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Why add mypsychlab
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Why Add MyPsychLab?. Improve learning Get students reading sooner Maximize lecture and discussion Individual study plan and study time efficiency Potential reliable assessment tool. Challenges of Implementation. Multiple (adjunct) faculty Levels of technical competency

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Why Add MyPsychLab?

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Why add mypsychlab

Why Add MyPsychLab?

  • Improve learning

  • Get students reading sooner

  • Maximize lecture and discussion

  • Individual study plan and study time efficiency

  • Potential reliable assessment tool

Challenges of implementation

Challenges of Implementation

  • Multiple (adjunct) faculty

    • Levels of technical competency

    • Familiarity with software

    • Uniform use as part of course

  • Technology

    • Handling problems

    • Technical support

    • Student “excuses”

Course requirement

Course Requirement

  • Pre-Test: which contains approximately 25multiple choice questions. You are able to take the pre-test only once after reading the chapter assigned.

  • Individualized Study Plan:If the results of your pre-test indicate that you would benefit from studying specific chapter topics(in the form of flashcards, media clips and mini-assessments), you will be assigned study materials to complete for that specific chapter. You willuse the resources in your study plan to assist in your preparation for the Post-test.

  • Post-Test: which contains approximately 25multiple choice questions. You may take the post-test up to three times and must earn a 70% or better to get credit. An additional point can be earned for an 80% (1 point) and 90% (2 points) on the post-test. The post-test can only be accessed after completion of the pre-test and you have 45 minutes to finish once you start.

Course grade comparison

Course Grade Comparison


Before MPL69.875918.10

Completed 1 MPL60.64 620.75

Completed 2 MPL69.76 8 8.32

Completed 3 MPL68.95 13 7.87

Completed 4 MPL77.71 8 13.01

Completed 5 MPL77.05 15 8.45

Completed 6 MPL77.97 25 9.17

TotalAfter MPL72.15134 14.85

Individual exam scores

Individual Exam Scores


2Below 7056.431427.44

Above 7073.141713.20

3Below 7054.781524.43

Above 7080.2116 7.25

4Below 7054.051418.59

Above 7073.721713.84

5Below 7070.2613 9.86

Above 7077.591812.19

6Below 7062.561323.17

Above 70 81.481811.33

7Below 7071.461611.21

Above 7074.891511.94



  • Correlation with grades

  • Familiarity improves retention

  • Increased use of textbook

  • Resource for marginal student

  • Student engagement

  • Diversify material for course grade

Why add mypsychlab

  • I feel MyPsychLab is very helpful. I really like how after doing the pre-test. It shows y0u the questions you got incorrect and tells you where to look in the book to find the right answers.

  • I feel as though MyPsychLab is very beneficial. Though I do not particularly enjoy doing them, I feel I learn a lot from completing the assigned work.

  • MyPsychLab has better prepared me for exams. I got a feel for what kind of questions I could expect on the tests and they proved very beneficial when I received a good grade on the exam. Sure, they might be a little annoying, but I think the time it takes to complete it is totally worth it.

  • I feel MyPsychLab helps me understand the chapter better. It actually makes you go through the chapter and read things that I probably wouldn’t otherwise.

  • I really like MyPsychLab. It gives me a way to ease into the topic and really get focused on the new material. It is also pushing me to read the chapter more thoroughly. Reading the chapter then taking the pre and post tests in a great system for me.

  • I feel that MyPsychLab has helped me because it gives me a reason to look at the book. Without it, I probably wouldn’t study the material.

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