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Looking for residential or commercial property in Gurgaon? Favista is offering the best deal on property in Gurgaon. Get more detail at

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Created: 18/09/2015 at 12:54AM

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Is your home really a greenhome?

Numerous developers claim to have green homes. These are the homes which have facilities such as energy efficient doors and windows, digital thermostats, low flow plumbing fixtures, tankless water heaters, low- energy lighting systems, ample provision for ventilation and natural lighting, dual plumbing to use recycled waterefficientlyamongmanyothers.

One should always check the green certification of projects like LEED. Many residential properties in Gurgaon are already claiming to be green homes and many others are in their process of entering this league. Energy efficient homes are obviously gaining a lot of importance as green covers and open spaces are vanishing with the coming of various residential and commercialproperties.

The home seekers are becoming more aware of the cost of the short-terms costs against the long-term benefits of staying in a green building. Though green building concepts in residential segment are the most prevalent in the super luxurious projects. It can also be seen in the mid-range and the affordable residential projects. This concept is also gaining a lot of ground in the commercial as well as the hospitality sector as numerous projects are coming acrossIndia.

How to measure home's greenquotient?

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Forthehomebuyers,however,itisdifficulttoascertain thatthedevelopersarereallyoffering aneco-friendly solution in their project. The buyers who aspire to own any such property can look out green aspects. One must also check that the project is oriented in a way that minimizes the load on a/c and whether there is adequate green cover within thebuildings.

Checking for the problems areas gives the buyers a better understanding of property that he/she is considering. It helps the buyers to evaluate the amount that he/she will need to spend to grow its efficiency. Among other important things, it is being advanced that the buyers check for any air leaks around the doors andwindows,ensure the rightmaterialsthatareusedandinspectthe coolingandheatingsystemsthatare usedon the building'sfaçadethatwouldprotectagainstthe weatherandheat.

What are the greenbuildings?

Thegreenbuildingsareaboutthedestructionandconsumptionoflimitsofthenaturalresources.Ofcourse, the planet needs to be kept alive and green. Homes are constructed in an environment-friendly manner by making use of resource efficient processes at varied construction stages. This clearly begins with the selection of a site for the project and continues during the design phase along with the construction of the building.

The developers, to begin with, checks the soil erosion land, vegetation and topography, heat island effect and the landscape design. The efficiency of energy during construction is pretty important. This can be easily achieved by systems to tap into the on-site renewable energy sources, CFC free equipment, solar water heating, energy metering and distributed power generation. The systems that manage the construction waste, as well as the household waste, reuse the salvaged material along with the recycling and other measured that can be adopted. Even the indoor environment can be enhanced through the measures to control smoke,plenty provisions for lighting as well as fresh ventilation, using low-volatile organic compound material and good exhaustsystem.

The home buyers can check for numerous certifications including LEED certification of the projects to make sure it is a green credential. The LEED certification rating system is created by US green Building Council. Developers have realized that the ignoring environment considerations could prove to be harmful to their own interests infuture.

When you know what to look for, it is pretty easy to ascertain whether the money is going to the developer who genuinelycaresaboutthegreenbuildingornot.Whatlookslikeahugeinvestmentatthebeginning,thegreen Is your home really a greenhome?

home will definitely reward you with some significant savings in the comingyears.

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