How to set up a lab n otebook
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How to Set up a Lab N otebook - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Set up a Lab N otebook. The Scientific Method. Cover of Notebook. Name Name of course Class period. Table of contents. Leave the first page of your notebook blank to list table of contents Number the pages of your notebook as you go. Every lab write-up will include the following.

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How to set up a lab n otebook

How to Set up a Lab Notebook

The Scientific Method

Cover of notebook
Cover of Notebook

  • Name

  • Name of course

  • Class period

Table of contents
Table of contents

  • Leave the first page of your notebook blank to list table of contents

  • Number the pages of your notebook as you go

Every lab write up will include the following
Every lab write-up will include the following

  • Title and Date

  • Question

  • Background Information

  • Hypothesis

  • List of Materials

  • List of Procedures

  • Data/Data Analysis/Observations

  • Conclusion

Title and date
Title and Date

  • Animal Behavior Lab

  • 8/6/2014


  • Write a question or purpose statement about your investigation


  • After you research your lab topic/subject, summarize what you’ve learned. This may take a paragraph or two.


  • An if/then statement

List of materials
List of Materials

  • Create a list of EVERYTHING required to execute the experiment

  • Example:

    • 2 small petri dishes

    • 2 ml deionized water

    • 10 pill bugs

    • Etc……

List of procedures
List of Procedures

  • Use a numbering format to list all the steps you followed to execute the experiment. THIS SHOULD NEVER BE IN PARAGRAPH FORM! TOO HARD TO FOLLOW THAT WAY!

  • 1. Soak a large sheet of circular filter paper with 5 mls of distilled water

  • 2. Line the bottom of a large petri dish with the wet filter paper

  • 3. Place 10 pill bugs in the petri dish

Observations data data analysis
Observations/Data/Data Analysis

  • Collect your data and note observations

  • Then organize it into chart form (independent and dependent variable)

  • Then create a graph (independent variable on the x-axis and dependent variable on the y-axis)

  • Write a statement about the trends you observe in the data

Graphs should always be drawn on graph paper and should include the following
Graphs should ALWAYS be drawn on GRAPH PAPER and should include the following:

  • Title

  • Labeled axis

  • Indicate units next to labeled axis

  • Legend

  • Line graph vs. bar graph

Conclusion include the following:

  • In paragraph form

  • Never simply write: “Our hypothesis was correct.” Write a description about what you learned from performing the experiment and what you will do next.