Volunteer Centers Association

Emergency Management Association of Ohio

Funding Sources

Ohio EMA

Ohio Dept. of Health

Ohio EMS

Office of the Attorney General

Ohio National Guard

Ohio Highway Patrol

State Fire Marshal

Ohio Citizen Corps Council

Ohio Dept. of Public Safety


Assistant Director

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Emergency Management Agency




State Highway Patrol


Investigative Unit



Ohio Division of Homeland Security


Chief Administrative Officer

Office of Infrastructure Protection

Office of Counter Terrorism

Office of Domestic Preparedness

Ohio Homeland Security Strategic Plan

  • Critical Mission Areas

  • Detection and Prevention

  • Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets

  • Defending Against Catastrophic Threats

  • Information Sharing and Systems

  • Domestic Preparedness and Response

  • Continuity of Operations

  • Volunteer Services

Of the $195 million in federal

funds allocated to Ohio, all has

been budgeted, and more than $50

million has been spent by recipient


$5.4 million has been spent to

purchase almost 14,000 sets of

Personal Protection Equipment.

$5 million has been funded to

Ohio EMA and EPA to protect

critical infrastructure like

utilities and public water supply.

$5 million has been spent

for local-level communications


The Ohio Dept. of Agriculture has received $1.5 million for bio-security measures.

The State of Ohio Security Task Force has approved, in partnership with the Peace Officer Training Commission and the State Fire Marshal, standardized First Responder training.

Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program established

Union County MARCS Project –

communications system for

first responders

Implemented State Strategic Plan

Where We Have Been…

Ohio Terrorism Awareness & Prevention (TAP)

  • Local-level terrorism awareness program

  • Presentation teaches communities protection through safety and security planning

  • Goal is to have one trained instructor in every Ohio law enforcement agency

Ohio Terrorism Awareness & Prevention (TAP)

  • To date, 51 Train the Trainer sessions have been held in 33 counties. By the end of 2004, 22 more sessions will be held in an additional 22 counties.

  • Nearly 800 trainers have completed the TAP Train the Trainer Program.

  • About 120 public TAP presentations have been held, reaching an estimated 28,000 Ohioans. The program is in the process of being placed on cable television in the Miami Valley.

Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program

FY 02 - $.31 billion

FY 03 - $2.1billion

FY 04 - $2.9 billion

FY 02 - $9.9million

FY 03 - $63.8million

FY 04 - $100.7million

Homeland Security Funds Overview

$68.2millionCounterterrorism Grants

FY 04 Ohio Homeland Security Funds

$100.7 million

$32.5millionUrban Area Security Initiative

Total Equipment Reported

by Disciplines for FY99-04, $17.4 M

* EMA spending includes items on behalf of first responders. (Decon supplies, PPE, Chem-Bio Detectors, Scene Lighting, etc.)

as of Sep 30, 2004, data entries

Total Equipment Reported

by Category for FY99-04, $17.4 M

Report as of 9/30/04

Urban Area Security Initiative

$32.5 million

  • Cleveland

Cincinnati $12.67 million

Cleveland $11.19 million

  • Columbus

Columbus $8.65 million

  • Cincinnati

FY 04 Ohio Counterterrorism Grants

$68.1 million

$51.7 millionFirst Responders

$1.1 millionCitizen Corps

$15.3 millionLaw Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program

Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program

  • Information Sharing

  • Target Hardening

  • Threat Recognition

  • Intervention Activities

  • Interoperable Communications


Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police

Information Sharing

Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association

Interoperable Communications

and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program


Radio Interoperability


Attorney General




FY2004 Law Enforcement Funds

$7.125 million

$3 million

$2.3 million

$1.5 million $890,000










8-Region Ohio Response System

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)


Bomb Squads

Mobile Communications


Joint Management

Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)

Ohio Response Teams









Urban Search and Rescue Teams









Mobile Communications

September 11, 2001

Homeland Security

"We've made enormous progress, but obviously, we aren't done yet."

- Tom Ridge

Ohio Homeland Security

Ohio Dept. of Public Safety

1970 W. Broad St.

Columbus, OH 43223

phone: (614) 387-6171

fax: (614) 752-2419


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