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Burn Treatments

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Burn Treatments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Burn Treatments. Don’s smoke in bed Use smoke detectors properly, check regularly Make a fire escape plan Keep fire extinguisher near kitchen, check yearly Set water heater to 120 F Store flammables safely. Don’t overload circuits and light fixtures

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Don’s smoke in bed

Use smoke detectors properly, check regularly

Make a fire escape plan

Keep fire extinguisher near kitchen, check yearly

Set water heater to 120 F

Store flammables safely

Don’t overload circuits and light fixtures

Keep trash out of attics, garages, and basements

Use caution with gas and other flammables

Avoid fireworks

Think safety first

first degree burns
First Degree Burns
  • Sunburn
  • Involves 1st layer of skin only
  • Local pain and redness
  • No blister or delayed blisters
  • Will heal without treatment
1 st degree treatment

Cool burn under cool water or cloth

Cover to keep from air

Take an over the counter pain reliever


Use ice, can damage further

Put butter or ointment on burn

1st Degree Treatment
2 nd degree burns
2nd Degree Burns
  • Bright red, moist surface
  • Involves 1st and 2nd layer of skin
  • Tense, fluid filled blisters
  • Very painful
  • May be swelling
  • Superficial 2nd degree heals in 10-14 days
2 nd degree deep partial thickness
2nd Degree Deep Partial Thickness
  • Involves 1st & 2nd layer of skin
  • Dry, waxy, white or dull red in color
  • Blisters may be present
  • Relatively less painful
  • Takes more than 10 days to heal
2 nd degree treatment

Submerge in cool water or apply cool cloth

Cover with non-stick sterile gauze

If larger than 3 in. see a doctor

If on face, hands, feet, genitals, buttocks or major joint seek medical care

Take pain reliever


Break blisters

Peel off dead skin

Peel clothing away from burn

Apply butter or ointments

2nd Degree Treatment
3 rd degree burns
3rd Degree Burns
  • Involves all layers of skin
  • Dry surface
  • Often leathery Tight swelling Relatively painless
  • Color varies
3 rd degree burn treatment
Seek medical help

Stabilize Breathing

Prevent dehydration by placing an IV

Monitor heart

Place Catheter

Physical therapy

Limit food and drinking

Regulate body temperature

Control Pain

May require grafting

Mental therapy if extensive

3rd Degree Burn Treatment
4 th degree burns
4th Degree Burns
  • Extends through skin, into underlying muscle & bone
  • Chared with eschar
  • Dry
  • Painless
  • Requires grafting
  • May require amputaion
  • Significant functional impairment
4 th degree treatment
4th Degree Treatment
  • Same as 3rd degree burns initially
  • May require amputation
  • Requires grafting
  • Requires physical therapy
  • Requires mental therapy
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