Challenges of moving into a high rise condo
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Challenges Of Moving In To A High Rise Condo PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Challenges Of Moving In To A High Rise Condo

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Challenges of Moving Into a High Rise Condo

If you're going to be moving into a

high rise condo in the near future, you're probably excited at the thought of the view that you're going to enjoy in your new dwelling.

You'll see a panoramic vista during the day and sparkling city lights after the sun goes down.

There are a few challenges to living in high rise condos, but none of them are so difficult that they can't be overcome with a bit of creativity.

Now is the Time to Downsize

If you are moving into a condo from a house or a large apartment, now is the perfect time for you to downsize.

Only take things that you really need

or that you're sentimentally attached

to with you to your new home.

This will eliminate clutter as well as reduce the amount of time and energy that you'll spend on the move.

If there are certain possessions that you aren't willing to completely let go of

yet but won't fit in with your new

condo, consider renting a storage

space to keep them in.

Neighbors andCondo Boards

If you're coming from a traditional house, you may find living closely to others is disconcerting at first.

Condo boards generally have regulations that members must follow, however, so you needn't worry much about superfluous noise or traffic.

A polite and pleasant demeanor on your part will go a long way toward facilitating good neighborhood relations.

Remember that the best way to have good neighbors is to be one yourself, so be considerate of others.

If you decide to have a housewarming celebration after you move in, inviting your neighbors to the festivities will go a long way toward reducing the chances of noise complaints.

Dog FriendlyHigh Rise Condos

The majority of high rise buildings allow pets, but make certain that you check for possible breed and size restrictions before making a financial commitment to a new living situation.

It's also wise to make certain that your new condo is located in an area that is close to at least one dog-friendly park if you'll be sharing your home with a canine companion.

Maintaining Your Own Personal Green Space

If growing any combination of flowers, vegetables, or herbs is important to you, you may be wondering how this is going to fit in with urban living.

Fortunately, many excellent resources exist for those who want to grow plants in high rise condos.

Because microfarming is one of the current major trends in urban living, home and garden retailers carry a good variety of materials for those who are gardening in small spaces.

Vertical gardening in containers is popular among those who are trying to maximize their patio and balcony growing spaces.

Herbs can be grown on sunny windowsills indoors, and cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and sugar peas can all be grown in hanging baskets.

Life in high rise lofts is an adventure if you let it be, and there are many effective ways to ensure a good quality of life in a home high above the city.

Are you thinking about

changing your lifestyle to one of

urban living?

We Know Urban Realty specializes in

high rise condo and loft

sales and rentals in

Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale,

and we can help you find

the perfect condo for your new life.

Give us a call at (480) 510-8755

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