Vtpbis regional coordinators meeting spring 2014
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VTPBiS Regional Coordinators Meeting Spring 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VTPBiS Regional Coordinators Meeting Spring 2014. Welcome and Introductions. Networking Activity - Implementation Dips and Strategies Current Topics of Interest: Bullying Prevention and Intervention Universal Screening Trauma Informed Schools Mindfulness Practices

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Exploring implementation dips and strategies leadership tree
Exploring Implementation Dips and Strategies: Leadership - Tree


Activity pair share
Activity – Pair Share Tree

  • Talk to your neighbor and discuss the following:

    • What was the problem?

    • What got in the way of solving the problem?

    • How does the video connect to the implementation dips you may be experiencing?

  • We’ll hear a sampling of your responses as a large group….

Common implementation dips
Common Implementation Dips Tree

  • Implementation too loosely defined

  • Implementation not managed well

  • Results are poor or are not known

  • The implementation has lost momentum after some period of initial enthusiasm.

Keeping RTI on Track: How to Identify, Repair and Prevent Mistakes That Derail Implementation By Amanda M. VanDerHeyden and W. David Tilly III

1 implementation too loosely defined
#1 Implementation too loosely defined Mistakes That Derail Implementation


  • Define and design all efforts within a multi-tiered framework

    • Organize your system using this logic

  • Use the same prevention and intervention procedures for both behavior and academic

  • Create consistent “decision rules” for problem solving and solution finding

  • Define PBIS within your cultural context and in a way that everyone can understand.

2 implementation not managed well
#2 Implementation not managed well Mistakes That Derail Implementation


  • Administrator and leadership are key!!!

  • Create an environment where people feel safe

  • Use data tools and provide data information to others regularly

  • Use Team meeting process (TIPS!!!)

3 results are poor or are not known
#3 Results are poor or are not known Mistakes That Derail Implementation


  • Create effective and efficient data systems and reporting mechanisms!

  • Understand your data so you can use it for change and explain it to others

  • Share your data with others!

  • Market it!!!

4 the implementation has lost momentum after some period of initial enthusiasm
#4 The implementation has lost momentum after some period of initial enthusiasm


  • Use data -

    • To survey staff perceptions (SAS)

    • To reward staff and student performance

    • To celebrate success!

    • To narrow scope of focus (hallways, cafeteria)

  • Take a break between “roll-outs”

  • Acknowledge incremental successes along the way

Activity small group
Activity – Small Group initial enthusiasm

  • In small groups identify one or two implementation dips. Share your challenges and strategies.

  • We’ll hear a sampling of your responses as a large group….

Moving on..... initial enthusiasm

Current topics of interest
Current Topics of Interest initial enthusiasm

  • Bullying Prevention and Intervention

  • Universal Screening

  • Trauma Informed Schools

  • Mindfulness Practices

Bullying prevention and intervention
Bullying Prevention and Intervention initial enthusiasm

  • Discussion:

    • How is PBIS helping your bullying prevention and intervention efforts? (Complete Survey)

  • Strategies and Resources:

    • Bully Prevention in PBIS

    • http://www.pbis.org/common/pbisresources/publications/bullyprevention_ES.pdf

    • Stopbullying.gov -- the Federal Government's clearinghouse for information, resources, and practical strategies for various stakeholders related to bullying prevention. http://www.stopbullying.gov/prevention/at-school/index.htmlhttp://www.stopbullying.gov/respond/index.html

Bullying prevention and intervention cont d
Bullying Prevention and Intervention, Cont’d… initial enthusiasm

Strategies and Resources:

  • Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVnet): http://www.prevnet.ca/

  • National School Climate Council: http://www.schoolclimate.org/prevention/

  • Project Seat Belt: http://bullying.rfkcenter.org/

  • Eyes on Bullying: http://www.eyesonbullying.org/

  • National Education Association: http://www.nea.org/home/neabullyfree.htmlhttp://www.nea.org/assets/docs/15584_Bully_Free_Research_Brief-4pg.pdf

Universal screening
Universal Screening initial enthusiasm

  • Discussion:

    • What is your experience using Universal Screening to identify students in need and match to interventions?

  • Strategies and Resources:

    • Bristol and Dothan Brook

    • Archived Webinar, Workshop at the Summer Institute

    • Kathleen Lane’s Book: Systematic Screening of Behavior to Support Instruction

    • http://www.uvm.edu/~cdci/best/pbswebsite/UNIVERSALSCREENING.htm

Trauma informed schools
Trauma Informed Schools initial enthusiasm

  • Discussion:

    • What is your school doing to prevent and address the needs of students who experience trauma?

  • Strategies and Resources:

    • http://www.uvm.edu/~cdci/best/pbswebsite/TRAUMA.htm

    • One-page handout

    • Upcoming Understanding Trauma Webinar: April 2nd 9-11am – FREE!

Mindfulness practices
Mindfulness Practices initial enthusiasm

  • Discussion:

    • What’s your interest in incorporating mindfulness practices in your school?

  • Strategies and Resources:

    • http://www.mindfulnessink12education.com/

    • South Burlington SD

Resources to support you
Resources to support you: initial enthusiasm


Sas and boq reminder
SAS and BoQ Reminder! initial enthusiasm

  • The SAS Window is now closed and can be viewed at www.pbisapps.org

  • The BoQ Window will open April 1st and close on May 31st!

Analyzing the SAS initial enthusiasm

Reminder instructions for completing the boq
Reminder: initial enthusiasmInstructions for Completing the BoQ:

Step 1:

Login using your School ID # at:


Enter School ID # Here

Step 2: initial enthusiasm

Click the arrow under “Actions” to begin the survey

Click Here

Step 3: initial enthusiasm

Enter Date Completed, Click the double arrow to

go to the next page

Step 4: initial enthusiasm

Begin the survey…….Click the ? to view the

Scoring Rubric for each component

For more detailed instructions please visit
For More Detailed Instructions please visit: initial enthusiasm



The BoQ Survey Window will be open from

April 1st to May 31st

New swis features coming soon
New SWIS Features Coming Soon!!! initial enthusiasm

  • Triangle Report, Year End Report, and Data Integrity check

  • Data entry will be faster than ever with a CICO Data Entry screen redesign.

  • Select previous years’ data to display on the Student Dashboard.

  • Update multiple person records’ statuses at once.

Upcoming events
Upcoming Events: initial enthusiasm

  • Please visit www.pbisvermont.org to view upcoming events

  • May 7th and 9th – SWIS Webinar

  • May 28th – Data Day Webinar

    • Topics:

      • Using BoQ Data

      • Planning for next year

Questions comments
Questions? Comments? initial enthusiasm