Towards 2010
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Towards 2010. And beyond…. If all your prayers were answered, what would All Saints be like in five years’ time?. Write down four words or phrases on your white slip. If all Jesus ’ prayers were answered, what would All Saints be like in five years’ time?.

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Towards 2010

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Towards 2010

And beyond…

If all your prayers were answered, what would All Saints be like in five years’ time?

Write down four words or phrases on your white slip

If all Jesus’ prayers were answered, what would All Saints be like in five years’ time?

Is the answer the same or different?

Isaiah 65: 17-25

  • A vision for the future, a new heaven and earth…

  • …which is also a call to action for the present

  • An inclusive vision, for the flourishing of:

    - children, vv 20, 23

    - the elderly, v 20

    - those who work, vv 21-23

The Isaiah Vision

  • A call to partnership, with all those who share these values…

  • A call to worship – this vision is beyond our power, come and pray with us

  • A call to discipleship – let us follow Jesus together and grow his kingdom

Towards 2010

Isaiah’s vision underlies the mission action plan drawn up after a year long process of consultation and presented to the Annual Meeting in 2005

Continuing within the framework of our Mission Statement adopted in 1992:

“Because of Jesus All Saints Wellington

Means Good News People

Caring and Sharing

Growing and Going

Praying and Praising”

Priorities identified at PCC in January 2007

  • Growing in our relationship with God

  • Growing out in fresh expressions of church, and in the community

  • Growing together with St. Catherine’s

  • Releasing new ministries

  • Reaching out in mission beyond the parish

1. Growing in our relationship with God

  • Bible-based worship – new pew bibles

  • Personal prayer and bible study

  • Cell groups

  • Morning Prayers

  • Weekly prayer gathering

  • Creativity in prayer – School of Prayer, prayer stations, Thursday drop-in

  • Developing young worship leaders and intercessors

2. Growing out in fresh expressions of church, and in the community

In a diverse culture, one size no longer fits all – we need to offer a choice

  • Open church – Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Church 18-30, led by Lucie and Rich

  • Midweek communion, monthly, followed by lunch

  • Evening services, in a variety of styles…

    Who are we still missing, and what fresh expressions of church could we plant to reach them?

  • Wrekin View School – pilot ‘Messy Church’ this term

  • Bratton – exploring a church plant with Wrockwardine

What about Midweek Worship?

Rather than seeing midweek groups as a bridge to church attendance (which only a few crossed), our approach is now to help those midweek groups to become church for those who attend

  • Homes for the Elderly and home communions

  • Toddler groups – prayer box, thought for the day, ‘Toddler Praise’

  • Oasis lunches, from 7 to 9 a year…

  • Causeway group – receive holy communion

    As midweek groups become church, don’t worry if everyone isn’t here on a Sunday morning!

Growing out...into the community

  • Richard Kirby’s ministry, as chaplain to the local economy, working at community transformation, transforming the town through prayer, contact and working in partnership, is key to fulfilling the Isaiah vision of a world where

  • children do not die, old people live in dignity, those who build houses live in them, and those who plant vineyards eat the fruit

  • Lots of exciting opportunities: Good Friday procession, prayer stations at the Midsummer Fayre, Civic Service, British Legion service, performance of Chain Breakers at the Literary Festival, Carol Singing in the Square

3. Growing together – All Saints and St Catherine’s

  • One parish, two buildings

  • Complementary styles of worship

  • Lent group for prayer and bible study

  • Back to Church Sunday – have really caught the vision this year

  • Giving to mission, supporting Mark Berry

4. Releasing new ministries

  • Review of local ministry mandate completed

  • New ministry team formed in Jan 2008

  • 15 people on 2-year Bishop’s Certificate course

  • Pray for more local ministers – we have 1 OLM, 5 readers, 1 prayer guide, but what about the other courses available – outreach, pastoral care, youth and children, pioneer missional leader?

  • Catherine Stone in Croatia, Dave Farnham with Oasis in Manchester, Tim Mayo in Durham…

  • Children trained as participants in healing ministry?

5. Reaching out in mission beyond the parish

  • We tithe to missions, but how can we make world mission an activity of the whole church?

  • Mission statement is about ‘growing and going’

  • New link with Christ Church, Penang - hosted team from Penang in 2008

  • Invited to send team to Malaysia in 2010

  • Invited by the Bishop to help Wrockwardine parish to plant a church in Bratton School

What about this year’s priorities?

Consolidating new initiatives

Building slowly – vision received last year

Time to take stock and evaluate:

  • Open Church – now two days a week, with larger team and contemplative prayer

  • Monthly midweek communion – very popular, but can it reach working people?

  • Church 18-30 – hugely significant for the members and All Saints - how do we help it grow?

  • Evening services – traditional or contemporary?

Integrating new members

  • 30 new members on electoral roll at this year’s APM – 5 young people, 10 from Emmaus/LBQs, 3 from Church 18-30, 1 Back to Ch Sunday, 1 wedding, 8 gradually more involved, 2 transfers

  • Last night’s Summer Ball…

  • From welcome to integration – if welcome is a smile and handshake, integration is more like the birth of a child…

  • If newcomers find real friends they will stay – anyone for lunch?? Would you like to join our cell? Or come walking?

  • What are the best ministries for new members?

Growing the number of children and young people attending

Numbers increased in first half of year – praise God!

  • Praying for our church’s children – names now appear in our new prayer calendar

  • Investing in training, both for Lucie and our leaders

  • Building on strong contacts through schools, toddlers, pre-school, uniformed groups

  • Empowering children and young people to develop and use their spiritual gifts

  • Improving our facilities…

Giving the church hall a makeover

  • Refurbishing the hall is part of our commitment to the Isaiah Vision, for children and for the elderly

  • The brief is now with 8 architects – please pray that God will inspire their vision, and lead us to the right one

Looking ahead – what kind of church might All Saints be in 2013?

Jesus is calling us to be a church which is known for open doors, acts of grace, Spirit-led worship and training leaders

Open Doors

Acts of Grace

  • ‘For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake became poor…’ 2 Corinthians 8.9

  • ‘It is by grace you have been saved, through faith…it is the gift of God…’ Ephesians

  • Where the theology of grace is at the heart of all we do

  • Treating others with surprising acts of grace, as Jesus treats us

  • An accepting community, where it is OK to have a go and make mistakes

  • Giving things away

  • Welcoming those who may only come once

  • Free coffee!!

Spirit-led worship

  • Where prayer ministry becomes a regular part of worship each Sunday

  • Where creative arts reflect the creativity of the Holy Spirit

  • A church where everyone is encouraged to listen to God, and prophetic words are shared regularly and prayed over

  • Where children and young people are trusted to share prayer ministry and use their spiritual gifts

  • Where vision comes from prayer and fasting…

Training Leaders

  • Luke 10

  • Sending out the 72

  • Sending out Dave Farnham, Tim Mayo

  • Perhaps we could also train people here at All Saints…

Is Jesus calling us to be a church which is known for open doors, acts of grace, Spirit-led worship and training leaders?

If so, what kind of things might be happening in All Saints in 2013?? Dream dreams together…

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