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2. Project PMS Implemented at 10 stations on New Delhi- Howrah corridor. NR---New Delhi, DelhiNCR--Kanpur, AllahabadECR-- Gaya, Patna, Danapur, Mughalsarai ER-Howrah,Sealdah. 3. Main Features. Direct capture of parcel weight electronicallyUniversal windows for all destinations for bookingS

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3. 3 Main Features Direct capture of parcel weight electronically Universal windows for all destinations for booking Single window for weigh-ment and cash payment possible Advance unloading guidance about inward parcel from the system at destination Tracking parcel with help of barcode technology and through SMS Train Master entry along with scales by Railways

5. Benefits Customer Track latest status of the parcel through internet and SMS Reduction in time required for weighment and booking Staff Automatic freight calculation based on latest rules Reduction in human errors. Railways Loading generally according to priority thereby curtailing malpractices and complaints Beneficial to Accounts for internal check Reduction in Claims Potential for revenue generation based on improvement in service.

6. What does PMS involve Centralized servers in CRIS Thin Clients/printers/switches/ups at booking offices Thin Clients/Electronic weighment machines/ switches/ups in godowns Barcode printers at common booking window Mobile Barcode scanners at platforms and inward godowns with GPRS connectivity

8. Modules Forwarding note Booking-Parcel, luggage, lease, FSLA Loading-Loading guidance-Loading summary Unloading-Unloading guidance, Unloading summary Delivery MIS System Administration and Master maintenance Bug reporting Data Warehouse

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16. Handheld Mobile devices at Parcel offices over GPRS Connectivity Handheld mobile devices with barcode scanner facility, will be used for transmitting the PMS Data to the PMS server at CRIS New Delhi in Realtime fashion, through GPRS network. The GPRS network will be from service providers as utilised in HHT Project. Centralised server architecture must be used with central server at CRIS New Delhi and PDAs parcel stations. The hardware and software requirement including VPN application at server and VPN clients in PDAs will be addressed by PMS application group. The SIM required with GPRS facility for PDAs will be finalised from service provider by CRIS on behalf of Railways. However respective railway shall apply for SIM and funds will be made available by railways from revenue.

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28. 28 Online database holds the data only for 3 months after booking. Data more than 3 months old is sent to another database capable of holding voluminous data, which is called data warehouse. A separate application has been made to access this archived data. A person can at any moment of time can fetch data from data-warehouse for various MIS reports. Data Warehouse

34. 34 Implementation strategy for Roll out Amount sanctioned by Railway Board Rs.115.32 Crores Phase-I Corridors proposed 4 Stations proposed 76 Zones to be covered 11 Phase-II Corridors proposed 6 Stations proposed 144 Zones to be covered 5

35. 35 Stations proposed in Ist phase Rly-wise Central Railway 9 East Coast Railway 10 North Central Railway 4 Northern Railway 3 South Central Railway 18 South-East Central Rly 7 South-Eastern Railway 8 Southern Railway 1 West Central Railway 6 Western Railway 10

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