Introduction to mishima s culture
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Introduction to Mishima’s Culture. By Mishima Junior High School’s Second Grade Students. Where? (Fukushima Prefecture). Where? (Aizu area). Aizu ( 会津 ). Where? (Mishima Town). Mishima Town. Mishima Town Introduction. Mishima Town, Onuma District, Aizu Area, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

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Introduction to Mishima’s Culture

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Introduction to Mishima’s Culture

By Mishima Junior High School’s Second Grade Students

Where? (Fukushima Prefecture)

Where? (Aizu area)

Aizu (会津)

Where? (Mishima Town)

Mishima Town

Mishima Town Introduction

  • Mishima Town, Onuma District, Aizu Area, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

  • Population: ~1800 people

  • Area: 90 km2

  • Three schools: Mishima Junior High School, Mishima Elementary School, Mishima Nursery School (no high school)

Mishima from above

Mishima Town

MishimaCulture: Amikumizaiko(Hand-woven products)


Yamabudo (mountain grape vine)

Mishima Culture: Kiri (Pawlonia wood)

  • Pawlonia wood is famousin Aizu

  • You can make furniture, instruments, and many other things

  • It’s very light and very expensive

  • Kiridansu (pawloniawood chest of drawers)

Mishima Culture: Sainokami

  • A bonfire during the winter festival

  • People write their prayers on paper, then burn them

  • You can cook squid, dango rice balls, and other snacks on the sainokami

Mishima Culture: Sainokami



Mishima Culture: Mushiokuri

  • Mushiokuri is a ceremony to drive away harmful insects

  • There is a lantern parade

  • Children catch insects and bring them to the temple

Mishima Culture: Kashaneko

  • There is an old story about the Kashaneko

  • It is a demon cat who protects our town

  • You can see Kashanekowood statues in Mishima

  • It is very scary, but helpful to farmers

Mishima Culture: Hot Springs

  • Mishima has many hot springs (onsen)

  • The water is very hot and relaxing

  • You can enjoy the beautiful scenery during your bath

Aizu Culture: Tsuruga Castle

  • A beautiful castle originally built in 1384

  • Destroyed after the Boshin War in 1874

  • New castle rebuilt in 1960

  • Beautiful!!

  • (Aizu Wakamatsu City)

Aizu Culture:YaeNiijima

  • A woman from Aizu who helped in the Boshin War

  • She learned how to shoot a rifle when she was a child

  • Very cool!!

Aizu Culture: Yae no Sakura

  • A famous TV drama about YaeNiijima, set in Aizu

  • Many Japanese people watch thisTV show

Aizu Culture:Akabeko

  • A red cow toy

  • aka=red, beko=cow (in Aizu dialect)

  • The akabeko can protect you from illness

  • It is very cute!

Thank you very much!ありがとうございました!

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