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古代镖师. 林雅燕 彭国豪 苏和 杨清辉. 镖局的产生. 在从前,由于社会不稳定,带着财物走路十分危险,人们只得找武术高手寻求保护。最初,这些武功高强的人往往住在客店里,等候客人雇用,他们负责保护官员、商人或货物由甲地到乙地,最快一天可走四十多公里路,这就是镖户走镖。 镖户走镖是镖局诞生 前 的主要走镖形式,随着商 业逐渐发达,镖户的力量也逐渐壮大, 镖局也就应运而生。 中国第一家镖局是山西人神拳无敌张黑五在北京顺天府门外创办“兴隆镖局”。.

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aEscort for letters

bEscort for tickets

cEscort for silver ingot

dEscort for grain

eEscort for objects

fEscort for safety


escort )

  • Escort agenciesare uniformly openedin Escort Agency Lane which is not far outside the town,so the escort agencies are actually competitive opponents.Because of this,if someone wants to establish his own escort agency in a fiercely competitive environment and survive, he is bound to have a few brushes . LiangBiaoTai is just the very place which is set forfreshmen to face the trial of their ability.Prepared to open escort agency,freshmen have to show each elder caravan guards their skills, to prove that he is qualified.

Martial arts familys fighting skill is handed down from generation to generation, martial arts family set up escort agency, on the one hand, make friends with heroes in the whole nation.On the other hand, carry forward the martial arts

The army brothers in arms is referring to the veterans. For they gained abundant combat practice skills, in the cruel battlefield,they continue to take use of their martial arts to feed their families

1 The ability to survive in the wild

2 The skill to repair his shoes

3 The skill to cut hair

Biao Jus business is called Chu Biao or Zou Biao.They are paid according to the distance and the value, and then they sign a contract.After the Biao Shi get the permit, they can set out.

Biao Che is the most important vehicle during Zou Biao. It only has one wheel , so its hard to keep balance ,but its designed for mountain road.They also need a flag called Biao Qi, which is a symbol of Biao Ju. With this flag, most robbers will not stop you.


If you come across some robbers, you need to Han Biao . In addition, you also need to say some code words.

Some examples

  • ::?:::

Most of the time, robbers who have something to do with Biao Ju will not make trouble. They even make friends with the Biao Shi, because they can get money from them.

However, if money doesnt work , the Biao Shi have to fight until die. They often write a will before Chu Biao. As we can see, this is a dangerous job.

  • There is another interesting rule : never Han Biao in Cang Zhou. Why? Because many Biao Shi are in Cang Zhou , and most of them a masters. So if you are just a freshman, never try to show off in the hometown of martial arts.

Six Rules

  • ;;

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