Vocab 5
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Vocab 5. “…Poets, priests, and politicians Have words to thank for their positions…”. Extol. V. To praise highly The salesman extol led the virtues of the cleaning solution: it seemed to do everything except make coffee in the morning! . Fervor. N. Intensity of emotion

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Vocab 5

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Vocab 5

“…Poets, priests, and politiciansHave words to thank for their positions…”


V. To praise highly

The salesman extolled the virtues of the cleaning solution: it seemed to do everything except make coffee in the morning!


N. Intensity of emotion

Romario always shows such fervor when coming to language arts that I have to tell him to calm down. 


N. Subtle or slight degree of difference

People who are knowledgeable about weather see the nuances between PCB and Destin, but I’m just happy to be at any beach!


Adv. In a sad, pleading manner

Richielle asked for a new car so plaintively that her parents almost felt bad saying no…


Adj. Loud; harsh soundingForeceful in a controversial opinion

She became more agitated with her unfaithful husband, and her voice became first shrill then strident as she delivered her tirade.


Adj. Wide open (esp. mouth); surprised

Marlon was left with his mouth agape when the Democrat made a cogent point in the debate.


V. To say or express by gestures

Asia gesticulates so much when she talks that I wonder if she’d be mute if we held her arms down…


N. Release of emotional tension

Unless you experience a catharsis, you’ll keep all those emotions bottled up, and that’s not healthy.


V. To make an urgent appeal

The listeners were exhorted to pledge NOW in any amount so the station could meet their pledge quota.


N. Exemption from punishment, penalty, or harm

Abel thought he could be tardy with impunity, but I wrote him up.


Adj. Correct and polite; in good taste


N. Core or center


N. Drank (liquid); taken in (as knowledge)


N. Messenger; ambassador; harbinger


N. Calling forth


V. Breaking into parts


Adj. Secret; stealthy


V. Uttered in a singing tone or a monotone


V. To cast off or shed


N. The front of a building; a false face


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