Harvard Extension School EXPO E34: Business Rhetoric Section 1 (5:30PM-7:30PM) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Harvard extension school expo e34 business rhetoric section 1 5 30pm 7 30pm
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Harvard Extension School EXPO E34: Business Rhetoric Section 1 (5:30PM-7:30PM). Instructor: Julie Anne McNary Please check your Elluminate Audio Wizard ; We will begin at 5:30PM. Harvard University Extension School Spring Semester 2011. Expo E34: Business Rhetoric.

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Harvard Extension School EXPO E34: Business Rhetoric Section 1 (5:30PM-7:30PM)

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Harvard extension school expo e34 business rhetoric section 1 5 30pm 7 30pm

Harvard Extension SchoolEXPO E34: Business Rhetoric Section 1 (5:30PM-7:30PM)

Instructor: Julie Anne McNary

Please check your Elluminate Audio Wizard;

We will begin at 5:30PM.

Harvard university extension school spring semester 2011

Harvard University Extension SchoolSpring Semester 2011

Expo E34:

Business Rhetoric

Section 1 monday evenings 5 30pm 7 30pm

Section 1; Monday evenings, 5:30PM – 7:30PM

Online WebConference Via Elluminate Software


Elluminate Room:


Your instructor

Your Instructor:

Julie Anne McNary

B.A., Wellesley College, 1994

English Literature

M.Ed., Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1995 Language and Literacy

MA/M.F.A, University of Utah, 1998

British & American Literature and Creative WritingCell Phone: (617) 233-7532

– no calls after 10PM –

Voicemail during business hoursjmcnary@post.harvard.edu

Class schedule

Class Schedule

  • New Syllabusand schedule

  • Final Drafts of CEO report due Wednesday night, 3/7, at midnight. Unless absolutely necessary, I will not be able to comment on second drafts, so please stay after class if you were one of the very few people to whom I suggested this as an option…

  • Introduction to the Second Graded Assignment – The Proposal – to be worked on during our upcoming break.

  • New Assignments: Proposal Cover Letter, due next Monday, 3/12, at midnight and Proposal Executive Summary and outline, due Monday, 3/12.

  • Sample Proposals Exercise

  • Sign up for conferences with your instructor next week, 3/12-3/13.

Second graded assignment proposal

Second Graded Assignment - Proposal

  • 7-10 pages

  • A proposal is a document written to persuade readers that what is proposed will benefit them by fulfilling a need, or solving a problem;

  • In this assignment, your job is to outline the specific need or problem in question, and convince your readers that you have the answer thereto;

  • Your proposal most likely will include a cover letter to a specific audience, title page, table of contents, executive summary, introduction, background information, body sections, and conclusion;

  • It may also include a cost analysis, delivery schedule or work plan, staffing chart, appendix, glossary, and bibliography. It may also include chart(s), graph(s), workflow diagram(s), photograph(s)and/or other visual aid(s).

Examples of potential proposals

A proposal arguing that flexible hours, telecommuting, or employee daycare facilities at your place of work would improve productivity and morale;

A proposal arguing for that an additional FTE in your department is justified for three specific reasons;

A proposal arguing that your institution should purchase new fundraising software to improve the tracking of donor behavior;

A proposal arguing that after school activities should be extended at your child’s school;

A proposal arguing that your gym should stock more treadmills;

A proposal arguing that your neighborhood watch should be able to request police backup at certain hours of the day, or at certain events, etc.

A proposal to your family that you should switch cell phone service from ATT to Verizon…

A proposal to your Town Hall that they pay for recycling to be picked up at your condominium complex.

A proposal to the City of Mumbai’s Transit Authority that a implementing a bicycle renting program will be a benefit to all.

Examples of Potential Proposals

Key parts of y our proposal

Key Parts of Your Proposal

  • Engaging and rhetorically astute cover letter to the most specific audience you can find.

  • Attractive, but conservative, title page

  • Well-formatted table of contents

  • Executive summary – MOST IMPORTANT part!

  • Body sections that are appropriate, and not repetitive

  • Conclusion that looks at the bigger picture

  • Appropriate appendices and attachments

Cover letter

Cover Letter

  • Make sure to choose the most specific audience you can;

  • Very briefly summarize proposal;

  • Cite the three key benefits thereto;

  • Cite any key objections that might arise, and then refute them

  • Ask the recipient to approve, fund, clear, etc. your proposal

  • Provide contact information for follow-up.

A word about executive summaries

A Word About Executive Summaries

  • A clear, direct, audience-specific, “elevator pitch” summary of the proposal and thesis (why we should care);

  • Free of jargon, complicated explanations, etc.;

  • Should be clear and understandable by those who will not read the whole proposal.

Sample proposals exercise 30 min

Sample Proposals Exercise – 30 min.

  • Please go to our iSite and download the three samples I have provided in the file entitled “Sample Proposals”

  • Please read the samples, rate them on a scale of A-E, and come back prepared to discuss.

  • When you return to the room, please enter your rating for Sample 1 to start.

At home writing assignment proposal 20 minutes at home

At Home Writing Assignment – Proposal – 20 minutes – at home

  • Consider the various discourse communities in which you play a role: work, school, civic, home, etc.;

  • Determine which one you would like to address in your proposal;

  • Brainstorm about the most compelling, but also realistic, problem or need that you would like to address in that discourse community;

  • Consider ALL discourse community members, but then focus on one person to whom you will directly address this proposal;

  • Write a very brief, 3-5 line paragraph in which you present the subject of your preliminary proposal. I will choose a small group to share with the class.

Writing exercise proposal cover letter executive summary and outline due in the dropbox on 3 12

Writing Exercise – Proposal Cover letter, Executive Summary, and Outline – Due in the Dropbox on 3/12

Read WtW Chapter 13 – Proposals;

Unless you are committed to writing a sales or grant proposal, please feel free to consider this a general persuasive proposal focused on a problem or need at your place of work, or in the discourse community (social, charitable, familial, etc.) of your choice;

Using the example on WtW p. 323, please write a brief cover letter introducing your proposal to the appropriate audience;

Then, to the best of your ability, write a brief, but content-rich, executive summary.

Then, outline your proposal from your brief executive summary through to your conclusion. Remember to consider counter arguments, and how you might answer them.

Finally, please prepare a 30-second verbal pitch of your proposal to be shared with the class next week.

Sign up for conferences

Sign up for Conferences

  • Monday, 3/13

    • 6:00PM

    • 6:30PM

    • 7:00PM

    • 7:30PM

    • 8:00PM

    • 8:30PM

    • 9:00PM

  • Tuesday, 3/14

    • 7:00AM

    • 7:30AM

    • 8:00AM

    • 8:30AM

  • Tuesday, 3/14

    • 6:00PM

    • 6:30PM

    • 7:00PM

    • 7:30PM

    • 8:00PM

    • 8:30PM

    • 9:00PM

      As before, please enter three different and specific times – don’t forget AM/PM – that work for you into the chat box, and I will schedule as I can…if you are unable to meet at these times, I will find a few alternatives.

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