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Estimation of stature from cephalo -facial anthropometry in north Indian population - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Estimation of stature from cephalo -facial anthropometry in north Indian population การประมาณความสูงของร่างกายจากการวัดกระดูกใบหน้าของมนุษย์ในประชากรตอนเหนือของอินเดีย. Department of Anthropology Panjab University India.

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Estimation of stature from cephalo -facial anthropometry in north Indian population

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Estimation of stature from cephalo-facial anthropometry in north Indian population


Department of Anthropology

Panjab University


  • Estimation of stature is an important tool in medico-legal and forensic examination.

  • When highty decomposed and mutilated dead bodies with fragmentary remains are brought for postmortem examination.

  • Stature being one of the criteria of personal identification helps in narrowing down the investigation process.

  • Stature has a definite and proportional biological relationship with each and every part of human.

  • This relationship helps a forensic scientist to calculate stature from dismembered and mutilated body part in forensic examination.

    Regression method

  • Calculation

    Multiplication method

  • Introna et al .

  • Chiba and Terazawa

  • Patil and Mody

  • Krishan and Kumar

  • Ryan and Bidmos


  • 996 adult male Gujjars (genetically disparate population) ranging in age from 18 to30 year.The subject were randomly selected from 16 villages Siwaliks and its adjoining plains near Chandigarh city of north India


Measuring steel tape

Material (Con.)

Analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) on Windiws XP-Professional

  • Metholodology

  • Five cephalo-facial measurements

(1).Maximum head length:

It measures straight distance between glabellla and the opisthocranion

(2).Maximum head


It is the maximum biparital diameter and is the distance between the most lateral point of the parietal bones.

(3).Morphological facial lenght:

It is the straight distance from the nasal root(nasion)to the lowest point on the lower border of mandible in the mid sagittal plane(gnathion).


It is the maximum breadth of the lower jaw between two gonion(it is the most pisterior,inferior and laterally situaedppoint on the external angle of the mandible)poin on the angle of mandibles.

(5).Horizontal circumference of head


Table1 Descriptive for stature and cephalo-facial anthropometric measurements in adult male Gujjars of north India (n=996)

Results (Con.)

Table 2 Correlation coefficients stature and various cephalo-facial measurements in adult male Gujjars of north India (n=996)


Results (Con.)

Table 3 Regression equation for estimation of stature (in cm) from cephalo-facial measurements in adult male Gujjars of north India (n=996)








  • The results indicate that one can successfully estimate stature from different cepalo-facial dimensions.

  • All the instruments were regular checked for accuracy and precision while collecting data.

  • The findings of the study indicate that all the 5 cephalo-facial measurements are positively and significantly correlated with stature.

  • The statement is confirmed by lower SEE in case of the cephalic dimensions.

Discussion (Con.)

  • The finding of the present study are also supported by Krishan and Kumar(25.2 Kolis+90 mixed subject).

  • The results of the present study can be compared with similar available study on different populations of the word.

Discussion (Con.)

Table 4 Comparison of actual stature estimated from cephalo-facial measurements in adult male Gujjars of north India (n=996)

Discussion (Con.)

Table 5 Comparison of mean actual stature (170.53) and mean estimated stature in the subject (n=100) from mixed population of north India


  • The chepalo-facial dimensions can also be used for estimation of stature.

  • The measurement of the cephalic region give better reliability of estimate than that of the facial measurement.

  • The horizontal circumference of head is found to be the best parameter for estimate of stature.

Conclusion (Con.)

  • The calculated regression formulae show good reliability and applicability of estimate.

  • The calculated of the regression formulae but also in another sample taken from mixed population(genetically heterogeneous population) of north India.

  • While applying these formulae, one should keep in mind that these are population specific; these cannot be used on other populations of the world.





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