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Dena Corden-Le Petit. Cleft Lip and Palate Association Volunteers. Parent Contact Deputy Chairperson of Stafford Branch Clapa Parent representative for the Cleft lip and palate network board for North West England, the Isle of Man and North Wales (Manchester Hospitals).

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Dena Corden-Le Petit

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Dena corden le petit

Dena Corden-Le Petit

Cleft Lip and Palate Association Volunteers

Dena corden le petit

  • Parent Contact

  • Deputy Chairperson of Stafford Branch Clapa

  • Parent representative for the Cleft lip and palate network board for North West England, the Isle of Man and North Wales (Manchester Hospitals)

Mum to oliver and niamh

Mum to Oliver and Niamh

What is a parent contact

What is a parent contact?

“Someone who can provide support, offer reassurance, help with confidence and ensure a new family can enjoy their baby from the benefit of their own experience.”

Parent contact Training 2008

Who do parent contacts work with

Parents – at any stage of diagnosis and treatment

Family and friends

Clapa Head office

Clapa Branches

Specialist Nurses

Cleft team coordinator

Speech and language therapists

Other health professionals – GP’s & Midwives

Who do parent contacts work with?

Branch activities

Raising Awareness

Sponsored events

Coffee mornings

Fun days

Children's Christmas party.

Duck race.

Branch Activities

Ultimately we want every one to have fun

Ultimately we want every one to have fun!

Cleft lip and palate network board for north west england isle of man and north wales

Cleft Lip and Palate Network Board for North West England, Isle of Man and North Wales.

  • New role

  • Two parents – representing the parents, carers and children who attend the Manchester and Alder Hay Hospitals.

  • Evolving role – Initial impressions are very positive with active consultation at last board meeting.

In recognition of all our volunteers a very big thank you

In recognition of all our volunteers.A Very Big Thank you!

Dena corden le petit

Nazneen Khan

CLAPA Volunteer,


Dena corden le petit

Cleft Lip and Palate Association

Branch of the Year!

National steering committee

National Steering Committee

Inaugural meeting, 20 September 2008 CLAPA Head Office, London



  • Improve communication/ the relationship between branches and Head Office and inter-branch dialogue

  • Future meetings focus on improving the services we offer/ how to achieve our goals as CLAPA volunteers

Dena corden le petit

•Andy Till, Aberdeen

•Charlotte Cockburn, Glasgow

Mary Dawson and Amanda Dunlop, Northern Ireland•

Joyce Russell, Merseyside•

Jane Whittingham and Tracy Wareham, Stoke•

Dena Corden-Le Petit, Stafford•

•Mary Newbold, Cambridge

•Naz Khan, Independent

Vanessa Middleton, Great Ormond Street•

Mel and Pete Leslie, Independent•

•Barry Hancock, South London & Surrey

Natalie Rigg, Bristol•

We discussed

We discussed:

  • CLAPA’s Aims

  • Our reach

  • The role of branches

  • The role of Head Office

  • The realities of running a branch

  • What difficulties do branches face?

  • Expectations

  • Communication

  • National identity and membership

  • Key areas for improvement

Role of branches

Role of Branches:

  • Regional presence

  • Provide local services


    -awareness raising


    -support for professional team

  • How many activities do branches actually need to provide?

  • Concern around merging branches

Branch forum

Branch forum

  • Some unaware of it or unsure how to use it – will use more now that they know the other people involved

Difficulties faced by branches

Difficulties faced by branches

  • Hard to maintain interest

  • Hard to attract new volunteers

  • Huge commitment for committee members

How can clapa support its branches

How can CLAPA support its branches?

  • Practical Support

  • Communication

  • Bring branches together

  • Data management

  • Acknowledgement

Relationship with cleft teams

Relationship with Cleft teams

  • Parent Contacts and branches need strong relationships with cleft teams

  • The cleft team needs to be aware of local branches and that there may be a number in their region

  • Cleft team needs to have confidence in CLAPA representatives

  • CLAPA should compliment not compete with the Cleft teams



  • NHS distribution

  • Information in the right places and with the right people

  • Information on the parent experience

  • Branch/parent contact details in the free starter pack

  • Press, National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and local mums networks to raise awareness

Parent contacts

Parent Contacts

  • Awareness

  • More biog for each contact

  • Use skills in other areas?

  • Training for health professionals?

Health and safety risk assessments

Health and Safety, Risk Assessments

  • Volunteers need more advice from H.O.

  • Details of insurance and accountability

Some outcomes

Some Outcomes

  • New focus

  • Clarification of roles and available support

  • Tools to improve communication

  • Training

The future

The Future

  • Annual ‘National Steering Meeting’, combined with a training day

  • Representative(s) from each branch to attend

  • Advisory group(s) to work on specific projects:

    1.Re-writing the branch manual

    2.Deciding our minimum set of services

    3.Deciding agenda for next N.S. Meeting

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