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Welcome Parents! Getting Ready for High School: Everything You Need to Know! Mrs. Dowty ~ A-K last names Mrs. Jennings ~ L-Z last names. As a table, please spend a few minutes to list any questions you would like answered at today’s meeting ~ thank you!. The Road to High School!.

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The Road to High School!

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Welcome Parents!Getting Ready for High School:Everything You Need to Know!Mrs. Dowty ~ A-K last namesMrs. Jennings ~ L-Z last names

As a table, please spend a few minutes to list any questions you would like answered at today’s meeting ~ thank you!

The Road to High School!

What to Expect:

13/14 YEAR OLDS:


-Changes in energy patterns

-Skin problems/hygiene a key issue

-Boys: voices change/growth spurts

-Girls: 95% of mature height

-High need for physical activity and snacking


  • Neatness an issue with appearance, not environment

  • Feelings easily hurt

  • Hang out in large groups, but starting to form more intimate relationships

  • Phone, computer, video games are major distractions

  • Like to do as much as possible and cram a lot into a day

  • More of their own adult personality evident

  • Embarrassed to be seen with parents

  • Loud

  • Don’t respond well to adult lectures; “know it all” stage

  • Can withdraw in the home setting

  • Worry about school work

  • Can be difficult at home and a star in school

13/14 YEAR OLDS: Language

  • One word answers

  • Street/peer language important, but learning to negotiate adult world

  • Develop a broader vocabulary

  • Like to challenge intellectual and social authority

  • Aware of problems in larger world and invested in finding solutions

  • Abstract reasoning begins to develop

  • Easily bored


What to Expect: Academically

  • Higher academic demands

  • Individual responsibility emphasized

  • More independence expected

  • Organizational skills are necessary

  • Self-advocacy skills essential

How parents can help students build self advocacy skills:

*Studentto communicate with teacher:

Ask questions during class

Discuss problems or concerns with teachers before or after class, in the morning or after school

Participate in after school help

Email teacher

*Clarification of homework assignments:

Student to use planner consistently to write down assignments

Student to use team homework page on the school website

Student to call a peer

Student to ask parents for assistance

*Student and Parents review Parent Portal together:

Student follows up with teacher on missing assignments, low scores

*Student comes to guidance regarding academic, social, or personal concerns

Timeline to High SchoolFall 2013

October: All students established Power School accounts

Letter sent home from SWHS to all families regarding transition information

October 29th: Cheney Tech Open House ~ 6 PM

Nov. 4th:SWHS Family Curriculum Night ~ 6:30 PM

Nov. 6th: Rockville Vo-Ag Open House ~ 6 PM

Nov. 14th: Prince Tech Open House ~ 5:30 PM

Timeline to High School:December 2013 – January 2014

  • December: Private high school applications due to TE counselors

  • January 15th: Parent presentation at SWHS reviewing 9th grade course selection process

  • January: SWHS 9th grade counselor visits all 8th grade classes to distribute and explain course selection materials

February - March 2014

  • First week of February: Level recommendations mailed home with course selection worksheet ~


  • February 24th & 25th: Students tour SWHS and enter course requests in Power School during visits

  • March 21st: Last day for level change requests

May – June 2014

  • May 30th: Preliminary schedules will be mailed to students from SWHS

  • June 17th: Final date for students to change elective courses

Levels at SWHSGoal is to place students where they can be most successful!

  • Levels at SWHS follow New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) standards.

  • Courses are divided into levels based on difficulty of curricular content, academic requirements, sophistication of analysis required

  • College Prep

  • Honors

  • Advanced Placement (AP) : Offered for sophomores, juniors, and seniors

How Levels are Determined

  • 1st trimester grades

  • Reading ability

  • Ability to work independently

  • Ability to analyze information and think abstractly

  • Writing skills

  • CMTs, benchmark assessments, and teacher generated tests

  • Study habits

  • Overall quality of work

  • Responsibility in meeting deadlines

9th Grade Course Requirements

All students must take the following classes:

  • 1st year English or Humanities (by recommendation)

  • Math

  • Physical Science

  • Modern World History or Humanities (by recommendation)

  • PE (1/2 year = .5 credit)

  • Computer Applications (1/2 year = .5 credit)

    *These required classes total five credits.

    *Students will need to choose up to two more credits in elective courses. If students require math, reading, or resource support, those are considered elective courses.


  • 24 credits minimum

  • 6 credits (at least) required each year

  • Students must pass 6 credits to become sophomores

  • To graduate from SWHS, students will need:

    4 credits of English

    4 credits of math

    3 credits of science

    3 credits of social studies

    1 credit of PE

    ½ credit of health

    2 credits of career and technology

    1 credit of world language

    1 credit of fine arts

    4 ½ credits of electives

Additional questions?

Thank you for coming ~

please complete the evaluation and enjoy this exciting year with your

8th grader!

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