outsourcing india
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Outsourcing & India

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Outsourcing & India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Outsourcing & India. Reni James Sara Chopp Shwetha Sabu Chris Arwady. Introduction. Management Processes. Quality of Service. “When it comes to quality is perception reality?”. Language Skills. 333 million Indians speak English. As a result, India has a large BPO industry.

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outsourcing india

Outsourcing & India

Reni James

Sara Chopp


Chris Arwady

quality of service
Quality of Service

“When it comes to quality is perception reality?”

language skills
Language Skills
  • 333 million Indians speak English.
  • As a result, India has a large BPO industry.
  • The National Knowledge Commission reports only 1% of Indians use English as a second language.
  • This is allowing other countries, like China, to successfully compete with India in Voice based outsourcing.
  • The British Council attributes the high demand for English proficiency to the lack of quality education.
  • An increase in English proficiency of Indian citizens, in addition to a greater understanding of American culture and more neutralized accents is critical for India’s sustainability.
  • These changes are necessary in order for India to continue to compete against other countries in the rapidly growing BPO industry.

The EU does not consider India to be a data secure nation, restricting India’s outsourcing business and the flow of sensitive data.

New Delhi requests a change in status in order to boost trade in India’s IT-BPO industry.

New Delhi is using the bi-lateral trade agreement to argue for the free flow of services in order to boost outsourcing of low-end jobs from Europe and high-end jobs from the United States and protect exports from this work.

For sustainability, India must ensure privacy protection of data.

qualifications of outsourcers
Qualifications of Outsourcers
  • The current ESO industry in India earns $7-9 billion.
  • India is gaining new customers for the outsourcing of design engineering projects.
  • This has the potential to achieve $55 billion in revenues over the next 7 years.
  • New outsourcers have the ability to reduce production costs by 30-40%, as well as to reduce the design cycles.
  • This will diversify India’s current ESO industry beyond aviation and defense, which includes a potential 4% growth in the engineering and industrial services industry.
  • This will create greater opportunity for job growth, as well as greater demand in India’s domestic market.