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Build Compelling Intranets and Extranets with SharePoint 2010

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Build Compelling Intranets and Extranets with SharePoint 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Build Compelling Intranets and Extranets with SharePoint 2010. Daniel McPherson SharePoint Specialist Zevenseas. Daniel McPherson. Founder Zevenseas @ danmc [email protected] Blog:

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build compelling intranets and extranets with sharepoint 2010

Build Compelling Intranets and Extranets with SharePoint 2010

Daniel McPherson

SharePoint Specialist




Founder Zevenseas


[email protected]


Witnessed the birth of ‘Tahoe’ while at Microsoft (10 years). Blogging SharePoint since Point2Share, Fools-Day 2004. An Aussie-Brit who left Amsterdam for Pune, India.


How many people think they already have a compelling Intranet? Extranet?

How many people think that it’s SharePoint 2010 that will make their intranet more compelling?

How many people think I’m mad to take on a topic like this?


The first thing to say is there is no “Silver Bullet” solution to “compelling”

The second thing to say is that the technology is the easy bit

The third thing is that no two intranet/extranet solutions are the same


SharePoint is a pocket knife

With SharePoint 2010 you just get a whole lot more tools


Discoverability: Helping people find knowledge

End User Adoption: Encouraging users to use what’s there

Friction: Making things easy, decreasing the hurdles to using your solutions


Search Centric Solution and Search as Application Infrastructure

We are “hung up” on physical location

Maybe “Portals” are cool after all.

Let a thousand Portals bloom

Social, Metadata, everything you do is feedback on what you\'re doing

Make the best stuff “bubble” to the top



Enterprise Blogging

What if we had one big massive table with all of out Intranet data stored there?



One place to go to find new blog posts. Discoverability.

Blogs can come from anywhere. Physical location is NOT important


Personal Dashboard helps you find the blogs you contribute to.

Centralised directory lists all the blogs in the organisation.


Creates hubs around Tags

Keeps your finger on the pulse, able to spot trends.


Getting people to use even the most amazing solutions is really hard

We are not the only people having this problem, lots of industries have user adoption problems

Lets try to drive user adoption Socially


We all hate Usernames and Passwords. This is friction.

If there is one thing we hate more, its managing peoples Usernames and Passwords

One thing more than even that is being responsible for peoples Usernames and Passwords

claims based authentication

Claims Based Authentication


Thanks to WictorWilen, please tweet him a thank you now.

@wictor: Thanks from TechEd Europe 2010 for your LiveID article.


key steps
Key Steps
  • This is OOB (Out of box) supported.
  • Follow WictorWilensVisual Guide:
  • Took me around an hour from start to finish
    • Still more to do
  • That is for the “test” Live environment

Does the internet have governance policies for end users?

I see more harm done by restricting features than by enabling them




[email protected]




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