governor s school engineering specialty
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Governor’s School Engineering Specialty

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Governor’s School Engineering Specialty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Governor’s School Engineering Specialty. Instructors Prof. Will Schleter Wayne Pfeiler. Objectives. Introduce Science and Math Fundamentals for Engineering Provide Exposure to Different Engineering Disciplines Learn, Participate in, and Practice the Engineering Design Process

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governor s school engineering specialty

Governor’s SchoolEngineering Specialty


Prof. Will Schleter

Wayne Pfeiler

  • Introduce Science and Math Fundamentals for Engineering
  • Provide Exposure to Different Engineering Disciplines
  • Learn, Participate in, and Practice the Engineering Design Process
  • Learn and Have Fun!
what is engineering
What is Engineering?
  • Driving a train?
  • The application of scientific principles to practical ends as the design, construction, and operation of efficient and economical structures, equipment, and systems.
  • “Using science and math to figure out how to make stuff and do things.”
  • Problem Solving…


  • A protective liner exactly 12 meters wide is available to line a channel for conveying water from a reservoir to downstream areas. If a trapezoidal-shaped channel is constructed so that the liner will cover the surface completely, what are the values for x and  that will provide the maximum water flow?
example computer solution
Example – Computer Solution

clc; clear all; close all;

lt = \'rgbcmyk\';

xlist = linspace(0,6,7); % x range

tlist = linspace(0,pi/2,7); % theta range

x=meshgrid(xlist,tlist)\'; % 2D matrix of x values

t=meshgrid(tlist,xlist); % 2D matrix of y values

a = (12 - 2.*x).*x.*sin(t) + x.*x.*cos(t).*sin(t) % calculate areas

maxa = max(max(a)); % find maximum area

[max_ix,max_it] = find(a==maxa); % find where max occured

max_a = a(max_ix,max_it) % max area

max_x = x(max_ix,max_it) % x for max area

max_t = t(max_ix,max_it)*180/pi % t for max area

hold on

for ii=1:1:length(xlist)

tt = linspace(min(tlist),max(tlist),200);

aa = spline(t(ii,:),a(:,ii),tt);

plot(tt*180/pi,aa,[lt(ii) \'-\']);




xlabel(\'Slope (degrees)\');

ylabel(\'Flow area (m^2)\');


msg = sprintf(\'Max=%.2f at x=%.0f and t=%.0f\',max_a,max_x,max_t);


grid on;

class specifics
Class Specifics
  • Science and Math Fundamentals for Engineering
    • Introduction to concepts
    • Labs
  • Examples of Engineering Disciplines
    • Labs
    • Departmental Tours
  • Design Project(s)
    • Team based
    • Design, build, test, critique
  • Objective - Learn and Have Fun!
today s lab
Today’s Lab
  • Take Individual Pictures
  • Estabrook Computer Login – change password!
  • Web site login – UT NetID password
  • Enter your background information
  • Browse the web and find something of interest to you that represents a significant application of engineering
  • Informal two minute presentation:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Describe your engineering example. Why did you choose it? What type(s) of engineering does it represent? Neat facts?
  • Reading assignment - handout