The age of napoleon
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The Age of Napoleon. Chapter 18 Section 4. Napoleon Rises to Power. Born in Corsica Age 9 sent to France to be trained for military career. Favored the Jacobins and republican rule

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The age of napoleon

The Age of Napoleon

Chapter 18 Section 4

Napoleon rises to power
Napoleon Rises to Power

  • Born in Corsica

  • Age 9 sent to France to be trained for military career.

  • Favored the Jacobins and republican rule

  • “Since one must take sides , one might as well choose the side that is victorous, the side which devastates, loots, and burns. Considering the alternative, it is better to eat than be eaten.”

  • Napoleon skills and victories allowed him to quickly rise in the French army.

  • He won many major victories

  • Drove British army out of Toulon

  • Captured most of northern Italy- Forcing the Hapsburg emperor to make peace

  • Went to Egypt to stop British Trade- was a major failure, but hide them by establishing a network of spies and censoring the press

  • 1799 helped overthrow the Directory, set up three man governing board= Consulate

  • Took title of First Consul – 1802 was named consul for life

Napoleon crowns himself emperor
Napoleon Crowns Himself Emperor the French army.

  • Invited the pope to the coronation

  • Took the crown from the pope’s hands and placed it on his own head.

  • This showed that owned his throne to non one but himself

Napoleon reforms france
Napoleon Reforms France the French army.

  • Strengthen central government

  • Replaced the slogan of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity with Order, Security, and Efficiency

  • Controlled prices, encouraged new industry, built roads and canals, set up public schools

  • Made peace with the church= Concordat of 1801

  • Recognized peasants rights for land

  • Opened jobs to all, based on talent

  • Created Napoleonic Code= equality of all citizens, religious toleration and abolition of feudalism

Napoleon builds an empire
Napoleon Builds an Empire the French army.

  • Created a vast French empire

  • Annexed the Netherlands, Belgium, parts of Italy and Germany

  • Boosted the spirit of nationalism

  • Britain alone remained outside of Napoleon’s European empire

  • Waged economic ware through the Continental System= closed European ports to British goods- failed to bring Britain his control

Napoleon s empire faces challenges
Napoleon’s Empire Faces Challenges the French army.

  • Spain waged Guerrilla warfare against Napoleon’s armies

  • Defeated Austria

  • Russia withdrew its support from the Continental System- Napoleon assembled an army with soldiers from 20 nations= Grand Army

  • Napoleon invaded Russia, Russians retreated burning crops and villages as they went= Scorched-earth policy

  • Russian winter stops the Grand army- only 20,000 of the 600,000 survived

Napoleon falls from power
Napoleon Falls From Power the French army.

  • The defeat of the Grand Army brought a new alliance of Russia, Britain, Austria, and Prussia and they defeated him at the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig.

  • Napoleon is abdicated- stepped down from power

  • Exiled to Elba, island in the Mediterranean

  • Louis XVIII became king of France

  • Napoleon escaped exile and returned to France to take control again

  • Napoleon is crushed at the Battle of Waterloo and once again is exiled on St. Helena- he never returned, was poisoned

Congress of vienna
Congress of Vienna the French army.

  • European Leaders met to create a balance of power

  • Surrounded France with strong countries to contain France

  • Created the country of the Netherlands to the north, Prussia to the East and Austria in Northern Italy

  • Created the Concert of Europe- countries met to discuss problems affecting the peace of Europe