Shadow of  a Bull

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Word Knowledge. insidetoward alongsideasidegoring shuffling raisedclottedelbow photoapproach thoroughly. Sentences. The doctor had cut the bandage and gauze and set them aside.The bullfighter felt his wound at the time of the goring.He scrubbed his hands thoroughly.. Vocabulary

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Shadow of a Bull

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1. Shadow of a Bull by Maia Wojciechowska illustrated by Ramon Gonzalez Vicente

2. Word Knowledge inside toward alongside aside goring shuffling raised clotted elbow photo approach thoroughly

3. Sentences The doctor had cut the bandage and gauze and set them aside. The bullfighter felt his wound at the time of the goring. He scrubbed his hands thoroughly.

4. Vocabulary gored amputation pamphlets infirmary listlessly feebly

5. Vocabulary The bulls horn gored the young bullfighter in the shoulder.

6. Vocabulary Sometimes people have to lose an arm or a leg through amputation.

7. Vocabulary Pamphlets advertising the new amusement park are available at the information desk.

8. Vocabulary Because he was sick, we had to visit Uncle Arthur at the infirmary on the military base.

9. Vocabulary Every morning, I listlessly roll out of bed to get ready for work.

10. Vocabulary The patient was in so much pain that he answered the doctors questions feebly.

11. Genre: Historical Fiction What do you know about historical fiction? What other historical fiction stories/books have you read?

12. Building Background What do you know about bullfighting? What should you think about when choosing a career?

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