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Vocabulary Words?. JewishmoderntenementignorantRussiasynagogueembroideredtaunted. aislecorkscrewYiddishpaskudnyaksCossackShaynkeitMalkelechGoradukSukkos. Jewish . Relating to the Jews who are descendents of an ancient people called HebrewsAt Molly\'s school there weren\'t other Jewis
Vocabulary Words Created by M. Coliadis

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1. Vocabulary Words Created by M. Coliadis

2. Vocabulary Words? Jewish modern tenement ignorant Russia synagogue embroidered taunted aisle corkscrew Yiddish paskudnyaks Cossack Shaynkeit Malkelech Goraduk Sukkos

3. Jewish Relating to the Jews who are descendents of an ancient people called Hebrews At Molly?s school there weren?t other Jewish girls.

4. modern Relating to the present time or times not long past Molly?s mother is a modern pilgrim.

5. tenement A building divided into separate apartments for rent Molly lived in a poor tenement apartment in New York.

6. ignorant Having little knowledge, not knowing, unaware Joe was ignorant about the process of photosynthesis and could not explain it to his teacher.

7. Russia A country that makes up most of the continent of Asia Russia used to be called the Soviet Union.

8. synagogue A Jewish house of worship Jewish people go to the synagogue to worship.

9. embroidered To make or fill in a design with needlework Molly?s mother made an embroidered handkerchief for her.

10. taunted To make fun of or say mean insulting things to Elizabeth taunted Molly because she could not speak English like everyone else.

11. aisle A passage between sections or seats The bride will walk down the aisle on her wedding day.

12. Corkscrew curls Hair that is curled in the shape of a corkscrew Elizabeth?s hair was long and black with corkscrew curls.

13. Yiddish A language; A blend of German and Hebrew Molly?s mother spoke Yiddish at home.

14. paskudnyaks naughty girls Molly?s mom wanted to talk with the teacher so that the paskudnyaks would stop teasing Molly.

15. Cossack Russian calvary The Cossacks burned down the synagogue in the town of Goraduk.

16. Shaynkeit ?pretty one? Molly?s mama often called her ?shaynkeit.?

17. Malkeleh means ?little Molly? ?Oi, Malkeleh, we can?t go back to New York City,? said Mama.

18. Goraduk Russian city Goraduk is the city from which Molly came to America in the children's novel Molly's Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen. Molly and her family left Goraduk because the Cossacks were persecuting the Jews in that place.

19. Sukkos (Sukkoth) The Jewish harvest holiday Molly celebrated the Jewish holiday of Sukkoth.

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